Jays fans all know the story with Adam Lind: a great 2009 followed by an awful 2010, followed by a 2011 that looked promising at times, but was allegedly derailed by some manner of bullshit– injury or poor conditioning or… whatever– and wound up with stats looking just as bad as his fugly 2010. (Parkes rather awesomely ruminated on this last September at Getting Blanked).

Believing their own propaganda, and undoubtedly looking at the potential that still lies in what would be a very team-friendly contract if Lind ever returned to anything close to his 2009 levels of production, the Jays stayed the course over the winter, intent on entering 2012 with Lind still entrenched at the position. It is what it is.

Most of us, I think, would rather try and be hopeful that the Jays excuses aren’t as completely full of shit as they seem, and don’t need to be reminded about just how fucking ridiculously terrible the last two seasons have been.

I say most of us.

But clearly some observers do.

Yes, Wilner again dipped into his trusty ol’ bag of ridiculousness today, which led to a flurry of tweets disputing his notion (which he later says is based on Lind’s OPS+ of 92 “over the last few years”), and– for me, at least– a quick bit of digging, followed by an explosion of mind-blowing statistical evidence of just how epic Lind’s struggles have been.

For example, by wOBA, over the last two years Lind has been the 22nd worst hitter in baseball, among 134 qualified batters. This puts him behind such hitting luminaries as Alberto Callaspo, Denard Span and *COUGH* Lyle Overbay.

By wRC+, FanGraphs’ better-weighted OPS+-like stat, he’s 18th-worst.

Among qualified first basemen– where the bar is set far, far, far higher– that’s dead last in both. (Actually, his 92 wRC+ is even with Ty Wigginton, as if that’s some kind of fucking accomplishment).

Wilner notes that the 92 OPS+ means he was “about 8% worse than the average MLB hitter,” but what’s missing is the fact that league averages are dragged down by guys who don’t get regular playing time. Among guys teams actually gave enough playing time to qualify for the batting title, Lind’s 95 OPS+ in 2011 was 105th of 145. In 2010 his 90 OPS+ was 121st of 141 qualified Major Leaguers.

And against left-handed pitching?

He’s the worst qualified hitter in MLB over the last two years by thirty-fucking-one points of wOBA– trailing Aaron Hill’s .250 wOBA vs. LHP with an astonishingly terrible .219. His wRC+ is a whopping twenty-fucking-nine, meaning he’s looking way up at Hill’s 49. And this is despite Lind having a 56 point advantage in BABIP. He has a -23.5 wRAA against lefties over the last two seasons.

Holy mother of fuck. Your starting first baseman, ladies and gentleman!

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  1. Even platooning him and having him only against RHP still has him as a below average hitter. I can’t believe we have to watch him hit behind Bautista again this year.

  2. Yikes.

  3. Your starting first baseman… AND CLEAN-UP HITTER ladies and gentleman!


    He took too many ground balls!!!

    Ugh. Edwin to first, Thames to DH, Lind to hell.

    • We could send him to Hell, but why would the Orioles want him?

    • +1 kajillion.

    • I agree…. I would rather EE’s glove at 1st and Thames/Snider DH than having Lind’s bat in lineup.

      Here’s hoping Jays realize this sooner rather than later. Give him 6 weeks at start of season, and then if he isn’t back to 09 production, make a change.

    • You know your 1B player is horrendous when we want Edwin there, who is brutal on the field, even at 1B.

      Jays need to make a trade, and quick. Anyone for fleecing the Astros again for Jonathan Singleton? ;)

      • It’s Edwin’s throwing accuracy that really destroys his defensive value, at least in games I’ve watched. He seems to have decent enough reactions/glove.

      • EE has soft hands. Extremely soft hands. He moisturizes often.

        • Edwin’s -12.9 UZR/150 at 1B in 2011 says hi.

          • is UZR/150 reliable over that small of a sample though? He was pretty much a part-time 1B over the second half of the season.

          • It’s fairly reliable, that’s why it’s calculated to 150 games. His -1.5 UZR in 190Inn/25G isn’t reliable though. I’ll concede it’s still a small sample size, but it should be enough to calculate where he’ll be, give or take 2 runs.

