Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet looks at Brandon Morrow’s involvement in promoting awareness about diabetes, as well as the tough spot Canada is in, trying to qualify for the next World Baseball Classic.

At Getting Blanked, Drew is amazed that a real person posted a Brett Lawrie – Mickey Mantle comparison on the internet. Oh, Magical Space Daddy.

Larry Millson of the Canadian Press, by way of the Globe and Mail, writes about Kelly Johnson’s trip up to the top of the Jays’ lineup.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star brings some more quality post-game notes from last night. I do miss his bloggier excursions from Spring Training’s past, though.

Elsewhere at the Star, overlooked by his presumed excellence, apparently Ricky Romero is right on schedule.

At, Gregor Chisholm has a notebook post that gives us an update on both the battle for left field, as well as Brett Lawrie’s injury status– he could be back as soon as tomorrow.

Speaking of, Mathias at Mop Up Duty looks at the baserunning aspect of the battle for left field, among other things. Interesting.

At Mike Up, Wilner talks about Dustin McGowan’s rough day, with audio from the pitcher himself and pitching coach Bruce Walton.

FanGraphs points out that Jason Lane, who’s been in the Jays system for most of the last three years, is now with the Diamondbacks– and attempting to convert himself into a pitcher. WTF?

Since it’s Canada, I think this is worth a link: the Edmonton Journal talks to Bill James about hockey stats.

Babes Love Baseball give DJF some link love in their Jays preview haiku-ish thing, so we’re giving it right back.

Lastly, some housekeeping stuff: we’re getting set for a bunch of awesomeness this season. Today we’re doing a test run of the cameras that will shoot our daily live web show, we’re shoring up the details of an Opera Bob’s event for the Jays’ game on Opening Day, and I’m digging up the old Jerry Howarth intro for the rebirth of the DJF podcast. Nails much?

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  1. Nails indeed.

  2. Over at Blue they are talking about how Aaron Laffey has a shot at making the Jays rotation. I would be a sad man if this were to happen.

    • If it’s decided that Cecil can’t cut it, I’m betting Laffey has a serious shot. Proof enough that, even with the new wild card, the Jays don’t have any serious chance of October fun.

    • after hearing AA on prime time sports tonight – at best his chances are less than snider’s are at starting in LF… that is if you take AA at his word.

  3. For all the efforts Parkes and Travis are exerting over at Getting Blanked, as well as Wendy Thurm to end sexism in baseball, Babes Love Baseball are doing their damdest to set women back even further.

    “Third base, Encarnacion, Lawrie backing him up”

  4. In the area of nitpicking (since Gregor does most of ‘em), the article is actually attributed to Evan Drellich.

  5. old Jerry Howarth intro, awesome. Oh how I miss the classic sounds. The new ones just haven’t caught on, and maybe should have been retired with the old jerseys!

  6. Yeah, bring back the Howarth intro!

    The 10 year old boy doing the intros to the Getting Blanked poscasts just doesn’t have the same cache!

  7. Opera Bob’s!

  8. I remember Jason Lane being called on to pitch in a bunch of blowouts in Las Vegas last year… In a super-duper limited sample size, he held his own. It’d be pretty wacky if he could make that kind of transition so late in his career. But between Lane and Micah Owings, the Diamondbacks could have the best-hitting bullpen in baseball history… Hooray for them?

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