When riding shotgun means getting an earful of Adam Lind’s crotch, I think it’s safe to say that the choicest seat lies elsewhere in the ridiculously loaded-down golf cart. And there’s no question who looks like he’s got it on this ride– as it fucking-well should be.

(Photo via the Salt Lake Tribune)

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  1. Bautista looking all cool and relaxed while everyone else looks crammed and hanging on for dear life.

  2. Who’s the guy sitting next the Thames?

  3. Man those last few words should have been how your 2011 MVP write up ended.

  4. Bautista gets as much room as he wants. The way it should be.

  5. When this photo came out last week I instantly made it my phones display picture. Love it. Wonder who’s driving and riding shotgun (aka face to Lind’s crotch)

  6. FYI Snider is driving. Saw another pic from infieldflyrule that shows a little more of the driver, almost 100% it’s Snider. Not sure who’s in passenger seat.

  7. Well looks like Rasmus is participating in team tomfoolery which is great that he is adapting to the boys club we got going on! He probably only wishes it was driving through some mud!

  8. I am pleased your post still has swearing….as fucked up as that sounds.

  9. Adam Lind’s new nickname – Cock Pillow?

  10. That’s about the best Mathis has ever looked with a bat in his hands…

    When picking some games for this year, I actually took a second to try and see how likely it would be that Aaron Cibia would be off that day – Mathis is literally the only player on the team I don’t have an optimistic opinion on…every game he’s in that we win should count extra somehow…

  11. Whose in shotgun? I can’t tell :$

  12. Swagger.
    That’s how swagger looks like. Looking forward to the start of the season.

  13. Rasmus looks like he should be holding a parasol over King Bautista’s head.

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