          • It’s not reliable at all. They say they need 3 YEARS of UZR data to make an accurate assessment. UZR/150 just means they’re taking whatever data they have and saying what it would have been over 150 games. That doesn’t clear up sample size issues at all.

          • “It’s fairly reliable, that’s why it’s calculated to 150 games.”

            That’s like saying that projecting a player to hit 162 HRs after hitting one in his major league debut is “fairly reliable”.

          • Defense is far more accurate to project than offense, having said that, it is true that you need 3 years to get an accurate measure with UZR. Unfortunately, Edwin hasn’t played 3 years at 1B, which isn’t my, or the stats, problem.

            3B requires the same range as 1B–only two differences being 1) rarely do you throw the ball, and 2) having to jog to 1st base to catch a throw (both UZR does not rate)–so feel free to indulge yourself in Edwins fugly 3B UZR/150′s.

          • I should mention too that generally the 2Bman goes into the hole, with far less effort from 1B than 3B to get a grounder, mostly due to having to cover the bag in case the 2Bman nabs the ball. I’m not sure if that skews the UZR..

          • According to Fangraphs: “You should always use three years of UZR data before trying to draw any conclusions on the true talent level of a fielder.”

            EE played 25 games at 1B in 2011. That’s roughly 20 times less than the number of games required in order for UZR to mean anything at all.


  5. The question wasn’t qualified with MLB regular, or plays 1B. As asked, Wilner’s answer wasn’t wrong.
    Over the last two years, is Lind one of the worst MLB regulars at firstbase?
    That would be a Yes.

  6. diso >

  7. Is the average Jays fan getting smarter or is Wilner getting dumber? Alternatively, is Wilner sincerely being as ridiculous as he’s been lately, or is he just trolling?

    • I think Wilner is perhaps on the lazy side in giving informed answers. He thinks VERY highly of Kelly Johnson who had one fantastic season, but not much else to back that one up. So far this spring, IMO, he’s looked a lot like 2011 KJ rather than the 2010 KJ Wilner thinks of him as.

      • Kj is a very good 2B, and has had much more than one good season. He has had a very good career.

      • I’m gonna leave the KJ thing alone. I think Wilner’s shtick goes beyond laziness, though. His default mode is condescension, which isn’t becoming given how frequently he is either a) blatantly wrong, or b) purposefully obfuscating to just be a contrarian. I follow him on Twitter because he’s at all the games and is a useful source of up-to-the-minute information, but his interactions with his followers are just awful, and I can’t even listen to JaysTalk anymore. In his defense, many of his Twitter followers are idiots making suggestions like “trade Lind for draft picks”, but his dismissiveness toward legitimate questions is incredibly frustrating.

        • Ok, I was probably off on using KJ to make a point, though Wilner does put KJ as an elite second baseman.

          I agree with some of what Wilner says and I did enjoy listening to him deal with “Phil from Barrie” the other day. However, yes, he is far too dismissive when someone proves him wrong or has a perfectly valid point that he just doesn’t agree with.

          • I think the biggest problem is that he has to deal with more smart people on Twitter than on Jays talk (as a raw number, not necessarily a percentage). The consequence of which is that he actually gets called out when he’s wrong. But since he’s not used to being proven wrong, he can’t admit it gracefully and actually inform the masses. Instead he’ll dig his heels in the sand and either make semantic arguments that miss the real point, or cherry-pick dumb tweets to seem right.

        • I think Wilner is going to be in for a rough ride this year with his ridiculous twitter comments about Cecil being the same as Cole Hamels etc.

          Twitter is more popular now than his blog, so his dumb comments get retweeted & are open to criticism by Keith Law.

      • KJ is in the AL East and he will struggle against the superior pitching he faces. He is inferior defensively to Aaron Hill, so a disappointment is likely here. If an injury doesn’t get him out, then bring out the hook in June. Hey, HH you want a job?

        • LOL the superior pitching? You mean compared to what he faced in the NL West? Fuck off.

