Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Late-Afternoon Snack…

House of the Bluebird tries to project the performance we can expect from the Jays’ starting rotation this year, and pretty much probably nails it.

At Getting Blanked, we see what a real fan’s tattoo looks like.

Jays Prospects lists ten Jays prospects age 20 and under to watch in 2012. Mind boggling inclusion: Jake Marisnick. He’s still just 20!!!!

The Tao of Stieb’s 30 Jays in 30 Days series makes a stop at the Beest.

Extra Base Hit lists a bunch of interesting prop bets you can make on the Jays.

In Florida, Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun stops by the final resting place of his long, lost friend Tom Cheek. Nice stuff.

Elsewhere at the Sun, Bob Elliott talks about the Joe Blanton thing, and then farther down tells us about Adam Lind ignoring Fred McGriff’s attempt to offer advice last year. And the Sun also has items on Dustin McGowan, Travis Snider, and questions that need answering.

At the Toronto Star we’re told by Griff that Alex Anthopoulos is staying a step ahead by scouting Joe Blanton, and are given some notes on the tenth game of the spring. Damien Cox looks at the club’s young starters.

At the National Post, John Lott looks at Jake Marisnick, while at the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair looks at Dustin McGowan and the battle for left field.

Gregor Chisholm of looks at JP Arencibia’s modified swing, and has a pair of notebook posts, one touching on Kyle Drabek’s changed mechanics, among other things, and a second looking at Jeff Mathis, Dustin McGowan, and some roster cuts.

FanGraphs positional power rankings for relievers finds the Jays way up in ninth. And frankly, as much as we know the ‘pen will be better, I think fans are underestimating how fucking amazingly awesome it’s going to be to not see Jon Rauch or Kevin Gregg come galloping out of the bullpen to start the ninth inning.

Some Jays awesomeness, among all the other awesomeness, in the latest “Bad Cards” post from theScore Buzz, the purpose of which is, essentially, to find baseball cards that are the complete antithesis of this.

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Lastly, Drew Fairservice? For Vice? Writing that Spring Training is a joke? Indeed it is.

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  1. Too bad McGriff didn’t also have some hitting tips against lefties for Lind.

  2. Just read the House of Bluebird’s write up on the starters.. sounds like Kyle Drabeck is this years “Hurlihy Boy”.

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