I’m not saying he’s wrong, I’m just saying, y’know, this makes me a bit queasy.

In his Toronto Sun piece on the possibility that the Jays have been not-so-quietly looking at Joe Blanton of the Phillies, Bob Elliot writes that “the Phillies like Travis Snider and have a need in left field.”

Because why have one Domonic Brown when you can have two, amiright?

I don’t know… it’s probably not worth getting too worked up over baseless speculation– especially on a guy who Elliott’s drinking scouting buddies say would slot in behind Brett Cecil, and who reminds them of Joey Hamilton (who we’re told was rather awesomely given the nickname “Brewster” by Shawn Green after getting a $17-million extension from the Jays in 1998, in reference to “the character in the Brewster’s Millions movie, starring Richard Pryor and John Candy, about the minor-leaguer who has to waste $30 million in 30 days in order to inherit $300 million.”)

Even “BlantonMania” is a biiiiiiiit of a stretch, huh?

That’s mid-March for ya, I guess.

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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. I puked in my mouth at the very thought this might be true.


  4. Why is there even a report on this, it’s pretty ludicrous, especially from Elliott. Look at what the Jays have currently as candidates: McGuire, Drabek, Jenkins, and Hutchison. Pretty much all have the same type of “stuff” as Blanton and come millions of dollars cheaper at a younger age. What’s going on with the old time reporters these days…..

  5. I heard Jeff Blair on Brady and Lang this morning claiming he had spoke to someone in the Blue Jays organization who assured him that had Blanton been in Tampa instead of 10 minutes outside of Dunedin, that they wouldnt have even gone to look at him. He sounded extremely confident that the jays are not interested in blanton, new sinker or not. It makes no sense in the first place for the jays to want another back-end rotation starter, significantly overpaid – now Elliot is suggesting we’re considering trading Travis Snider for him?? it makes even LESS sense. come on now….. AA isn’t retarded

  6. When I read that article this morning, it seemed more like a comment that he simply pulled out of his ass.

  7. If there’s one thing we know about AA is that he loves trading high-ceiling early 20 year olds for established veterans. Gotta have those vets! This would be right up his alley…

  8. I’m guessing there would be more involved in this trade than a straight one for one

  9. Why do all you guys have such a hard-on for Snider? The kid’s done nothing for us. I say fuck it, trade him while he’s worth something

    • He’s done about as much offensively in the big leagues offensively as Thames has, while having a noticeably better glove and still-high upside. The talent is there, the capability of hitting big-league breaking pitches isn’t (yet?). Barring anything glaring in ST, this guy should be our starting LF. Barring anything glaring in ST, Blanton shouldn’t be in our rotation- at least not past midseason.

  10. Furthermore, doesn’t this shit bag only have a year left on his contract?

  11. Getting Blanton is stupid, Getting Blanton with Snider
    included is retarded

  12. YEA only a retarded monkey will trade snider for blanton

    • Woah buddy – those monkeys can make some pretty smart decisions about bananas. Don’t put them down with the Lunchbox for Blanton knuckleheads.

    • I take offense that you have compared my kind to Bob Elliott.

  13. With AA, you just never fucking know what he’s thinking. The Blanton rumour is all a big smokescreen. For sure, it wouldn’t be a straight Snider for Blanton like deal. Like that freaky roommate you had in college, AA loves three-way action. Blanton could be part of a package or he could be eventually flipped.

    • Yeah, you never know what he’s thinking, but if we go by his actions (and that’s really what we should go by) he’s never made one move even remotely similar to one that would see trading Snider (young, cheap, athletic, high upside, taltented) for Blanton (old, injury issues, bad contract). It doesn’t fit his MO in the least.

    • I agreed with and was glad to see Harvey not stnrtiag in the UConn game. His mood swings just isnt good enough. I think Lawrence and Theodore sharing the point guard position is just going to get better and better.The other position needing the change now is in the Center position. The UConn game shows proof again that Jon Garcia just isnt quick enough and doesnt have the Center moves to compete against the Centers in the Big East.Farrakon Hall is getting better and better and I think he should be sharing that position with Pope with Jeff Robinson coming to share the Power Forward Position with Pope. Then have Garcia come off the bench to deal with the oppositions bench Centers later in the game.He is just not Big East Good enough and is hurting the team. A couple of times you can see Garcia back away from positions underneath the basket where he could have made the easier rebound or block outs.

  14. Why not! They have mismanaged him all the way through, might as well trade him without ever giving him a long look at the major league level. This organization lacks pitching depth anyways.

  15. Gavin Floyd was & still is the target…so says Morosi.
    PRESS CONFERENCE! Farrellball will be so happy.

    • Does this shit ever stop? Though I tend to believe Ken more than most.

      Remember folks if you hear about it, it’s probably not happening.

    • How much more than Cecil is Gavin Floyd worth I wonder. If Kenny Williams traded Santos for Molina, maybe he doesn’t care about velocity? Maybe he’ll make his decision based on spring stats? One can hope…

      • Kenny Williams reminds me of that guy in grade school who would get tricked into trading his Joe Louie for some baby carrots.

  16. This time last year the buzz was that the Blue Jays were interested in Kevin Slowey. Until a Blanton trade is actually announced, I’m not going to put much stock into this rumour.

  17. Fuck Blanton! Snider for Halladay or bust!

  18. I feel old because I really thought the explanation of Brewster’s Millions was completely unnecessary. If you don’t know the movie, you should probably not be reading this blog right now, but watching the movie.

  19. I think this trade would be snider for brown and Blanton. Phillies need payroll relief jays need an of that could thrive in the minors. Snider is done and aaa and could man lf. At least that seems more realistic then Blanton straight up

  20. For what it’s worth (read: nothing) I’m in Dunedin and asked AA about Blanton today. He said it wasn’t going to happen.

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