          • Yes Riggsy its true. The NL West pitching is not as good…Arron Hill will suddenly see his batting average soar over .250, Not so for Kelly. Swear all you want, but the numbers won’t lie, and then you will have learned something. You don’t need to thank me either

  8. So if I understand you correctly, what you’re saying is: lets get Aaron Hill back and put him at first.

    • … and quick before Baltimore beats us to it.

    • Interesting crowd…no, I re-read what I wrote and I don’t see where I stated “lets get Hill back, and put him on first.” The hockey season isn’t done yet Matt, perhaps you can lob a few granades at some desperate Leaf fans and they will provide the entertainment that you seek.

  9. Solution #1: Strict platoon with EE.

    Solution #2: Thames plays first base, Snider in left field. Or vice versa.

    • Snider is MUCH better in LF than Thames, if we have both, no way Thames takes the field over Snider.

      Thames at DH would get him and Snider every day starts, and take Lind’s atrocious bat out of the lineup.

  10. The following Jays are better hitters than Adam Lind.


  11. I follow Wilner because he is good for actual news, but his opinions are fucking atrocious. Not to mention he is probably the most condescending person on earth(with no right to be). I have no idea how people tolerate him in person.

  12. I cried.

  13. This was much needed. A lot of Jays fans seem to think Lind is still an above average 1B (and not the glorified platoon player who hacks at every breaking pitch that he actually is).

    I’m not sure Wilner defends his failures so fiercely, but when I made much the same criticism about Lind last winter, it prompted a long Twitter argument. He’s not the only one who refuses to acknowledge that Lind cannot hit left-handed pitching at all, though.

  14. Considering how much misinformation that is about baseball and the Jays in the Toronto sports media, I find it kind of odd you’re making full posts picking apart the Cecil and Lind statements from Wilner. Your statistical evidence shows that you and Parkes are right, and Wilner is wrong in these cases. But, considering the pure volume of baseball info that Wilner spits out everyday (most of it well thought out and informative), it feels a little nit picky to break down these two seemingly off the cuff comments.

    I mean have you listened much to Brady/Lang? McCown? Every host on TSN? Or read nearly every columnist in the city? They routinely make assertions about the Jays that are ridiculously off the mark. Far, far dumber than tweeting Lind isn’t one of the worst hitters in MLB because a 92 OPS makes him only 8% worse than the average player’.

    I dunno. I enjoy all you guys. Just with all the baseball misinformation out there, I think Wilner deserves slack for a couple dumb comments, considering he’s generally very good, and the most of the TO media is generally very bad at baseball coverage.

    • James Wilner?

      • Haha. no.

        Wilner is wrong here. And it’s good that DJF points out that he’s wrong. My point was just – that is a very, very small drop of wrongness in the ocean of baseball ignorance that is the Toronto media.

        • I hear ya. I’m just being a doosh about it.

          Expecting Stoeten and Parkes to keep up with all the dumb stuff said by TO media is unreasonable. There are only 24 hours in the day… Might as well let them cherry pick their favourites and just enjoy the ride.

    • Mike Wilner literally said that Brett Cecil has the same ‘stuff’ as Cole Hamels, he just doesn’t have the command.

      That’s indefensible.

      • Sounds like he’s never watched Hamels pitch.

      • The indefensible part is that he can’t say “I was wrong”. He still actually believes Cecil & Hamels have the exact same stuff.

        Today he said Francisco is out of options, and when it was pointed out to him that he was wrong he tried to turn the tables on the person and nitpick what he was saying. It’s sad, really.

        • Pathetic, actually.

        • Agree entirely; would love to hear him just once come out and say ‘I was wrong’. However, perhaps some context is needed. And I say this with a great fear of being tagged a Wilner apologist. I believe Wilner got himself in trouble re Hamels and Cecil after listening and reading comments ad infinitum about Cecil’s velocity. I believe the point he was trying to make in the comparison, just to shut up the idiots out there, was that you can be a very successful major league pitcher even if you can’t throw in the 90′s. The Cecil- Hamel comparison was a spur of the moment mistake, in an attempt to mollify the masses of asses he has to deal with on a regular basis.
          To me, an understandable and acceptable mistake. What is not acceptable is his lack of admittance that he was wrong, or at least that he overstated a point in order to appease the idiots.
          Guess it would be kinda tough to deal with people with the range of baseball intellect he has to. On one hand he has the blogosphere, on the other he has your average Jays-talk caller. Kinda like the nuclear physicist explaining something on the evening news. Or the University Prof that clearly knows his stuff, but can’t teach a first year class worth a damn.

