Holy smokes, Brett Lawrie got took outta today’s game because-a some injury, eh?

Turns out it was his left groin. According to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm, he left the game for precautionary reasons and is day-to-day. And according to the National Post, Lawrie told Mike Wilner of the Fan 590 that the injury was not serious.

“Lawrie left following the third inning,” John Lott of the Post explains, “one inning after he beat out an infield single, stole second and scored on J.P. Arencibia’s single to left field. He told Wilner he felt the tightness on his way home after rounding third base.”

The gradual building up of these sorts of little injuries are one of the few fears anybody has about a guy who plays as fucking balls-out as Lawrie. But… infield single? Stole second? Then scored? I think this guy might be a little bit fun to watch this year.

Plus, now he knows what it’s like to have a groin injury– a g-g-groin, a g-g-groin, a g-g-groin injury– which has got to be some kind of a plus.

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  1. Oh God… NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It’s all OVER! NOOOOOOO!! He’ll never be the same again. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. Hard to tell with tone on the intraweb.. But it sounds as if you’re cynical to the whole Canadian flavor? While I don’t think the Jays should go out of their way just to get Canadian players, I do enjoy having a legit home grown talent on the team.

    • I don’t dislike Canadian players or anything, but people are just so ridiculously into caring about getting Canadians on this team that I go out of my way to piss on it. The narrow-mindedness of it is off-putting, and I just don’t like the idea that there might be an extra tier of adulation Jose Bautista could never hit that Brett Lawrie can or Joey Votto could, because Jose’s got the wrong passport. That’s horrible, to me. But I think it’s not far off reality for a good chunk of people– how many, I have no idea. Most seem pretty reasonable with it, at least.

      • nothing like an open mind..interesting to see what falls out..
        dont have maple breath, i have beer breath (keith’s of course) and a maple heart.
        .ANYONE who plays on the jays has a red leaf and is representing canada which is good enough for me…dont need the birth certificate saying so…rah rah ,,,piss away

        • I like Lawrie because of

          a) the way he plays

          b) his sister

          c) his passport

          in that order.

        • Representing Canada? Really? They’re a professional sports team run by a mulitbillion dollar corporation. Guess I’m just way beyond too cynical.

          Get rid of the anthems, get rid of the ridiculous over-sized leaf in the logo and stop using patriotism as a crass marketing tool, I say. (Of course, I can’t really blame them for using it as long as it keeps workingg– the onus is on the fans to stop buying into it.)

          So… we agree to disagree, I guess.

          • I like the maple leaf in the logo. If there were more Canadian teams, I’d say get rid of it though. Similar to Calgary sporting the Alberta flag on their sweater.. It’s stupid since they are not the only Alberta team in the NHL. Oh.. by the way, my local brewery (Picaroons) is now serving Maple Cream Ale.. lol

          • so you are saying as canadians we should not have pride in a team and something to root for?…

          • I have always wondered why they play anthems before the Jays games?

            Before the Expos & Jays, did teams play the American anthem?

            I think having kids watch Brett Lawrie play will help encourage canadian kids play baseball.

            I remember an interview with the fan 590 where he said he played basketball growing up not hockey.

          • @Oakville – Yes, they have played the Star Spangled Banner at baseball games regularly since WWII, though it was occasionally played at games dating back to the late 1890s.

            The Canadian anthem wouldn’t have been played ever at MLB level baseball games until the Expos came around of course.

          • Stoeten, I don’t quite follow.

            You castigate all hockey fans here and bemoan the emphasis on that sport, and with the other hand dismiss the possible advent of a Canadian superstar on our only MLB team. I think people have a right to feel more invested in an endeavour their countrymen share in, and not merely as a “crass” expression of patriotism (even if it is marketing for Fucking Rogers). Hockey is a part of culture, and if you and I both wish for baseball appreciation in Canada to grow, we should agree that writing a few founding legends, if you will, around homegrown players is a decent way to start.

