I’ll grant them that the Yunel Escobar bobblehead doesn’t look that absurdly different from the guy it’s trying to depict, but who the fuck are the two guys on either side of him supposed to be?

Shaking… er… bobbling my head.

Slap on the ass to @onebluejaysway for the pic.

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  1. What is that… seriously.

    Romero looks Asian, Escobar looks barely passable and Morrow just looks like he’s hitting hard drugs.

    Good thing they give them out for free. They must have been made for that price too.

  2. Ricky looks like a white guy from scarborough trying to be a rapper, i agree that escobar is passable, and morrow’s skin looks green, as if he has the flu and is about to throw up…

    jays giveaways are by far the worst out of any other clubs! they really need to get with the times!

  3. Is that Derek Jeter on the left?

  4. It’s like the designer didn’t know how to make Romero so he read his Twitter feed and used the flat brim as a distinguishing characteristic.

  5. Fucking freaks need to complain about anything huh

  6. Romero looks just like Jeter. Morrow looks like Charlie Sheen.

  7. Romero looks like Cecil without glasses. Morrow looks like Bubles from Trailer park boys, again without glasses.

  8. you should’ve obscured the names and had a contest to see if people could guess who they were.

  9. Romero Looks like a Charlie Villaneuva bobblehead.

  10. They forgot to put glasses on the Brett Cecil bobblehead so they called it Ricky Romero.

  11. Where the fuck is Joey Bats!?!?!?!

    • They already did Bautista in 2010. I doubt they’ll be doing repeats. The safe bet is on Lawrie next year.

  12. I had high expectations…

    The Jose Bautista and Robbie Alomar bobble heads looked just like them last year, especially Bautista’s.

    They obviously went do a different company to do this…

  13. Morrow look like the kid from ‘Hook’

  14. Morrow and Yunel look almost identical. Face shape and lips are their only main differences (skin colour too, derp).

    Exact same facial expression.

  15. Morrow’s bobblehead must be a stock design or something. I have the Aaron Hill and Alex Rios bobbleheads at home and they look almost nothing like the actual players as well.

  16. From left-to-right I thought it was Cecil, Escobar, and Kelly Johnson. (First two i was sure of, the last one i sort of said with a question mark)

    The “Cecil” one is even squinting.

    • Although I was questioning why exactly Brett Cecil and Kelly Johnson would be the players they were choosing to headline this promotion…

  17. Although I was questioning why exactly Brett Cecil and Kelly Johnson would be the players they were choosing to headline this promotion…

  18. Any pics on what the back of this thing looks like?
    I hear when you put the 3 together it makes the logo or some other image on the back.

  19. The Brandon Morrow one looks more like Paul Beeston than Brandon Morrow lol. The Romero one looks like he’s high.

  20. Left to Right:

    Kim Jon-Il, Morpheus, Draco Malfoy*

    *All bobble heads must be wearing pink lipstick on day of distribution

  21. My 5 year old niece draws better than the guy that did these

  22. They look like Muppet Babies.

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