Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Mid-Afternoon Snack…

Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) gives five early impressions from the spring, and one of them is that the Jays keep getting better. “There is a good vibe around the Blue Jays, who could be a contender if they get production from the rotation behind Ricky Romero,” he writes. “This is an eye-popping number from the most recent start of Brandon Morrow, who is looking to use his curveball more and more as his primary off-speed pitch: He threw 27 strikes in 33 pitches in his most recent start.”

Speaking of Morrow, the Star, Globe, Wilner, and talk about him and his impressive Monday start.

John Lott of the National Post and Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talk Darren Oliver.

Larry Millson of the Canadian Press, by way of the Globe, talks E5 and his hopefully-no-longer-wonky wrist.

Bluebird Banter passes along a Gregor Chisholm tweet that informs us that Tony LaCava has said that Mike McDade and David Cooper will split first base and DH at Las Vegas this season. Of course, Bluebird Banter didn’t actually provide a link this for some reason, so I’ve gone and dug up the original above.

At Getting Blanked, Drew rejoices at Mariners commercial day, and talks about the extra-meaningless phenomenon: spring wins.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail has a nice feature on Omar Vizquel, who by all accounts is not finished at age 44, and looks like a pretty good bet to make the team.

Lastly, from the Toronto Sun, Jays’ Dutch invitee Rick VandenHurk knows how to find his way into my heart, and out of Bob Elliott’s. Speaking on the game that the Jays played today with the Canadian Junior National Team, Dutch clutch supposedly told JP Arencibia “not to hit the ball so hard that you hurt anyone, I saw them play Holland the other night and they’re kids.” The Jays probably won, but it’s spring, so what am I gonna do, look up the final score?

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  1. They’re still playing

  2. Wilner had an interview with Cal Quantrill, son of former Blue Jay Paul Quantrill. Team Canada played against some minor league lineups and a game against the Netherlands. Said that they were amazing. Surprised that you missed that Stoeten.

    • Was more interested in Cecil and Snider and whoever was playing the other game, against the Twins.

  3. It’s funny reading these positive stories on the Jays from US MLB writers…

    Makes me think about how some people on here were saying ‘should the Jays trade Bautista now? There’s no way they’ll contend before 2015′ literally about 2 or 3 months ago. I think there was a lot of sulking over the fact that the Jays didn’t get Yu or Prince.

    Anything could happen, but I absolutely think, with the second wild card in place, there’s a decent chance this team plays some meaningful September games for the first time in 20 years.

  4. I think Olney is right that the key is the back end of the rotation. A lot of potential with Alvarez, McGowan, Cecil and Drabek, but so much risk as well.

    As long as the price isn’t too steep, I’d love to see the Jays acquire a starter this spring. Doesn’t have to be a front end guy – someone like Floyd would be fine. It wouldn’t take much for things to fall apart in the 3 to 5 spots in the rotation.

    • It’ll be interesting to see what AA does when they shutdown guys like Mcgowan or lose them to injury ( it’s inevetable). Do they use Syndergard or Laffey?Or do they get a midseason pickup?

      • I don’t think you’ll see Sydergaard in Toronto until 2014 at least.

        • Yeah My bad.
          Poor choice on my part,Just read an artcle on him,had him on the brain I guess.
          Read a nice one on Alvarez in SI about a week ago.

          I get more brain farts as I get older.Turn 74 in June.

          • Alvarez may become the Jays’ 3rd best starter behind Romero and Morrow. His stuff is up there. Needs to command the cutter/slider to go with his nasty sinker and change up. If he does, he might surprise some people. Needs to stay healthy though.

          • I hope I am active on Jays boards when I get get to that age! I would say Laffey/Drabek/Jenkins/McGuire/Hutch, in that order.

      • Marc Hulet mentioned in his prospects chat that Syndergaard could be a 1 or a 2, but his ETA is still a couple of years away. That’s boner inducing but he’s still a kid.

        We will likely see him in A ball (perhaps high-A) this season. AA next year and perhaps a September call-up by end of 2013. I doubt we will see him before 2014.

  5. Did anyone else catch Alan Ashby on the Fan yesterday saying the player that has been the least impressive this spring is Colby Rasmus? He has a brand new attitude, but hasn’t looked very good. That is disappointing.

  6. Ashby also said that Lawrie could be an MVP this season.

  7. Lesson of the story regarding Ashby: it’s Spring Training, and quite early still too.

  8. I think it’s about time you dropped the whole “E5″ thing.

    • Never.

      • Should it not be E10 now? Or maybe E? Or if he does Platoon with Lind, maybe we should go with ESheen or EBerenger.

        Fuck, I never realized that they were both in Platoon and Major League until just now. They should have had Willem Dafoe play Roger Dorn. That would have been tits! And Matt Dillon as Berenger’s wife.

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