          • I would agree with this if not for the tweet he sent out yesterday bitching about gross exaggerations being made by people trying to make a point. So basically, he’s not only incapable of admitting when he’s wrong, he’s a huge hypocrite.

    • I agree with your premise that Wilner is far better than the average Toronto sports media person, but Wilner’s been defending Lind’s awfulness for months now since last season ended. This comment wasn’t anything new.

    • fair point, brady and lang are not even worth discussing theyre so bad

      but i think the fact wilner keeps getting trotted out by the fan like the wizard of oz and they act like an interview with him is like pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of baseball mean wilner should be held to a higher standard

  15. I just threw up my lunch. I knew it was bad but didnt realize it was THIS bad. Im actually glad for this because my enthusiasm for this season needed a little tempering.

  16. I’m beginning to warm to the idea of giving Cooper a decent shot at 1st base. I know he’s lacking power, but are we so sure that his line last year was all because of Vegas?

    • Cooper has no power and cannot field the position. He’s not a major league starter.

      The only real solution with Lind is to platoon him. He can hit righties reasonably well still.

      • I’m not convinced there’s a huge difference between Lind and Cooper’s defence at 1st.

        It seems to me there’s a chance that Cooper could get on base enough to offset his lack of power (at least to be significantly better than Lind). I also like the idea of rewarding AAA success.

        It’s hard to believe that Lind is not far from turning 29…he should be at his peak right now, which is a scary thought. At 25, Cooper still has a chance of getting some value.

    • The obstacle to all of the alternatives to Lind at 1B every day (except platooning him with EE, which seems a fucking no-brainer to me…) is that they all require AA to sell low or cut bait on Lind. Just not his style. Until he is sure he is contending, I wager he will always have a place on his roster for reclamation projects. Such is the life of the asset-collector / value whore / cooler nickname.

  17. Lind last season had an OPS of 865 in the first half and 589 in the second half….

    I dont think we are going to see Lind be just ok..

    Hes either going to be really good… Or so terrible you have to DFA him by June 15th….

  18. I heard the Angels have this kid names Wells who we might be able to trade for to play some 1B.

  19. Ridiculous blog. First off how the eff do you know whether AA has tried to move Lind or not? its very easy to whine about this player and that player but the fact is it takes two or more teams to tango. Secondly, you and wilner and everyone else here are just uninformed fans who don’t know jack sheet about the intangibles of what the deal is with Lind or any other player. Until they invite you in the clubhouse and are privy to all team reports and meetings and contract details regarding a particular I suggest you STF up.

  20. Lind is bad.

  21. Not that I’m particularly annoyed because as I’ve said before I do think Wilner’s homerism/excessive optimism comes through a little too often…defending Lind’s last 2 years collectively is misguided.

    He has been awful. Whether or not he can be better we’ll see. But I’m quite sure AA and his staff are aware of how awful he has been.

    One of the keys will be a higher BABIP. There was a fangraphs article suggesting his xBABIP was over .320 last season. If he had the same year as last year…but with a .320 BABIP…he’s closer to a 3 win middle of the road starting 1B who, at the least, needs to be seletcively platooned against lefties/LOOGYs if he does not improve.

  22. Which one of our many excellent prospects is on the verge of coming up to the majors and can play 1st base? Is Cooper worse than Lind? Because Lind, unlike Snider, has had a lot of time to show us his stuff and apart from one decent year it’s lousy. I don’t mind that they passed on Fielder. But the gap between Lind and Fielder is huge. There has **got** to be someone out there more effective than Lind and cheaper than Fielder.

