I feel I must preface this post by saying that I haven’t heard the source material myself, and am simply relaying second-hand information being tweeted by @GSJays. Which isn’t to say I think he’s making it up, I just want to be clear about that, and the fact that any interpretation of the tone of the comments (I’m thinking of words like “hated” and “horribly” when I say this) is his and not mine.

Now, with that out of the way, Matt Stairs, everybody!

So… there’s that.

It all kind of makes sense, of course. I mean, it’s not an entirely surprising sentiment for a Jays player from that era to have, though it’s a little surprising to hear it supposedly expressed. And Stairs is pretty much exactly bang on when it comes to the approach the Jays should finally take with their once ridiculously-elite prospect. It’s just… at the same time, I kinda really want to hear the XM radio interview clip for myself before getting too worked up about it. (Anybody? Li’l help?)

Even then, it’s kinda old news. Cito got away with a lot of absolute ridiculousness, because he’s Cito. We know.


Update: Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter caught the segment as well, and relays the information as well, in a slightly less incendiary way.

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  1. Interesting that it’s coming from Stairs, too – we’ve all heard that Bill James quote about how great his career could’ve been if he wasn’t dicked around so much as a young player. Hopefully Snider gets his chance and we don’t end up saying the same thing about him in 15 years.

  2. amen stairsy

  3. A whole lotta 3rd hand info

  4. Maybe Snider can have the ultimate revenge.
    Don’t go into month and half batting slumps when given the opportunity.
    Adjust to the pitchers and keep on raking.Don’t swing with one hand,don’t look over matched on the fastballs,don’t pout when given direction about hitting.

    Best way to get back at Cito?Hit the shit out of the ball and prove him wrong.

    • The trouble with that is, if Snider starts the year in AAA, anything he does there will be met with “Anybody can hit in Vegas”, “He always rakes in AAA and then sucks in MLB,” etc… the whole issue is that he can’t blow anybody away if he’s never given a legitimate chance to do so.

    • Mr. Apologist strikes again!

    • wow, actual common sense on this blog? amazing!

      stoeten’s asshat routine? not so much.

  5. Does anyone know who was conducting the interview?

  6. Cito had this irrational crush on Fred Lewis, so its no surprise that he would have fucked around with Snider.

    But that was then and this is now. Every sports athlete has gone through a tough time, no matter how talented they might be. Every one has horror stories about the awful little league manager or the asshole who managed the single A club in Tacoma or whatever.

    Its funny that Stairs is the one making the comment. Alot of similarities between Snider and Stairs. Hopefully, Snider’s career trajectory won’t see him dicked around as much as what Stairs went through.

  7. Talking about Shawn Green’s book, Travis Snider had this to say:

    “That kind of propelled me into a few other books,” said Snider, who is competing with Eric Thames for the starting job in left field. “I had read that book right before I got called up.

    “I couldn’t put the book down and read it twice. It was not just an enjoyable read for me but I was able to relate to a lot of things.”

    Yep. No doubt Snider could relate to a lot of things that Green went through. Green of course took Cito to task in his book.

    Curse you Cito.

  8. Not surprising. Cito also hated another aspiring lefty outfielder by the name of Shawn Green. Green eventually just forced his hand by becoming a walking Jesus at the plate.

  9. To be honest, Snider hasnt done much with the AB’s hes been given either. Too many poor ab’s chasing pitches well out of the zone or chasing first pitches. And hes shown hes somewhat injury prone. He does have more natural ability than Thames though

  10. ahhh, this just drags up painful memories of Snider OPS around .800 but Cito leaving him on the bench 3 out of every 5 games. damn you Cito.

  11. If we weren’t rooting for Travis Snider before, we definitely should be now. Amen, Mr. Stairs.

  12. Anyone remember this game? http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=4135409

    That kid needs to be given a few months hitting ahead of a guy like Bautista, to see what he can do. (That second shot is something else. Upper deck, right out the exit.)