            The thing about hockey and culture is that (especially outside the core urban areas) it is profoundly participatory, even for non-players. One can argue, correctly I think, that hockey, baseball, or any sport bring the greatest benefits to a community when they become focal points, rather than simply a way to keep kids busy. From the standpoint of lazy fuckers exchanging profane arguments on blogs, I think our baseball world becomes a more interesting place when there are deeper roots in Canada. Wouldn’t Hayhurst agree? Its more fun when the conversation is not just about fucking St. Louis and Scranton, or even Tokyo.

            I appreciate your filter of cynicism but I do think you wear it a little too often. I’d love nothing more to see Canada beat the baseball powers at their own game, and if that means amassing good or even serviceable Canadians in order to encourage the growth of the sport, so be it.

          • Agree with “nes” completely. You’re argument against cheering for Canadians is the definition of stupidity. Every other country in the world cheers for their countrymen participating in any sport. You’re like the person who won’t wear something because everybody is wearing it…not because you don’t like how it looks.

            I do agree that any player who is good, and contributes to the team winning should be celebrated, but a man born and raised here representing the only MLB team (hence the representing the only reason we even get to watch baseball in this country) should be celebrated when he succeeds. Especially if he helps our team succeed! Either way, I’m getting an Escobar jersey.

            • Let’s not lose something. I celebrate Lawrie for his successes. I think he’s awesome. I’m hugely fucking excited for his future with this team.

              But it would be no different to me if he were American.

              If you want to get wrapped up in what’s on someone’s passport, fine, but I’m going not going to stop pointing out that it’s kinda ridiculous.

              Re: the clothing analogy: Yes, I’m questioning your assumptions about groupthink.

          • We must be shitty fans to only like the Jays then too over all the other MLB teams.

            There’s nothing wrong with being proud of somebody from Canada making it all the way and playing on your favourite team. When comparing it to Bautista it’s just a different narrative, like how he came from a poor country and struggled for years in the majors before being the true MVP two years running.

            Just because Lawrie can’t have THAT narrative doesn’t mean it’s unfair of the fans to love Bautista in part for that reason.

            Mostly though, Lawrie has been one of the most fun players to watch since he broke into the league. And he’s Canadian too. Nothing wrong with being a little patriotic and celebrating your own country more than you celebrate Syria. Your cynicism has truly reached a pretty irritating boiling point Stoeten.

      • I respect that. And agree. Like I said, I enjoy having a legit Canadian talent on the team but I don’t feel I go overboard with it. I did pick a Bautista shirt over a Lawrie one just last week lol. Votto is an awesome player, being Canadian is like being the maple cream on top ;) (that sounds gross)

        • i see your maple dick and up your maple cream

        • i agree. having a top notch canadian on the jays is pretty cool, but in the end the canadian-ness is meaningless as far as the teams performance goes, and thats really what we’re all concerned about. much rather have a winning team of players from china than a losing team of canadians.

          • Stoeten – you do realize that people cheer for teams because it represents the city those people are from right?

            Do you really think it is a strain to then cheer for players because they represent the country people are from too?

            I appreciate the cynicism when it comes to dousing the over the top Canadiana of the Bob Elliotts of the world, but to ignore the value of it entirely is equally retarded in my opinion.

            • For one, I’m not ignoring the value of it– it has tremendous value, and powerful value, as the Jays’ exploitation of it shows. I just don’t think it should have that kind of value, and stuff that doesn’t really make sense to me passes by a lot of people without judgement. Like in your comment for example, you talk about players who “represent” the country. Represent? I think that implies something far bigger than I believe reality is.

      • I couldn’t agree more , Imagine norrow mindness here at Rogers Jays Fans

      • What an inwardly focused group we have. If collectively you were one patient, a psychiatrist would diagnose you with some serious self inflicticted identity crisis. Move on folks, it will be ok.

