Damien Cox of the Toronto Star is evidently in Jays camp– my first clue was the DUNEDIN, FLA dateline on his latest piece– and while I wouldn’t hold your fucking breath for him to sashay up to Jose Bautista and “ask the question” *AHEM* he did, rather surprisingly, have something genuinely positive and not-at-all fear-stoking to say about the club. Has the Star’s mandate to only incite folks to march down to Rogers Centre (or perhaps Bloor and Jarvis) with pitch forks and torches been lifted? It certainly has for the guy who has to work a few floors down from Nadir Mohamed every day.

Kyle Drabek, Cox would like us to know, is having mechanical struggles that parallel the troubles Ricky Romero had when he was at the same stage of his development.

Technically it’s more, I think, that Alex Anthopoulos would like us to know, but still… Cox didn’t shoot it down, or, y’know, smugly make sarcastic remarks while gale force pissing, without a shred of anything a non-shit-for-brains would consider evidence, on the integrity of the club’s best player. *AHEM* So I think we’ve got to consider this a win.

Of the comparison itself, Anthopoulos explains:

“One’s left-handed, one’s right-handed, Ricky’s ball sinks while Kyle is more pure power. But the issue of throwing strikes? Huge parallel. Because the mechanical problem was the same. The lesson I learned was that Romero is a very good athlete and the better athlete you are, the easier it is to make the adjustments,” he says. ”Kyle’s a great athlete. He was a shortstop out of high school. So because it took time with Romero, with Kyle, I always told myself he’s athletic enough that with time he’ll fix that.”

“I’m not saying he’s there yet, but he’s well on his way,” the GM adds.

“Now that’s a comparison to keep the confidence of a young pitcher up,” Cox writes, “not to mention encourage those Blue Jays fans who may be losing their belief that Drabek will ever figure prominently again after beginning last season in the club’s starting rotation.”

You’re not wrong, Walter.

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  1. Is it wrong that i didn’t finish the original article because I realized part way through that it was Cox writing about the Jays/baseball?

  2. no hockey analogy? wtf?

  3. Never mind any of that, what is that thing on Cox’s head???

  4. Could this be the earliest drunk jays fans posts ever?

  5. Why the hell is Cox at spring training? He knows eff all about baseball.

  6. What’s up with your site man? I go to http://www.drubkjaysfans.com and it’s suppossed to re direct me to the score blog for you and it just redirects me to general blogs and I can’t find yours. Brutal. U should get this straightened out ASAP. You have a great blog that I love but lets be honest you’re now on a horrible website and already it’s affecting how I access your stuff…don’t really want to spend more time on the score.com then I have to.

    • Going to drunkjaysfans.com does take you to main blog page of thescore.com … but on the right, there is an avatar with a link to the Drunk Jays Fans blog…. or now that you are here, you could just bookmark this page.

      In any case, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to find this place.

      • Hey man, how the fuck do I create a user profile on this fucked up blog?

        • I do not think you can. At least I have not seen any method of doing so, and I am pretty smart.

        • When you leave a reply to a post, put in the URL for your twitter homepage (or whatever other website you want to reference) in the space marked “website”… you should only have to do that once and it will remember it every other time that you post.

  7. Cox looks very intelligent in that pic.

  8. Holy hell forehead batman!

  9. Cox should not be allowed to write about baseball – period. I really can’t understand how he has managed to expand his profile so much – he really doesn’t know dick-all about even hockey. He was good for one thing – back when the Leafs could have been the Yankees (buying the best talent), he did a decent job of calling out management. But he really doesn’t know shit about hockey, let alone baseball…

  10. Spring training report my ass. It’s paid vacation for these guys.

  11. This is completely unrelated but would people rather see the Jays break camp with Thames in left and Encarnacion at DH or would it be more beneficial for the team long term to break camp with Snider in left, Thames at DH and Encarnacion taking starts at 1B and DH, with Thames also taking some starts in left. Just a hypothetical and one that would probably relegate Francisco off the team.

    • I’ve been thinking about this myself. It means 2 lefties against LHP, but are Francisco’s splits even that good?

      Also, people still think Encarnacion can be good.

  12. fuck the score

  13. Ugh. McCown was talking about how Cox is down there for his first Spring. I feel bad for Florida. There is already so much wrong with the State and now they have to have Damien Cox there too. Almost anybody has more baseball knowledge than him.

  14. Sorry for my Damien Cox-like negativity, but could you please refrain from making posts related to this douche bag on such a quality blog?

    At this point, it’s pretty common knowledge that Damien Cox would be better served working at Tim Horton’s and enlightening customers with quality stories about how awesome his hair used to be while comparing it’s stature to Lanny McDonald in his prime. I don’t mean to ask for so much, but hey… Gotta at least ask the question right?

  15. Man, cheer up everybody, with the number of road rage incidents, and insanely high level of gun possession, there’s a really good chance Cox never makes it back. A man can dream.

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