Yep. This again.

According to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, “the Toronto Blue Jays have not given up their pursuit of Chicago White Sox right-hander Gavin Floyd.”

He adds that “the Blue Jays and White Sox have had dialogue about Floyd since the start of spring training, one source said,” and notes that the fact that Alex Anthopoulos was recently spotted scouting the Phillies’ Joe Blanton lends credence to the suggestion that the club is still looking for pitching help.

Yes, the Jays have a certain kind of depth and a lot of intriguing young pieces to fit into the rotation puzzle, and you’d really like to see some of those guys get a chance. At the same time, you can’t be certain that Henderson Alvarez will continue to be able to get guys out without a third pitch, or that Dustin McGowan will be healthy, or that Brett Cecil and Kyle Drabek will figure it the fuck out.

But let’s not overstate the strength of these signs. Speaking on Brady and Lang this morning on the Fan 590 (audio here), Jeff Blair of the Fan and the Globe and Mail explained of the scouting trip for Blanton that ”somebody in the Blue Jays organization told me, ‘If he was pitching in Tampa, we wouldn’t have gone to watch him.’ I mean, he was 10 minutes away. He’s a guy who the Phillies have said they’ve got to make a decision on, they’re willing to kick in maybe $2-million to move him, so they went to watch him pitch.”

Not really such big deal. Floyd is certainly less of a question mark in terms of performance, and has a better contractual situation (he’s owed $7-million this year, and has a $9.5-million team option for 2012, unlike Blanton, whose contract ends after this season), but I just don’t get the sense that this is really a thing. I mean, it’s not like Alex Anthopoulos is in the habit of making deals that people see coming from miles away.

Perhaps he’s feeling out the market for Floyd to take a run at him later in the year, in the likely event that the rotation needs shoring up? I don’t know. I’d sure like to see the Drabeks and the Cecils and the Alvarezes and the McGowans of the world show they don’t belong before going after a guy like Floyd, not that having too much pitching is ever a bad thing.

And shit, if the White Sox want, say, Cecil in return– and I have absolutely no reason to believe that they might– I say go for it.

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  1. Sounds more like a case of: “AA scouted Blanton — the Jays must be looking for a starter! Gavin Floyd’s probably available, and somebody said they wanted him before. We should write about that!”

  2. Wilner just asked the question to AA. He responds:

    We’re getting Floyd now? Who are we giving up?” — interpret it how you will.

  3. If the price would right, I like the idea of adding Floyd.

    He’s not great, but he’s numbers over the last few years have been decent. The Jays could easily find themselves in a position this year where they’re desperate for a decent middle of the rotation type arm.

    I mean, we all feel pretty good about Romero and Morrow. But really, it’s just a shit ton of question marks after that. Cecil’s lack of velocity again worries me. I’m cautiously optimistic about McGowan and Alvarez, but lets face it – we’re talking about a 21 year old and a guy who hasn’t won a game since 2008. Not exactly locks.

    The Jays of 2013/14 probably don’t have to make a trade like this with all the arms coming up. But the 2012 team might actually be pretty good. And you’d hate to see a missing #3 starter be the difference between meaningful September baseball or not.

    • But the 2012 team might actually be pretty good. And you’d hate to see a missing #3 starter be the difference between meaningful September baseball or not.

      *Like* because there’s no like button anymore.

      If the opportunity to guarantee an upgrade to your team is there, with very very little effect on the future, you have to take it every time.

  4. If this is true it’s probably because they finally saw the guys in camp and aren’t overly confident with a few of them. Also, the rest of the team could be so good that they want to remove a few what-ifs from the rotation.

  5. I’d be all over a Cecil for Floyd deal. Sign me up.

    • Hell, even Cecil and someone like Jenkins would be cool. And there’s nothing stopping AA from trading Floyd midseason (possibly for more than what he currently gives up) if the Jays are out of it since the 2013 option makes him more valuable than a rental pitcher.

      I’d feel a hell of a lot more comfortable about going with wildcards like McGowan and Alvarez in the 4/5 slots if Floyd followed Romero and Morrow.