      • When the Raptors drafted Bargnani, they marketed him to little Italy. When Jeremy Lin came to town, they marketed the game to Chinatown. Is it so different to market Lawrie to Canadians?

        Yeah, it’s dumb to think that Lawrie might be more of a fan favourite than Bautista ever will be merely because of his birthplace; but it would be equally dumb not to take advantage of it and fail to market it.

        Besides, Bautista is the best player in the league, I don’t think he’s lacking in the adulation department right now.

    • Home grown? Langley is a helluva long way from Toronto. Langley is less than two hours from Seattle, there are almost as many Mariners fans out here than Jays fans. Anecdotally, it seems people out here around my age (30) like the Jays cause of ’92 &’93 and younger people like the Mariners because of Ichiro and the good Mariners teams atbthe turn of the millennium.

      Plus, how can he be “home grown” if he spent the majority of his career in the Brewers organization?

      • Homegrown means born and raised in Canada douchebag. I’m from Newfoundland…over 3000Km from Toronto, but grew up a Jays fan, guess why? Because as a Canadian it was the team shown on tv. I guess we could debate the Expos if we go back then, but Quebec, to me, has never been seen as much a part of Canada, by their own choice.

  3. Jesus Christ, we get it, you are far above concerning yourself with the nationality of any of the Jays, yet you are literally the only one consistently beating the dead horse with your unbearable “jokes” on the matter. You’re the only one who sounds like a retard mentioning “Maple Dick” this and that every single moment you have a news article about Lawrie on this blog. Give it up.

    • Fuck off. It’s funny.

    • Awwww. Did I hurt your poor widdle maple feewings?

      • Not at all. This is the undeniably the best Blue Jays blog, just not when your desperately trying to be funny, or when you continously peddle those irrelevant podcasts of yours.

    • That’s true. I know we aren’t supposed to get excited about a player’s passport but if AA recalls, when he was young in 1992 or 1993, the expos had a couple of french canadian pitchers. Rheal Cormier from New Brunswick & a guy named Boucher. The stadium was packed.

      Larry walker was a popular expos from BC. Nothing wrong with local boys.

      If the Leafs had got Tavares from Oakville in the NHL draft, he would be non stop interviewed on TSN.

      Local Boys are popular with any major league sport.

  4. In more important news…Travis Snider hit ANOTHER homer!

    • Does Travis have a legitimate shot at being in LF on opening day?

      It seems that Thames will b there unless he gets hurt.

      I am happy for Travis

      • Thames has looked awful defensively. he actually comes across a lot less mobile. good job bulking up

        • And you came to this conclusion after one televised game, where Thames played fairly well in the field, and drove a curveball to the wall for a double and also had a bunt base hit. Until I see Snider start driving breaking pitches I will be in the Thames corner.

    • I’m a little mixed on the maple dick trashing. Without doubt, carrying on as if the best team to have in Toronto would be assembled of only Canadian players is a joke. Or someone putting up with a lower calibre player JUST because they’re Canadian is a joke. I am 100% behind you in the reasoning that passport above ability is mapledickdumberiscious and enjoy all general ripping in that area.
      That being said, you do sometimes stray into the ‘all patriotism is the domain of mouth-breathers’ territory which is (and pardon stotes, do generally love the writing style) naive. Nationalism is an extremely complex issue, and the dismissal you give it is… Well… Akin to the dumb shit you (rightfully) rip other authors a new one for. If you have nationalism logically figured out, please share with the world – some folks in the middle east could use your help – but otherwise it seems like calling anyone that takes SOME national pride an idiot is a touch much. I mean why do we all cheer for the jays instead of whatever team is the best? Geographical association perhaps? is it really all that fundamentally different? Can I use another rhetorical question as a writing device?

      • Did I say that though? Agreed that it’s exceedingly complex a thing.

        Also, you just wait for Euro 2012 to see how into nationalism I can get. And shit, I was there cheering Canada like mad against the States at the WBC. Really, it’s the extra emphasis that bugs me– that and Canadian hockey fans.

