Yes, the Gavin Floyd bullshit appears to still be in full swirl, but fortunately for us there is a voice of reason cutting through from out there in the wilderness. And that voice belongs to… CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman?

Well, it certainly sounds right. But meanwhile, Heyman’s colleague, Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal over at Fox Sports isn’t so quick to throw cold water on this. He suggests that the Jays “continue to look for rotation help,” as are the Royals, Tigers and “others.” He notes that there are a number of starters potentially available out there, including Floyd, Joe Blanton, the Nationals’ Jon Lannan, as well as the Rays’ and Rangers’ surplus. More interestingly, he talks about big decisions that lie in the Jays future, such as the possibility of moving Yunel Escobar and JP Arencibia as Adeiny Hechavarria– who he says is “enjoying a big spring,” which… yes, if you count having an OPS below Brian Bocock as “big,” he sure is*– and Travis d’Arnaud– who he figures is only a half season away. Not a bad problem to have, though… I don’t think the Jays quite have it yet. And I especially don’t think that Arizona’s Gerardo Parra, defensively awesome as he is, is quite the kind of return the Jays might want on Arencibia, which is what Rosenthal suggests the catching-desperate D’Backs might want, seeing as Miguel Montero appears to be steaming towards free agency. It’ll be an interesting situation for the Jays… eventually.

Oh, but Rosenthal’s not done yet:

Okaaaaay. Fair enough. But if we weren’t slowly entering the we’ve-run-out-of-things-to-talk-about, dead-horse-beating, non-story overkill portion of the spring, would this really be anything? I tend to think not. Things are gonna get awful routine for the next three weeks, I’d wager– like they always do– so this kind of stuff, with its tiny semblance of newsworthiness, is only going to get more and more airtime. Spring Training, everybody!


* I know, I know, spring stats are useless, it’s just… Bocock. Y’know?

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  1. Rosenthal just added this on Twitter:

    “Cecil, Drabek among #BlueJays pitchers drawing attention from rival scouts. Jays reluctant to move Drabek with value down. #MLB”

  2. We’re getting posts in the a.m. now? Did the Score demand you not drink during the week in order for your blog to get moved to their site?

    • Nah, I just prefer to schedule ‘em for early, rather than posting them when I write them and no one else in this time zone is awake.

  3. I’m confused by the talk in the media lately about how Yunel will “need” to move off SS for Hech. Seems like there are an awful lot of carts being put in front of horses lately.

    • His body and his age are going to catch up to him soon, and they have a kid who supposedly can play Gold Glove quality defense there, so… that’s your reason.

      You’re right though, because Escobar is still ridiculously valuable as a SS.

  4. Does anyone know if they have Mathis on an option after this year? It would make sense if they imagine having D’Arnaud come up and Arencibia leave via trade.

    • Yeah, I think it’s a club option for 2013. I can’t imagine Mathis’ contract situation would have much to do with what they do with either of those guys, though.

  5. why is hechvafvahfahfa getting all the attention anyway? This guy hasn’t shown the ability to hit a beach ball and people are taking about him as if he is manny machado

    • Because his bat only has to be average to make him really, really good, supposedly. His D is that impressive. And apparently he’s a lot stronger, and looking better at the plate.

    • I’d guess that his defense is worth about 3.5 fWAR over the course of 162 games. If he can get his bat just up to 1 fWAR, that 4.5 fWAR is suddenly better than any season Yunel has put up. It’s just a matter of getting his bat up to that level, which it sounds like is coming around.

  6. Not sure why everyone assumes there is no role for JPA once d’arnaud comes up for good. Last i checked lind can’t hit lefties. JPA did very well against them in his rookie season (.355wOBA,.838OPS, 123wRC+). Seems like he could be a mike napoli type (Napoli before last year). A guy who can spell lind against lefties, back up D’arnaud with passable defense and platoon at DH with someone. For the under a million dollars for the next two years that is a very useful player.

    • Good points. Might be more valuable in a trade, but certainly not someone who HAS to be moved no matter what, once d’Arnaud is ready.

      But those numbers aren’t great for a DH, really. A 123 wRC+ (overall) would have tied Josh Willingham for 5th best among DH’s last year. And just against LHP it would have been the seventh-best DH mark in 2011. Not awful by any stretch, but maybe not the route the club should aim for.

      • And we all know platoon numbers have to be regressed, right? I have no problem with saying he’s above average against LHP, but so are scrap heap guys like Kelly Shoppach, Ramon Castro et al. I disagree on the ‘passable defense’ part as well, he was downright awful last year. Expect improvement, but to the point where’s he’s even average defensively? I’m skeptical.

      • True, though it’s also worth considering that he put those numbers up as a rookie who was also the everyday catcher. It’s probably reasonable to assume that he’ll get better, especially if he’s not catching every day.

    • That would be the only way I would like to keep JPA if he played 1B/DH every time lefies were starting with EE as the other and only caught on days when righties were starting and TDA needed a day off. I love JPA as much as the next fanboy/girl but it is the minor improvements at each position that will creep us up towards playoff contention.