    • While we’re at it, let’s do Thames for Heyward. Maybe Lind for Fielder if Detroit’s willing to eat salary.

  6. Just for reference:


    2008: 3.84 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 3.5 WAR, 206 IP
    2009: 4.06 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 4.0 WAR, 193 IP
    2010: 4.08 ERA, 1.37 WHIP, 3.0 WAR, 187 IP
    2011: 4.37 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 2.8 WAR, 193 IP

    Floyd isn’t exactly exciting, but I think he’d be a fine #3.

    • He’s still a marked improvement over Cecil. Plus, he’s got a nice team friendly deal.

      • Meh. He may be an improvement over Cecil, but so are a good number of the young arms that are close to ML ready, specifically Hutchison, McGuire, and I’d like to lump Drabek in there too. It’s more to do with Cecil being that bad than it is those prospects being that good.

        I’d rather the Jays stay the course and roll with the prospects rather than trading the farm for what the Jays have an abundance of.

        Floyd isn’t getting the Jays to the playoffs, and I’d much rather see Anthopoulos wait out the trade pool for another young and talented arm to become available.

        • Brett Cecil is 25. 25!!! And he already has one above average season as a starter pitching in the AL East none-the less. WAY too many people giving up on him because of 1 bad year. I’m not saying he is a great pitcher, but he is far from being considered bad at this stage of his career.

          For comparisons, Gavin Floyd accumulated -0.3 fWAR by the time he was 24. Cecil is at 3.4.

          • It’s not quite so simple, though, because while Cecil may eventually figure it out, he certainly doesn’t appear as though he’ll be as valuable to the Jays over the next two years as Floyd could be.

            You’re absolutely right, though, that it’s too soon to throw in the towel on him, but there isn’t a whole lot to make you jump for joy over what you’re hearing about him so far either. The dropping velocity has to be a concern– if it doesn’t correct itself by the start of the season. Way early to get too concerned, I guess. Like you say.

      • how is 9.5 mil for 2013 for a slightly above average pitcher, “team friendly?”

  7. I think if AA wanted him, he would have got him by now. I mean its not like we are pursuing Felix or Upton (justin) and theres a lot of parts moving . its floyd, you call for the price and either you meet it or come close or you dont.

    I doubt its dragged on this much.

    • AA doesn’t seem to take no for an answer when he wants a specific player. He’ll keep himself in the discussion until he can either work out a direct deal or figure out a three-way. Gose and Rasmus being prime examples.

  8. I’d prefer Floyd over Blanton but the very fact that we’re hearing about it before it happens leads me to doubt that anything will come of it. That’s not how AA or the Jays with him as GM operate. I still have plenty of doubts about Cecil and Drabek might be a while in getting back but nothing says McGuire or Jenkins can’t step up for now.

    • I think the fact that we’re hearing about it is because people are just speculating it would be a good move for Toronto. There was plenty of similar talk about Rasmus last year when news broke he was unhappy in St. Louis. I wouldn’t be surprised if they landed Floyd.

  9. Even if everything works out perfectly for the projected rotation, mcgowan is being limited to 150 innings. Someone has to pitch the rest of the year. Maybe, Drabeck, maybe Jenkins, maybe McGuire etc. I don’t think it hurts to add an established pitcher to the rotation. Most of the best young arms are more than a year away.

    • But Drabek or McGuire or Hutchinson are perfect for taking over from McGowan midseason, because the three of them wouldn’t be ready to come up till midseason anyways.

      If Floyd comes here it’s because one of the five are either injured or on their way out.

  10. Instead of the Jays toying around for the likes of Gavin Floyd or Joe Blanton, they could have invested some smart money and went out and got Yu Darvish. Not only would they have a stud right handed ace for the next few years, but we would add 10,000 screamimg Japanese fans at every home game, giving the Roger’s centre something it’s been lacking for 20 years……. personality.
    One day the Jays will realize that cheapness does not win championships, it only breeds mediocrity.

  11. are we there yet?

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