        • I cannot wait for all the bratwurst boners when Deutschland and Gomez explode on the pitch.

          Zum wohl!

        • I wouldn’t accuse you of using those words, it’s the consistency of your sentiment that sometimes implies it. I also find it shitty that I can get 100x the jays coverage just because they’re playing some Canadian kids, but then I also get a kick out of having some local boys on the team. At times it seems even that moderate view is represented as backwards here.
          And bring on the ancestral pride that is friends hating friends for football dominance. Shit kills me and makes for amazing good bar-times.

        • Now that you have moved to the Score, does this mean you will be required to keep your Tulip-boner fluffing off DJF during Euro 2012?

          or should I plan to look elsewhere for my Jays analysis while the Dutch are still in contention?

      • Good point. Didn’t Seinfeld have an episode about sports fans cheering players wearing local uniforms?

        We are Jays fans because it is the local team.

        I know it’s cool to have knowledge of the SF Giants etc, but that won’t draw eyeballs to a website based in Toronto.

  5. Jesus. Somebody should tell Lawrie to take it down a notch. Spring training fer christ’s sake..

  6. Folks who think the Maple Dick gibberish this clown has ridden into the ground is at all humorous are the same retards who’ve allowed shows like Dharma and Greg to last for 8 seasons

  7. Yeah he’s Canadian, but Lawrie’s not from Ontario, so the Jays clearly aren’t going to win anything.


  8. I should add that while the only thing that really matters is Lawrie’s performance is the only thing that *really* matters, and would ultimately make him a star regardless, his Canadian passport certainly doens’t hurt. At worst it makes the fringe fans’ ears perk up a bit.

    The media does go a bit over the top with it, thoguh.

  9. I don’t like lawrie because he’s Canadian. It’s because he is awesome. The fact he’s Canadian is just a bonus. I don’t see votto coming to the Jays because he will require to large a contract for too many years.

  10. Brett Lawrie = Stainless Steel NAILS

  11. Stoeten is like the fucken anti-cherry. This maple dick bullshit is getting out of hand. Of course we like Lawrie more because he’s Canadian, So what’s the fucken problem?

    It’s not like the baseball hall of fame is over-loaded with canucks. When a Canadian makes it to mlb (and looks like he’s gonna be a star) it’s huge to me no matter what team he plays for. But of course I will be EXTRA excited if he plays for the Jays.

    Where’s your patriotism man?

    I fucken hate hockey but every time Canada is playing (juniors, olympics, whatever) I watch and I cheer and I fucken love it because its something we are actually amazing at. As a Jays and Bills fan, its nice to be able to root for a team that actually wins something.

    How many Japan flags do you think we are going to see at the Dome when Darvish is here? Do you have a fucken problem with that too?

    For fucks sake, just fuck off with this maple dick shit. Its starting to come across as anti-Canadian and before you know it there will be an angry mob of maple dicks knocking down the door of the score office to kick your wooden-shoe-wearing, bicycling-riding, prostitute-fucking ass.

    • Gold.

    • Look, I love the shit out of Canada. I don’t even mind celebrating the great players this country produces, to a point. It’s just the constant, over-the-top, we-need-every-Canadian attitude is ridiculous to me, as is– as I said before– the notion that there’s an extra tier of adulation Brett Lawrie can ascend to that Jose Bautista can’t because of their passports. Jose Bautista is maybe the best player in baseball, he should be looking up at no one when it comes to who is the most adored player on this team.

      And oh man, I fucking hate the World Juniors with a fucking passion. Look at us steamroll the fuck out of countries that don’t give a shit. Whoopty fuck! Maple circle jerk!

      • It is not the fault of Canada (or the US, Russia, Sweden…) that other nations don’t take junior or women’s hockey seriously. Do you agree with the IOC that the women’s game should be excised from the Olympics?

