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I’ve almost completely lost the ability to keep track of which sites have published their lists of the Top 100-ish prospects in baseball, so I must admit that it comes as kind of surprise to me to see that today over at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet has thrown his hat into the Top 100 ring– and the hats of several Jays farmhands, if that makes sense.

Landing the second-most prospects on the list, one behind the Atlanta Braves’ eight, and tied with the Oakland A’s, seven Jays make the grade for Hulet, the first being– perhaps surprisingly– Anthony Gose.

The toolsy-as-fuck centre fielder ranks 36th for Hulet, with catcher Travis d’Arnaud right in behind him at 37.

Gose comes in as the fifth-ranked outfielder, while d’Arnaud is third among catchers (behind the Reds’ Devin Mesoraco and catcher-in-name-only Jesus Montero).

Dan Norris and Drew Hutchison are also paired up, at numbers 53 and 54 respectively, with Norris number nine among lefty starters, and Hutchison 19th among right-handers.

Pitchers Justin Nicolino– tenth among left-handers– and Noah Syndergaard– 23rd among righties– are paired as well, at 63 and 64. Finishin off the list is outfielder Jake Marisnick– 12th at his position– not far behind at 66th overall.

Hmmm. At this point, I think we can all feel pretty confident that the Jays system is a little bit on the absurdly good side. Fucking yes!

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  1. This kind of ties in with something I’ve been thinking. Not that these lists are new news anymore, but certainly enjoyable to read… Anyways, I always hear around this time of year, “It’s only Spring Training”, but fuck if the Jays 8-2 record and 2nd place standing the in the GL is not a positive. Does this not say something awesome about the overall health of the franchise? I mean, our MLB roster combined with our MiLB roster players at camp are doing gang busters. When was the last time we have had such a good camp? Last year was not bad, but this is really impressive. Go Jays!

    • I think Jeff Blair said they’re kind of concerned about the record because they want to foster a winning attitude/culture. I don’t think it means anything else at all, though. Beating the Pirates and Astros?

    • I’d like to agree with you, but….it’s spring training.

  2. I don’t give a fuck about prospects.

  3. Havent seen Hutch that far up on most publications.. he wasn’t even top 100 on BA

    • Hulet is a Jays homer.

      • Riiiiiiight.

        • He is Canadian, and has written far more extensively about Jays prospects than any other system. That’s a lofty accusation to throw around nonetheless.

          • yes…and is higher on jays prospects than any of his peers. whether that’s because he sees them more and is more confident based on his analysis or because of bias, is a different matter, but it doesn’t change the facts. i get the impression you believe ‘homer’ to be far more pejorative than i do.

            • How do you fucking figure? Sickels had 8 in his top 120, an aggregation of lists from Steal of Home had 11 Jays in its top 185. Yes, Goldstein and Law had five each and BA had four, but there’s nothing at all out of line with the seven Hulet has on there. You’re just being a twat, clearly– which is, in this sense, about exactly as pejorative as “homer” is when you use it to question someone’s integrity. Shaking my head.

          • i never questioned hulet’s integrity at all. all i said is that he is most familiar with the jays’ system, grew up here, writes most extensively and compellingly (including his guide to the jays’ short season players) about the jays. to me, that makes him a jays fan/homer – but iguess this term is far more sinister in your eyes than mine.

      • How is “homer” not pejorative? It implies a bias that he isn’t acknowledging, potentially compromising his ability to write articles like the one linked above. (If that’s really the case, I don’t think he’s a “homer”.)

      • You also said Hulet is higher on the Jays prospects than any of his peers and that really is debatable.

        Sickels has 8 in his top 120 and Law ranks a Blue Jay higher than any other.

        Why you think a scout like him who is extremely responded, would have ‘homer’ bias to the point that he’ll compromise his objectivity in evaluating prospects just because he’s covered that team before, is pretty near-sighted, not to mention baseless.

        • I think the highest ranking for any Jays prospect was Keith Law’s ranking of d’Arnaud. I think he was 9th overall.

        • yea – i stand corrected on that. i missed sickels list. and hulet has the jays top 3 lower than many others.

          seriously, i’m surprised that the term ‘homer’ is such a lightning rod. i meant it as an indication that i put more stock in hulet’s asessment of jays players than others. i guess i should have just said “hulet is a jays guy” instead of homer, but whatever… the troll in me is happy that so many freaking out,

  4. Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than under J.P’s reign. I know they wanted quick to the major’s college guys like Ricky and Aaron, but so few panned out.

  5. After watching a few spring games in Florida I can def understand the idea of Gose being so highly ranked. I didn’t get to see D’Arnaud play but from what I saw of Gose he was very impressive. Especially the crazy diving catch he made against the Yankees. This kid will be something special in center field. Hope he can get his hit tool to come around!

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