    • I’d rather have McDade than Cooper. If he plays in AAA and Mottola can teach him to take walks at a better clip, I’d love to see him in Toronto asap.

      Do the Jays have anyone else aside from those two? Unlikely. Maybe the Jays will consider converting Jacob Anderson to 1B, though he’s still 3 years away.

      • Yan Gomes can reportedly play 1st, 3rd and catcher.

      • Ugh no way. Sure McDade has the better glove but that’s it. He’s got a long way to go with the bat to catch up to Cooper. A 5% walk rate while showing just average power isn’t going to cut it. While he might have more power than Cooper some day, judging from their ISO’s that’s debatable, Cooper is the better hitter by far. It’s a pity he’ll never get a decent chance with the Jays to show it. Ultimately, neither are what you want in a future first baseman. 1st and 2nd (If Hech stays at short) are kind of a wasteland for the organization at the moment.

        You might even see Jose at first within a couple of years once he starts to slow further if Snider/Thames, Gose and Rasmus all develop as expected with Marisnik not far behind.

        • Just some stats to show you don’t have to have a ton of power to do well at first base.

          John Olerud averaged 15.57 HR’s a year in his time with the Jays with an ISO of .177, a BB rate of 13.8% and K rate of 11.8%.

  23. LF Snider
    DH Thames
    1B EE

    • I like the sounds of that, keep the competition of Thames and Snider going all year, keep EE in the line up and we score a boatload of runs. Runs against should be too much different, but where do we put Lind’s salary? Hello Washington

  24. Wilner’s seeming belief that Adam Lind is going to get a “long leash” as the Jays’ clean-up hitter terrifies me.

    • Agreed. Your screen name terrifies me too. I guess I’m just more of a Legba person…

    • take comfort in the fact that over his career wilner has consistently shown he has no special sources or insight in/on the jays

  25. Won’t matter when we get Votto in June… Canadian at the corners, eh!

    • At what price? my guess is you would be packaging Snider/Thames, D’arnaud/Arencibia, Gose/Marsinick, plus pitching. The reds will be looking for 3-5 MLB or top 100 prospects for him, are you willing to pay that much? My answer is yes if we can extend him right away.

      • Irrational expectation. I made this claim on another recent article on here, but why is it just accepted that Votto is going to bring that kind of return? Adrian Gonzalez returned Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo and Raymond Fuentes. Prince Fielder wasn’t traded at all because Milwaukee couldn’t get anything close to what was worth it for them (so they switched direction and went all in for a run instead). Even the WIDELY panned Mark Teixeira trade to the Braves didn’t have anything close to 5 top 100s. Andrus and Feliz looked REALLY far away at the timeand Beau Jones and Matt Harrison were only supposed to be decent pirtching prospects. Heck, Saltalamacchia was supposed to be the gem of that trade.

        • Yeah you mentioned this on another trade and I 100% agree. Espescially since you know AA is going to try and make something closer to the Gonzalez trade (including an extension) IF he ever goes after Votto. Which is why IF Votto becomes available this summer and AA doesn’t like the price, I’m sure he’s comfortable waiting until the winter.

          Sure, the Reds would LIKE to make a Teixiera-type trade if they have to move Votto at some point…it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

          Much like with Fielder, it’s a different ballgame when the Yankees & Red Sox aren’t bidding.

      • Cant see AA sending that many back for Votto unless he’s 1 player away from a WS championship. Votto is going to want a minimum of 6/120.

        • Remind me again why the Reds are going to trade Votto when they’ve loaded up for a run in a weak division? This Votto stuff is a pipe dream right now. Let’s stop talking about it until the Reds drop off a cliff.

  26. Until Lind can regain some of his ability he showcased in 2009, I would like to see Yan Gomes converted into a 1st Baseman. He currently plays 3rd Base and is having a terrific spring. Hitting close to .500 so far and as I understand it, has a pretty good glove. Lind has looked horrible these past couple of years. Sit him or ship him out and give Yan Gomes his opportunity.

    • It seems too soon to give up on Gomes as a catcher. A defensively decent backup catcher with some hitting ability that can also play 3B is pretty valuable.

