Like a Syd Barrett acid trip gone into “Interstellar Overdrive” (OK, I’ll stop), this Gavin Floyd business refuses to subside, with my ‘Merkin friend, Scott Merkin of contacting ChiSox GM Kenny Williams for a tasty non-denial denial.

“I am not looking to move him,” Williams said in response to an email. Well then, I guess that’s settled, huh?

Meanwhile, Gregor Chisholm of debunks the innuendo at his North of the Border blog with some exasperation. “Why this is actually news, I’m not sure,” he writes, “but since every time one of these reports surface south of the border it garners a lot of attention it becomes necessary for the Toronto media to respond in some way.”

Chisholm, quite fucking rightly, explains that “the fact that these reports are coming out now should suggest nothing other than that Anthopoulos is once again doing his due diligence.”

He feels that the rotation is essentially set– with both management’s and John Farrell’s love of Henderson Alvarez cementing his spot, and Dustin McGowan’s lack of options cementing his, leaving Brett Cecil as the biggest question mark, with Kyle Drabek somewhere behind him. Beyond that the Jays depth is mostly in terms of prospects, who might not be ready to help if injury or poor performance derails one of the main six. “Anthopoulos will continue to monitor the market for another starter because it’s just the smart thing to do,” Chisholm writes, “but pulling the trigger on a deal when there’s still three weeks to go until Spring Training is another matter entirely.”

Superficially the Floyd stuff maybe fits in with what we’ve been hearing out of Dunedin, but the rumours of Brett Cecil’s demise have surely been exaggerated. Yes, the velocity in his first spring start wasn’t where anybody wanted it to be, but it’s too soon to say it’s definitely going to say that way, and the Jays will probably give him an excess of rope this spring, because, as Gregor points out, they were quite pleased with the dedication he showed over the winter, after coming to camp having lost 35 pounds.

Cecil starts this afternoon in a split squad game against the Twins, according to the AP. Should be interesting…

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  1. it’s been over a year now since Brett Cecil has thrown a 93 mile an hour fastball, I think I recall hearing reports that he touched 91 when he came back up from AAA last year, but the less likely scenario is that his velocity ever returns. If we can aquire Floyd for say, Cecil and Thames – I’d do that. But lets not get too excited about Floyd, he’s a strong #3 or 4 in any of the top rotations in baseball. if we did get Floyd, he doesn’t make the Jays an immediate contender for the division title (which should really be our goal). We still need a #1 or 2 to go with Romero and take the pressure off Morrow to be consistantly great, he may be AJ Burnett (which isnt the worst thing in the world for what we’re paying him).

    • But lets not get too excited about Floyd, he’s a strong #3 or 4 in any of the top rotations in baseball.

      Which is why he’s possibly more valuable than Cecil at this point. The drop in velocity isn’t as much of a problem as leaving the ball up on a consistent basis is, something Cecil has struggled with for a couple years now it seems. At this point, I’d much rather see Floyd in the rotation and have Cecil in the ‘pen, as he’s still only 25 and is cheap and controllable, thus shouldn’t be given up on entirely yet.

      As a footnote, it would probably take more than Cecil and Thames.

      • I agree he’s more valuable than Cecil, but I’m not giving up 3 assests for him if I’m AA.. unless it’s say Cecil, Thames and maybe throw-in a Robinson Diaz-type prospect for shits and giggles, but im not giving up 2 big leaugers AND one of our top20 prospects for him, If I’m going to move prospects it would be to aquire someone like Joey Votto and an ace starter to really make us a serious threat for the division title (really wish we had Darvish…) That’s just me.

        • I wouldn’t trade for Floyd either. The Jays have an abundance of talent in the minors that seem to have Floyd’s ceiling as their floor, so it would be a waste.

  2. Fucking Oswalt….

  3. I miss Merkin Valdez.

    Words With Friends doesn’t let you use the word merkin, which is fucking horseshit.

  4. That whole acid trip comment screwed me up for the rest of your piece.. I kept wanting to read Barrett Cecil the whole time….

  5. This Brett Cecil stuff is interesting. Something tells me he won’t be in the opening day rotation with either Drabek or a trade filling that spot. Usually when there is smoke there is fire and I’m surprised so much has gotten out already about concerns with Brett Cecil.

    Okay the weight loss is great and it seems like every time I read it the amount gets bigger (35 pounds now). But did anyone here one thing last year about him being fat and out of shape? Is taking a guy who is 6’1, 235 down to 6’1, 200 really the way you 3 mph to your fastball? Last time I checked when you remove inertia and momentum going towards the plate velocity does not increase.

    We’ll probably hear more about this after his start today.

    • With the Blue Jays, when there’s smoke, there’s almost never fire.

      I mean, we huffed a lot of Darvish/Garza/Fielder/Gio/Papelbon/Beltran/etc. smoke this off-season without ever calling the fire department. We’re practically hotboxing in here from all the smoke.

  6. Oh snap, the gay dude from 30 Rock also pitches for the White Sox?

  7. Is Jo Jo available? But seriously at this poin the Jays are going to give Cecil more than enough lack to hang himself with…. Gonna be a rough, injury-prone year for him…

  8. Great headline!

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