John Morosi of Fox Sports was on the Fan 590′s Brady & Lang show this morning (audio here), giving his impressions of the Jays’ camp in Dunedin, and the man liked what he saw– particularly from Brett Lawrie, but from others as well. Like Brett Cecil.

No, really.

“He’s a very physical player,” Morosi says of Lawrie. “There are some people who, you watch them and their physical tools just jump off the field and smack you in the head, and he’s one of those guys.”

“He really brought his game to a Spring Training game, and he was playing it like it was a pennant race game in September,” Morosi adds, after noting how hard Lawrie runs and how he beat out an infield hit at one point, and saying that he looked even more comfortable at third base than he did last year. “I really think he’s the guy who’s going to make this team go.”

Subjectively, he says he just liked the way the camp looked, and how confident the players looked and acted.

Asked about the reliability of Brett Cecil, Morosi said he thinks he can get the job done. “The mechanics, to me, looked better,” he says. “He was very fluid, mechanically, I felt, tonnes of strikes. There’s just a lot of upside to this rotation, I think.”

“Cecil certainly left a good impression on me. He looked a lot better than the Cecil I saw last year.”

“I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Henderson Alvarez,” he later adds, noting that, while he was of the mind that that Jays needed to add a number two starter in the off-season, if Cecil can continue to be as good as yesterday, if some of the young arms take a step forward, with the revamped bullpen and what he thinks can be a “dynamic offense”– he said Lind looked good yesterday– he thinks this can be a team “that could really surprise a lot of people.”

I’ll take it. It’s still early in Spring Training, so all the optimism in the world exists, just waiting to be crushed by mid-May, but… y’know… right on!

Or, should I say, OH, YEAAHH!

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  1. Morosi MAPLE BONERS

  2. We’ve reached that point in the spring where, obviously, nobody wants to say anything mean, because, you know, BASEBALL!!!

    I mean really, Lind looks good…. Cecil is athletic….. also, the french fries seem fresher and tastier than last year at FAES. I think these concession stands have turned the corner, ready to contend this year.


  3. I think he was talking out of his ass when it came to Cecil as even by the pitchers position that he had a crappy outing. He left a lot of balls up and reduced velocity doesn’t look good to me. Then again as a national baseball writer I wouldn’t expect him to have the best knowledge of the Jays.

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  5. So Lawrie is still playing his ultra-intense style in largely meaningless ST games? I do wonder if he can keep that up over the grind of a full 162 game season (and most importantly, stay healthy).

    • Doesn’t worry me in the least. Injuries don’t happen cause someone’s intense! This guy has to burn his energy somehow, and it’s better that it be in baseball then stealing cars or something! Think about it: Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett, Roy Halladay…all super intense people, and not very injury prone.

    • He’s the Jack Russell Terrier of baseball players.

  6. Was Morosi scouting Jamie Moyer before he laid his eyes on Cecil’s outing from yesterday?

    Mmmm, french fries!

  7. *Jon Morosi.

  8. Wait till he sees the box score from today’s game.. next level maple boner for Morosi.

  9. I have to keep reminding myself it’s only spring training when seeing these great results from some players. Like Hech hitting a homerun.

  10. I think the whole confidence issue is going to be a huge bonus going forward. If Morrow and Alvarez catch a bit of that and translate it to success on the field then I think the team will have a very good season.

  11. its been bugging me b/c i couldnt figure it out for awhile, but is that the KFC font?

  12. Could be good

  13. Sigh…wish people knew where the “drinking the kool-aid” phrase come from. There is no Jonestown massacre going on here. It also alludes to the Jays fooling people with their propaganda. I would like to believe the Jays are actually for real.

    Back to baseball, the sooner we can get a high upside arm to replace Cecil, we will really be rolling. A smoke ‘n mirror pitcher might pass in the AL Central, but the AL Beast aren’t going to be fooled so easily.

  14. I wish you would refer to Morosi by his full name, Jon Paul Morosi.

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