      • Carlos Delgado was originally a catcher.

        Maybe not the best comparison though. And while it’s totally unfair to Gomes to expect him to be anywhere near Carlos Delgado this early in his career, I think he’s going to be a decent player who deserves any opportunity he can get, whether it’s as catcher, 1B or 3B.

        But yeah, if he’s going to be more valuable as a catcher then maybe we should keep him on that path.

      • Yup: B. J. Surhoff had himself a good career.

  27. the mind blowing awfulness of this blog

  28. I’ve searched far and wide to find the impersonation of Adam Lind hitting a home run that some announcer did on TV a few years back. i think it was a Cleveland guy. Anyway the stupid face that the guy made really captured the essence of Adam Lind.

  29. Mike Wilner, Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid, Mike Wilner.

  30. I love to see DJF finally take Wilner’s balls out of their mouths and realize that some of the shit he says is just plain wrong.

    Anyways..moving on. As the post comprehensively pointed out, Adam Lind really sucks. However, who is predicting the Jays to make the playoffs this season? Our best shots are further down the road. 2009 Lind was very good. I think the Jays should continue to give him ABs in the hope that he regains some of that form. I am not advocating for Tank Nation here, but giving ABs to Adam Lind to see if the real Lind sucks or not seems like a good idea at this point. If he doesn’t turn it around by midseason, a platoon with EE is in order. Although with EE playing the other days at DH to keep his bat in the lineup.

  31. All you guys are proving is that its hard to trade someone who sucks, but doesn’t suck enough to justify leaving him to wavers. Plus Lind can get you 20+ homers a year, he just can’t get on base.

  32. Andrew, just one of the reason’s why I can’t stand listening to Wilner. To me, he’s the Howard Berger of MLB reporting, with the exception that Wilner usually likes to talk down to and belittle his handful of Jays Talk listeners.

    On top of all that, he gets a promotion to do more broadcasting for TV. WTF?

  33. Regardless of Wilner’s stance on some topics, a lot of you need to get over his perceived “condescension” reconcile the possibility that you’re just not very smart.

    • Okay Mike.

    • NO the problem is Wilner is not very smart. He throws out statistics (which are often wrong) when he thinks it helps his argument and amorphous anecdotes when he’s got nothing else. If he would admit he is wrong or at least that he doesn’t know you could forgive the guy but his arrogance just makes him a twerp. To my mind for watching so much baseball, he doesn’t know that much and is a terrible play by play guy and a poor reporter….so how does he have a job?

    • Ironic.

      You’re condescending remarks about commenters “perceived “condescension” of Wilner.

      You been drankin?

  34. I miss John Olerud!

  35. Meh. You sort of pick and choose the stats you like. Looking at these lists shows Colby Rasmus as significantly worse than Lind last year, Kelly Johnson as worse, and Yunel Escobar as significantly worse than Lind the year before.
    Gordon Beckham was worse than Lind last year, and I seem to remember you guys raging hard for AA to go after him.
    But you might say you are basing things on two years, and not one! Well, it is better, but come on, really, it’s not that big a thing.
    Look, I am not trying to say you are completely wrong or anything (really), but Lind has shown he can be very, very good. Two years of being mediocre (or slightly worse) is not the end of things. You could cut him a bit more slack.
    Heck, 2010 has Alex Rios as better than Matt Kemp! Look what that meant for 2011.

    • Talk about cherry-picking. As you said, 2 years of data is far more reliable than one. Also, all those guys were either really young with high upside or had done it for MORE than one year. Lind fits none of those categories.

      • That being said, I’m not completely dismissing the notion that Lind can still be productive because, as you point out, he has done it. I just see it as unlikely.

        • Unlikely, yes. My vote is to keep him around for another year, see what happens. Its not like we are a favorite to win the division or even the wild card this year.

      • Yeah, my point was partially kind of that anyone can cherry pick. I just didn’t make my point very well.
        The guys I chose sort of have a track record, and then again not really. Kelly Johnson is quite inconsistent, varying from good to bad. Gordon Beckham had a decent half season, and Rasmus had one. Escobar, quite good year and a half (I suppose more considering his position), followed by a very bad year. And ceilings? Well, I suppose their ceilings are about at what Lind has already done, or even less (not taking into account defence, etc.., purely hitting I mean).