        You make an excellent point about “adulation” for José; I never made that connection. But by the tone and content of some your comments, I could believe that stuff passes you by without judgment. Wasn’t I just reading that you hate Leaf/hockey fans because (paraphrasing) “guys from Woodbridge came down the DVP honking their horns to keep me awake?” I won’t even bother parsing that one.

        I find the posters on this board are remarkably non-jingoistic for all their negativity, so I don’t quite understand your frustration. Take the NBA and Jeremy Lin. Are you irritated that more Asians are paying attention because of him? If they lose interest entirely after the Lin craze ends, I would agree with you wholeheartedly, but posters here aren’t quite that feeble-minded (mostly). The Jays have been playing for 30+ years. If Lawrie becomes the star we hope he can be, can you argue that the Jays’ (past) success had nothing to do with it? That’s a connection we should all celebrate.

      • With regards to Blue Jays baseball and the nationality of its players, should we care about the nationality of its players? Not particularly, since none of the players like Canada enough to live here year round.

        Funny how you get slagged about being the anti-Don Cherry. Can’t say that its a justified criticism, but you could assuage things by posting some fluff piece on how you love Canadian poutines or something.

        If you do, try to post in conjunction with the annual tradition of getting flowers from the Dutch on November 11 (the whole liberation of the Dutch thing back in WW2).

  12. Redeyedfan: I finally laughed out loud at your comment. I would have added …tulip-picking, dike-plugging, windmill-milling, to the list. Thanks for the laugh.

  13. I am glad to have a player of Lawrie’s talents on the team, but I honestly don’t care at all that he’s Canadian.

    And to be completely honest, based on what I’ve seen of his personality, I probably wouldn’t like him much if he wasn’t a very good ballplayer.

    I rarely even think of him as a Canadian. To me, he’s just a very good ballplayer with a lot of energy who should have a great future and is fun to watch. I think it’s great that he’s a Blue Jay, but I’d see him exactly the same way if he was from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Really.

  14. All these bullshit maple dick arguments positive or negative and nobody even mentions SAM FUCKING MALONE’S Rap? Well played Stoeten

  15. For what it’s worth, totally on-board with Stoeten’s perspective on this. It’s nice and all that Lawrie’s Canadian but other than that … I personally couldn’t give a crap if I even tried. As I see it – right or wrong – patriotism and jingoism are cousins, and not that distant. And rolling further that way, racism is just over the rise, like it or not.

    • The fact that most jingoists are patriots does not mean that patriotism entails jingoism. It’s a far cry from being partial to the community one is a part of to hatred of other communities and/or racism. Most people have the intellectual fortitude to remain on the correct side of the line.
      Do the people here that like the fact that Lawrie is Canadian dislike the fact that other players aren’t? I doubt it, because they’re not dumb, and are capable of making basic distinctions.
      Most Canadians love Canada because it’s tolerant of other cultures and ways of life. That’s patriotism, but not jingoism or racism; in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s the inherently anti-jingoist and anti-racist nature of Canada that makes them patriotic.

      Sorry for the non-baseball related rant, but I feel obligated to call out bullshit when I see it.

      • No need to apologize. I may not agree but … well called.

      • +1

      • Patriotism and jingoism exist on the same continuum, so I don’t see how what 511 is saying is wrong at all. A “patriot” has a fairly short trip to fanatical jingoism and, you know, imperialist wars. The language of both overlap. And yes, being “partial to your community” is, as 511 says in so many words, just a step on the road to jingoism, it is exclusionary, it is insular, it is superior, all of which aren’t positive.

        • Yes, but not all patriots are, or become, jingoists. It is possible, and quite easy to be patriotic without becoming jingoistic.
          They are related to each other in the same way that democratic socialism and revolutionary communism are related to each other. You can take any reasonable idea to an extreme conclusion, but should we therefore abandon all such reasonable ideas?

