Oh, you know us and our inferiority complex here in this country, particularly when it comes to our neighbours to the south. Something instantly becomes extra specially special when it means that Americans are taking notice of us. Swoon!

So, rather than come at you with a crazily-large Afternoon Snack today, let’s split it up and take a moment here to a look at a few interesting Jays-related things coming from publications south of the border.

Over the weekend Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus posted his organizational rankings, and like all other sets of rankings we’ve seen the Jays are way up near the top– but not quite first overall. For BP they’re second, because of “a ridiculous number of high-ceiling teenage arms to go with some elite up-the-middle talent.”

Meanwhile, Tyler Kepner of the New York Times checks in at Jays camp, and in particular, with Brandon Morrow– “the best power pitcher in the league,” whose “career has seemed to take place in a Petri dish, an experiment in the postmodern development of a major league pitcher.”

Buster Olney at ESPN.com (Insider Olney) writes about the Jays, with a focus on new closer Sergio Santos, who he thinks fits with the Jays as part of the collection of outfits and miscasts (see what I just did there?) that Olney said last year made them “baseball’s version of the Oakland Raiders.”

At MLB.com, Anthony Castrovince gives credence to the increasing feeling among the fan base that the Jays can’t be counted out this year in a tough AL East race. “I don’t want to say it’s blind confidence or blind belief in themselves,” John Farrell tells him. “But we have some young, athletic, energetic players who look in the room and get a genuine feel that this is a talented group. They feel like they’re capable of a lot. And that’s a real optimism.”

Lastly, I missed it when it was fresh, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point anyone who hasn’t already seen it in the direction of Jonah Keri’s entry for the Jays in his excellent series of team previews for Grantland. Yes, I know Jonah’s Canadian. But Grantland very much isn’t. So… there’s that.

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  1. IsGavinFloydABlueJay.com is down. This must mean that Gavin Floyd is a Blue Jay!

  2. after looking at the picture for the story… I just naturally assumed it was about steroids

  3. “baseball’s version of the Oakland Raiders.”

    Both stadiums have a Black Hole, one created by rowdy black-clad fans, and the other created by their stadium’s innate vortex of sucking

  4. Does that make Beeston our Al Davis?

  5. I’m sorry, I love Morrow even more than most, but having a higher strikeout rate doesn’t make him a better power pitcher than Justin Verlander, or Felix Hernandez.

    I’m optimistic that he can be truly great still, but he’s not there yet.

  6. Did Deck McGuire really just throw eight pitches in two innings with one strikeout, like Gameday says he did?

    • No don’t you know by now that the balls and strikes are not correct on ST gameday…jesus bleeping christ

      • Given that it’s still three weeks until meaningful baseball and I have no idea why I’m even looking at gameday now in the first place, no, I did not know that. But thanks for your help, chum!

  7. Thanks for posting links I don’t have access to

  8. Stoeten, you are a good writer but possibly a genius photo editor.

  9. There’s a conspicuous absence of profanity.

  10. What the fuck are you talking about? Read back a few fucking posts before suggesting shit like that.

  11. My favorite part about American Gladiators was that all the white people had the same haircut, regardless of gender.

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