  36. The real problem is right now – we haven’t got anything that much better (if any of you really think EE’s glove can handle everyday – you are dreaming). Let Lind start and hope for the best and pray AA is working on something better!

  37. I wonder if Fred McGriff is still available?

  38. I wonder if Wilner realizes the at bats Lind is getting could be going to Randy Ruiz.

  39. 6 seasons and 421 games: .320/.382/.512/.894

    Lind’s minor league numbers.

    I, for one, would not give up on him yet. There is a great hitter in there somewhere, and I doubt his 2009 was a fluke. The question is whether Lind pulls it together. Personally, I believe he’s a bit of a head case that caves under pressure. It could very well be in the team’s favour to drop him in the order and take the stress of the clean up spot away.

    Either that, or he’s a great candidate for a change of scenery rejuvenation.

  40. i just hope if we get rid of adam we can somehow hang on to lakeysha

  41. Jesus, over 100 posts. Grats on the popular blog stoeten.

  42. I always thought Snider looked – looked – more like the classical 1b.
    Maybe he would have been more comfortable with the first-base job. Lunchbox!

    Just sayin’…

    • Yes he does look like a 1B but he’s actually a good outfielder. Maybe his body type won’t hold up there and he’ll be moved to first base later in his career — if he has a long career that is. I wonder if Thames, who was absolutely brutal on defense when he first came up, could be moved to first base. I’ve seen more than enough of Lind. If a 1B isn’t one of your very best hitters than you need to make a change.

  43. I was surprised to see that Lind so far has been roughly Olerud minus about 30 walks, if you compare the seasons before Olerud broke out in ’93. Lind’s ISO is hard to give up on. Can Lind develop a 75-walks-per-year eye? That would make him at least average until they move somebody to 1B.

    • Olerud was a smart guy with a great attitude. Lind …

      • I don’t know either of them personally, so I wouldn’t make such a judgment. They seem to have a similar disposition: understated, calm. I’ll never forget Olerud celebrating catching the pop-up to clinch the division (I think it was clinching the division) in 1992. He put his arms in the air and smiled. It’s the most emotion I can remember him displaying on the field.

        I wonder whether Lind can parlay his calm into more discipline at the plate. The amateur psychologist in me thinks that he just needs to stop trying to recreate 2009 which, delightfully, might help him come close to recreating 2009.

    • Lind has roughly been Olerud… minus 60 points of OBP.

  44. Snider in LF and Thames in 1B!

    Learning 1B can’t be that hard! Brad Pitt said so himself!

  45. Where the fuck is Fullmer Fan? You would think he would be all over this post as it involves his favourite player.

    I really have nothing to add to this discussion. We all know about Lind’s piss-poor production in the past 2 seasons. But his numbers between April and when he was placed on the DL in 2011 were pretty fucking awesome (you know, for Adam Lind).

    The Jays are banking that Lind is more mature in 2012 and knows what he needs to do with his daily preparation. He’s got legit power. All he needs to do is grow a brain when he gets to the plate.

    • BFF reads and posts on a variety of sports blogs.He’s a big basketball fan.His addiction to twitter takes up time also.

  46. Has an ugly girlfriend: means he lacks confidence at the plate.

  47. Lind seems like a decent guy. Runs like a Special Olympian, speaks like he has a brain to match. He has semi-respectable numbers, if home runs and RBI are your metrics of choice. He sprinkles a hell of a lot of epic fail in his numbers too, and I consider him the Blue Jays regular most likely to make me stroke out while watching a game.

  48. [...] pains me to say it, but Lind’s been one of the worst hitters in MLB over the past two seasons. Sure, maybe he can regain something of his 2009 form but, without [...]

  49. Sooo… Joey Votto anyone?

  50. Wow! Adam must have been banging one of Wilner’s old GF’s! I think Lind still has something to prove after demotion to Vegas!

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