  16. Both split-squad games are aired on tv today if anyone’s interested. Download StreamTorrent and use http://www.wizwig.com (new domain of p2p forums).

    • My bad. Only the Phillie/Jays game is aired today.

    • Can someone please get some decent into music to the Jays radio broadcast! That electronic twanging downwar spiral sound greats on the nerves….something motivational for a soon to be championship team, please

    • Indestructable you dont know what a happy man you’ve made me!
      When “myP2P” went , I was in the depths of despair. How did you find this!!??

  17. If anyone’s curious, Morrow looked like shit today; no control of the strike-zone whatsoever.

  18. Lawie’s a great player,plays hard,with emotion and is exciting to watch.The fact that he’s Canadian is an added bonus.It’s not like he’s the token Canadian on a Canadian team.He deserves to be there.It should be celebrated.
    After watching thousands of Canadian kids trying to fight the odds of getting a scholarship or getting drafted it’s nice to see a success.Canadian amateur baseball is always seen as inferior.For all those who have tried,Lawrie is a model to show it can be done.Somebody we can see closer to home and not sporadically,from time to time on another team in another city.
    To suggest that it’s wrong to celebrate that he’s Canadian is a slap in the face to anyone involved with Canadian Baseball.
    To suggest that showing a bit of pride that he’s a Canadian and that it maybe one step away from being racist is pretty fucked up.Just straight out fucking sick.
    Ridiculing the issue with “maple boner” and “maple dick” shows how misinformed some people are.
    Show some pride by celebrating a Canadian player,trained in Canada,playing for a Canadian team.
    Thousands who have played and coached in Canada are.

    • It is 1000% not a slap in the face to anyone involved in Canadian baseball to question celebrating Lawrie for his passport. If you feel that it is, that’s your issue, not ours.

  19. WE should of known… Lawrie’s relentless hustling and hard play will at times burn out his groin muscles. Well add to the fact before training camp he might of had a lot of other groin intensive activities.

  20. So… am I the only one who doesn’t really like Wilner doing play by play?

    This has nothing to do with his on-air personality. I’ve tried to give him a chance but when I hear him I find it’s rather amateur, there’s lots of dead air time, and I just don’t find his voice caters to PBP. I get that he can’t get better without experience, but there have to be other avenues to get the experience if that’s the route he wants to go.

    He will be calling 20-something games on The fan this year when Ashby does TV.

    Just my personal opinion.

    • I couldn’t agree more….send him to AAA for some seasoning first. Alan and Jerry are so damn good though that it can be difficult to live up to our lofty expectations of PBP. I listen to other feeds on MLB,com and it’s a tough dust meant, thre are some horrifyingly bad ones out there.

  21. I feel like the people who worry about Lawrie’s style of play and how it affects potential injuries would be the same people who worry about Rasmus’ ‘lack of hustle’ in the OF.

  22. Any of you guys here that clown McGowan the other day talking about expectations for the Jays this season? He spoke of holes in CF and 2B, and while voiced displeasure with Rasmus (what a fool) he didn’t even mention Kelly Johnson’s name. He only spoke of Hech and what he could or might not bring. Do these people have no knowledge of the game whatsoever? He was awesome for the Jays last season, was one of the best offensive 2b in the league in 2010 and 2008…I just don’t see why we aren’t excited to have this guy on our squad? I think he’s going to have a huge season (a view not shared with any fantasy analysts I know), and is a massive upgrade over Aaron Hill. Funny if you check this time last season, Johnson was ranked top 10 fantasy 2b projections.

  23. Stoeten, you should open a game thread on the weekends so we have a place to discuss the weekend games.

  24. Also, I’m curious if Stoeten believes that Blue Jays fans cut Mark Teahan a break for being such a terrible baseball player because he was Canadian? I seem to recall most where calling for him to be DFA’d.