    • Yeah I tend to agree also.
      When D’arnaud comes up, he’ll have a learning curve with the pitchers and the routine of the show.Can’t see throwing him fulltime with the bulk of the catching,they’ll ease him into it.

  7. Grade A catching prospects are few and far between. It might be wise for Toronto to limit d’Arnaud’s exposure behind the plate to 120 games a year, or something like it. We have seen how young catchers like Posey and Mauer have broken down, albeit true that Posey’s injury was freak. Even Aaron Cibia played injured for a good part of the season last year. I think Toronto would maximize the value out of their young catchers by keeping them fresh and healthy as opposed to getting worn-out.

    That being said, Aaron Cibia would probably bring back more in a trade than the value he could provide to the Jays by the time d’Arnaud is ready. Not many young, cheap, controllable everyday catchers with power out there.

  8. I don’t see the rush to trade JPA. He should be given the opportunity to prove himself in 2012 while d’Arnaud rakes in AAA. When the dust settles after the 2012 season, we can then assess where things stand. JPA could show dramatic improvement in his offensive output this season which will only augment his value.

    There will be plenty of trade opportunities that will arise in the coming off-season, along with some intriguing free agents.

  9. I can totally understand why some of these positional challenges might become problems in a year or so, but so much can change between now and then.. I feel like its useless to try to project where Yunel or Aaron Cibia might move given how different this roster/prospect pool may look if AA pulls even one big trade for a Latos-type-pitcher or a Votto-type bat. What looks like a positional battle now could really just be the Jays trying to pump up Hechavaria in trades ala Nestor Molina – or not. Who knows.. But given how different the roster is this spring compared to last, I feel like its impossible to get too worked up about who is going to have what spot beyond this season.

    I’ll be happy with both the Catcher and Shortstop positions regardless of who plays where – given the 2 guys we have at each spot. Plus, if it really came down to moving a guy to a different position, MOST MLB players have had to move at some point. SS seem to be the most cocky, but having an All-Cuban SS, 2B combo would be so stylish, how could Yunel possibly say no??

  10. If the Jays make a trade for a pitcher, it’s probably closer to the end of spring training when team’s are making final roster decisions and some out of options guys (such as Homer Bailey) possibly become available.

    Someone said it yesterday…if AA wanted Floyd so much he woulda had him by now. If AA does want another starter, he’s probably biding time until some other GM is forced to make a decision.

    • The Reds could also use a left-handed power bat outfielder.

      AA and Williams probably talked about Floyd. The fact that Floyd is not a Blue Jay is likely due to the asking price. AA won’t pay if he feels that an opposing GM is asking too much. We saw that with Gio Gonzalez, Pineda, Latos and Pineda.

      • Yeah, I’ve mentioned before that Thames & Cecil (who both have options) for Bailey could work.

        So could Drabek & Snider for Bailey…but, presumably AA would rather give up the low to medium ceiling guys like Cecil & Thames over longshot impact players like Snider & Drabek.

        • Drabek and Snider would be a ridiculous overpay

          • frankly, so would Cecil and Thames. If Cincy is willing to give Bailey’s spot to Bronson HR Arroyo, then that says something about what they feel about Bailey.

          • Definately Snider & Drabek is an overpay, imo.

            But Cecil & Thames? Sign me up.

            It’s not like I have access to Bailey’s medicals…but he’s improved the K/BB each year and last year it woulda been tops on the Jays. He just needs to add durability and even without improvements he’s a #3 starter.

            If Cincy is willing to give Bailey’s spot to Arroyo it’s probably more complex than basing the decision on meritocracy. Arroyo’s a veteran…Dusty Baker likes veterans…Arroy deferred money on his contract to stay in Cincy and perhaps the organization feels a sense of loyalty…

            The Mariners didn’t value Brandon Morrow either. This doesn’t change the fact that AA wanted him. Frankly, it’s a big reason why AA got him…

      • True, but many sportswriters have pointed out that AA underestimated the market this winter and that is why he didn’t get who he wanted to get. AA may have established a price in his head above which he will not go. But if the marketplace has moved higher, he’ll either have to pay or suffer the consequences. Not that I’m saying he should have unloaded Lawrie to Seattle, but at some point he’ll have to pay more than he’s comfortable to get what he wants. Much like someone who wants to buy a house in Toronto. He may not want to pay more than $400k. But that is $200k shy of what he needs to pay to get his foot in the door. So he either antes up the rest or buys a condo. This team already has a couple of condos…

        • Or, y’know, he drafts a bunch of high-end arms and they start showing up, like, around then end of next year and into next.

          • Nice if that happens. But there is no One Way to get to the playoffs. Sooner or later AA is either gonna have to trade or buy a free agent. At that point I think he will need to be more flexible than he has been so far this winter.

  11. Parra was pretty damn good last year at age 24. I would assume JPA for Parra would be contingent on one of the LFs being shipped out for Floyd.

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