    • No question he has power..always has had power..those were two shots..but check out what he hit….breaking ball down and in…low 80′s…

      second at bat…really shitting change up at 82….

      the book got out on him soon after….dont throw him junk anywhere near the zone….and THROW HIM HEAT….he cant handle it..

      one of the few young sluggers who teams dont want to throw junk to

  13. Unless Brian Mcnamee is rehired by the Blue Jays to help out Snider the way he helped out Shawn Green, then who cares what Shawn Green did???

    I agree with Radar 100% – Good comments

    • Radar talks like the Jays had anything to play for that should have ever stopped them from doing right by their best prospect.

      • I’m for anything that improves the ball club.

        But Snider was assured at bats last year,until he gave the Jays no choice but to send him to AAA to work things out.If Snider continued on his downward spiral after the 500 at bats at the major league level,would you still have the same opinion?
        So Cito jerked him around.
        What’s the excuse for last year’s suckage?
        Farrell was the manager not Cito.
        The point being is that Snider needs to be accountable for his own success.Cito’s not the manager any more.
        Bautista took advantage of the opportunity to play everyday and excelled.
        Snider needs to do the same.Rake everyday and make it impossible for the Jays to send him to AAA.
        Believe it or not I’m actually pulling for Snider..The rest is up to him.

        • stoeten and wilner et al just have a raging hate on for cito so bad that they can’t see clearly. it’s so obvious it’s kinda laughable.

        • I’m with Radar, the situation is no where near as clear cut this year as Stoeten thinks it should be.

    • I don’t really want to be the asshole that says “Yah, that was off the twins”, mainly because I like Snider, but Yah, that was off the twins.

  14. You might also remember that Cito wasn’t a big fan of John Olerud as a rookie. You know, because he was a college boy.

    • funny, he gave a no-power rookie 1st baseman over 400 plate appearances. Cito is the man.

  15. Jeff (Toronto)

    Do you like Travis Snider or Eric Thames for LF in Toronto?

    David Schoenfield (1:13 PM)

    Thames. He played well last year, which is more than Snider has ever done in the majors.

    • ’11 Thames: .333 wOBA in 95 games.

      ’10 Snider: .331 wOBA in 82 games.

      • Yes Schoenfield is wrong. However, the problem with doing the numbers comparison like that is that Snider put those numbers up in 2010 then went on to regress very badly in numerous ways in his 3rd kick at the can. Thames is playing off those numbers going into 2012. I’d expect if Thames regresses similarly he’ll get the boot he would justly deserve just as Snider did in 2011. I’m pretty sure if Snider had been able to put up numbers close to what he did in 2010 there would be no contest.

        The HR’s in spring training are nice but I bet AA sees all the K’s and it’s not doing anything to wash away the doubts regarding his increased K-rate in 2011.

      • hmmm, those don’t like Snider’s ’11 numbers…

  16. Still remember the rage I felt when Lewis started whining to the press when he finally got his at bats taken away towards the end of the season, what a walking cluster-fuck Cito is.

  17. Snider could be the next Mickey Mantle if given a chance. This is the time to let him play, like him better than Rasmus.

  18. @GSJays…real reliable Jays source, sporting the old shit logo and all. I wouldn’t follow him based on that alone.

  19. I’m so Excited, I’m so Excited; I’m so . . . Scared!

  20. I think I agree with what “Stairs” said… I just don’t think he actually said it. Smells like twitter BS to me.

  21. How would Stairs have first hand knowledge about whether Cito hated Snider? Stairs and Snider never even played on the same team. I think that Stairs was traded to the Phillies before Snider made his MLB debut.

    • This is true. I watched Snider’s debut in New York against the Yankees in August 08. I remember walking the streets of NYC in my Jays jersey, bumping into other Jays fans and letting them know the bad news that Stairs had been traded. We were all bummed. Later that night Snider made his debut and i believe got one hit which was a double to centre field.

