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Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

Richard Griffin keeps coming with the quality post-game notes for the Toronto Star.

Mop Up Duty did a season preview Jays blogger roundtable, featuring some of the best Jays blogs out there, minus this one, because I’m super lazy and didn’t respond to the email in time. I’m the worst with emails lately!

Dirk Hayhurst tweets that he’s back in the States after his Italian adventure came, regrettably, to a premature close.

Extra Base Hit looks to the recent past to find any correlation between a great spring record and a great season. Do you want the bad news now, or after you read through?

At Getting Blanked, Drew chuckles at the OriLOLes while Parkes busts out a gem from his personal photography archives.

FYI, you can like and share the image with all your friends by finding DJF on Facebook. Do it already!

At the Globe and Mail, Bruce Dowbiggin talks Omar Vizquel, while Jeff Blair talks to Brett Cecil, Jose Bautista, and Luis Perez.

John Lott of the National Post features Dalton Pompey, while Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com has a whole bunch of stuff from over the last three days– like this one on Brett Cecil. This post is so late as it is that I just can’t be bothered to link it all.

At the Toronto Sun, they talk Koby Clemens and Colby Rasmus. At the Star, Richard Griffin talks Jeff Mathis.

At FanGraphs, Paul Swydan looks at the Jays LF battle, and wonders if their best option (for 2012, at least) is to roster Travis Snider as their fifth outfielder, with Davis and Thames platooning as starters. Ben Francisco, in that– or any– scenario is expendable– so I can at least agree with Paul on one thing.

Lastly, at the Fan590, Mike Wilner suggests– partially via Alan Ashby– that Brett Cecil and Cole Hamels have pretty much the same stuff, only one can command it. Those of you who think I blindly defend Wilner 100% of the time, please take note: that’s a ridiculous thing to say.

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  1. If anybody heard what happened to Hayhurst please post…. “personal and professional” ouch.

  2. I wonder if Dirk is going to work at Sportsnet? Someone on here said he alluded to that when he was on the station a couple months ago.

  3. Hey Mr.Stoeten,

    In your scans through the interweb,have you seen any reports on the changes being made to official scoring in 2012 and the effect on future stats lines?
    If you could post it , it’d be appreciated.

  4. Y u no post three days?

  5. Not one mention of stotens drunken st pattys day antics?

    wheres the DJF i used to know and love :(

  6. Wrote this on Wilner’s blog:

    “Not feeling the Hamels/Cecil comparison in terms of stuff. It’s more than just command: Hamels averaged 91.2 on his fastball last year, and Cecil 88.5, according to Fangraphs. A difference of 2.5 to 3 MPH on average is not trivial, otherwise Brandon Morrow (93.9 in 2011) has the same stuff as Ryan Vogelsong (91.4) Wade Davis (91.4), Charlie Morton (91.4) and Chris Volstad (91.3).”

    Which is to say, Wilner should stick to his core competency, which is telling Blue Jays fans that RBI, saves, and wins don’t matter… and that their trade proposal is ridiculous.

  7. For developmental reasons the Jays shouldn’t have Thames and Snider on the big league club. Ben Francisco serves a role as injury/performance insurance. It could easily happen that Snider and Thames both aren’t major league options due to injury or performance, and who are you going to play everyday in LF if that happens? Rajai Davis is a good platoon option with Thames/Snider, but not an everyday option. Francisco fills this role. He is good enough to play everyday if needed, whereas Davis is not.

    • But can we really expect both to get injured and or suck that much? Seems a bit unrealistic.

      • It is a distinct possibility. Although they have both been good in ST so far. Snider sucked pretty bad last year. AL pitchers have now seen Thames and will make adjustments, he is only 25, he may not be able to make adapt to these adjustments. He also has never been a big OBP guy, so could easily go into a huge funk.

        Francisco is just insurance.

  8. So Dalton Pompey sounds a lot like the Canadian version of Colby Rasmus ie. Over bearing Dad/coach… good?

    • Do you guys only read half the story. His father had mentioned that he knows now that it was 100% wrong to do what he did, but at the time he did not know any better. I’m sure you have all made mistakes in your past that you wish you could take back. I think maybe this was one for him. But we can only go forward not backwards. At least the kid made it that far. Some kids only wish they were in his shoes. It seems like the kid has talent, so he may just make it to the show. Especially being Canadian on the only Canadian team! Lawrie is proof in the pudding.

  9. so is anyone else worried of Rasmus’ numbers?

    .192 avg .313 obp .269 slg .582 obp

    before someone says it’s too soon, the guy hasn’t hit anywhere in over a year.

    • Agreed. I’m worried. He wasn’t strong last year, he isn’t looking good so far. It is still early but it’s increasingly looking like this gamble won’t pay off.

      I can live with everything we gave up though and would likely have made the trade even in hindsight.

      • What the fuck? I thought it was established long before spring training that Rasmus was a bust. Spring training just confirms what we already know. Rasmus can’t even hit minor league pitching.

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