    • He’s hardly Canadian you stupid maple boner riding phuckface

      • Jeopardy is to gameshows as baseball fans are to sports fans. I think you’d jibe better on hfboards or a south park message board…

    • I think Teahen got a break from the fans because he wasn’t viewed as a long-term player like Rasmus is. The fact that the Jays tried to market his Canadian connection was probably seen as just incidental.

    • The fact that Jays Talk callers still occasionally suggest bringing up Richmond is an indication of how much of an impact a passport can make.

  25. in other news, wilner is still a hypocritical douche to his fucking callers. the fact that the jays would only have made the second wild card is not a valid point because the jays would have played the situation differently with the extra spot. if any caller tries that sort of bullshit hypothetical on wilner, he automatically bleats. fuck him. I’m done with 590 until that pencil dick is fired.

    • Lol you must be that clown Phil are ya? Callin in tryin to limit expectations and shit, fuck that!

    • What did Wilner say? Is he opposed to the second wild card spot?

      The Jays have a much better chance to make the playoffs with a 2nd wildcard. Trades could have been made at the deadline. players would not be shutdown in early september etc..

  26. Just a couple weeks left…MY BODY IS READY

  27. Man this new comment section is so fucked, it has no flow to it at all!

  28. Speaking of maple boners. Anyone read Jon Heyman’s interview with Votto on cbssports today?

    GOODYEAR, Ariz. — If the Blue Jays stick to their five-year maximum policy for player contracts, they can forget luring Reds superstar Joey Votto back home to Toronto when he’s a free agent.

    “It would be tough for a [top] position player to sign for five years. No matter how fond a person is of the city, players have to maximize the number of years,”Votto said.

    The thoughtful star explained that the best players should prioritize the length of the contract when they are in their prime because “teams aren’t anxious to sign players who are 35 or 36 anymore.”

    Votto, 28, watched with interest this winter as two other great first basemen, Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, cashed in big-time on the free-agent market, inking deals for $240 million and $214 million. Votto, who signed a $38 million, three-year contract with the Reds before the 2011 season to cover all his arbitration years and take him to free-agency, stressed that he needs to remain productive to repeat their stories. But he definitely noticed.

    “They did great, they did excellent,” Votto said. “Prince and Albert both stayed healthy and consistent. Albert obviously performed at an incredible level. And Prince performed in his own right, and he got a ton of years. To get nine or 10 years is what most (top) players look to. … Both guys are super talented, and I hope they live up to those contracts.”

    • I don’t necessarily care because it;s Votto…just sucks to get a feel of how elite talent feels about the way the Jays plan on operating in that way. Would like to see the Jays make the jump to up to 7 year contracts.

      • The jays have this stipulation because anything longer than a 5 year deal historically is quite bad for the team. AA is building a pretty awesome franchise here and limiting the years on contracts is just one of the many reasons why we will be a viable playoff team in the very near future.

        The Prince contract was one of the worst imaginable, as good of a player as he is. The Pujols contract is also very questionable even though he’s arguably the best hitter in a very long time. In time, these contracts will LIKELY (not definitely) manifest themselves into horrible scenarios for each of these respective teams.

        • I’m well aware of all that. The problem is, unfortunately, it takes these types of contracts to attract top talent FA’s…which eventually, the Jays will need to dip into.

  29. So Stoeten, you begrudge fans who cheer for Canadian Jays, yet you consider the team as a whole as just a heartless, multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn’t give a crap about the fans. Are you just argumentative for the sake of it? I do believe that a lot of these players recognize that they are playing for a country’s worth of fans, not just a state’s worth, and that they have a sense of pride playing for the only Canadian team in the MLB. Of course, to you, that just makes me another in the long line of nameless, faceless, idiot Jays fans. It’s tough to determine, from one post to the next, if you like the Jays at all, or if you just want to sound off against the team’s “stupid” fans. No wonder you love KLaw so much…

  30. Mark me as firmly in the Stoeten corner. You’re explaining it a million times better than I could.

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