    • I suppose it’s possible that the Jays players would have heard stories about Snider when he became closer to joining the big club. I would expect that, wouldn’t you?

  22. Matt Stairs is right.

    So…there’s that.

    I’m not really a Snider fan, I think he’s a good kid who has been dicked around by this organization to the point where he will never achieve here. But give him left field until the All Star and see what he does with it. It’s not like they’re expecting to get to the playoffs this year. They are still apparently ‘finding out what they have’. Well then. Let’s find out what we have. Because I think we know what we have in Eric Thames.

    • I think the Blue Jays have a pretty good idea of what Snider would do if he were given regular at bats until the all-star break. This is why he will most likely start the season in the minors.

    • Not so sure about that. The Jays schedule is weaker in the first half which could put the Jays in the playoff race by July. This could be the year with the extra playoff spot, that the Jays play to win.

      They had 2011 to experiment with Snider & they kept sending him down to try & maximize the trade value of Corey Patterson & Juan Rivera which turned out to be close to zero.

      This year, there are no obvious trade candidates other than Kelly Johnson, who AA may end up signing long term

  23. Snider: Debuted August 29, 2008 vs. NYY.
    Stairs: Traded August 30, 2008 to PHI.

  24. I’d just like to point out that GSJays is a homer who comments on the Jays’ mlb.com page, and starts arguments like a 12-year old internet tough guy. He’s basically Wilner v2.0.

    Though it’s interesting, I’d pay the tweets no mind.


      • Just when we thought one was more than enough..

        • I’d even say a bit worse than Wilner. As bad as Wilner is, at least he has some sort of credibility as a member of the press and as actually interviewed players/management etc., GSJays on the other hand is just a guy and a computer, with a really big ego.

    • So true he’s got a major fanboy crush on Snider. He’s also the guy that thinks modern day bells and whistle sabermetric stats are junk. Just don’t disagree with him about anything if you know what’s good for you or he and his legion of minions will say bad things about you on the interwebs.

    • Yeah, I frequent the mlb.com Jays board and GSJays is a bit… intense (to put it politely) when it comes to Snider, going on about conspiracies in the organization holding Snider back, that kind of thing. The last two tweets especially are almost a verbatim repeat of many of GS’s posts. I don’t necessarily doubt that Stairs said something to this effect, and I don’t argue that Snider hasn’t been given much leash, but I seriously think GS put his own spin on whatever Stairs said; he’s an extraordinarily biased dude

  25. Don’t listen to that GSJays guy, as Colin said he’s incredibly biased towards Snider and many other Blue Jays player in general. You can’t have a reasonable debate with the guy without him letting his feelings get in the way.

    This was typical GSJays sensationalist “reporting” at its finest, he tends to over-exaggerate a hell of a lot. I can even recall him saying that the Jays admitted to ruining Snider’s swing, and when prompted to provide evidence on his claim, he gets defensive and throws back insults/smart-alec replies instead.

    Oh and be careful, if you visit the Blue Jays website, be careful not to post anything in disagreement with him, or he’ll flag you for a difference of opinion, him and a few other of his cronies. Take everything he says about Snider with a grain of salt, if any, the dude is really, really biased, Wilner 2.0 is right, although slightly worse.

  26. Love Matt stairs.

    I remember hanging out in the right field porch in Baltimore talking to him about the Gay-Roid hollering at Howie Clarke popup incident. I said,”worse than A Rod yelling at Clarke, was Clemens hitting Rios in the 8th when he knew he was already leaving the game, and had 3 innings to do it earlier” Stairs says, ” What do you expect, its Yankee baseball……”

    Stairs was gonna goon the whole team. Now that’s Canadian baseball.

  27. [...] (I’m thinking of words like “hated” and “horribly” when I say this) is his and not mine.http://blogs.thescore.com/djf/2012/03/20/matt-stairs-on-citos-treatment-of-snider/ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this [...]

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