Alright! It’s time to go around baseball and talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips, heresy, trains (?), car noises, and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not): it’s a brand new episode of theGetting Blanked Podcast.

This week we spoke to Twitter’s @JonahKeri (aka Jonah Keri, of Grantland,, the internet at large, and author of The Extra 2%)

And now you’re gonna see some serious shit…

Bang. Keith.

Yes, I can now embed the podcast right into the post. If you’re not into that kind of thing, though, you can still download the podcast right here.

Alternately, you can hit up the Getting Blanked iTunes page, which is humming along these days, and from now on until the end of eternity will have all our podcasts, vodcasts, live stream mp3s and whatever other goodies dream up posted there in a timely manner.

As always, Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The ConstantinesArts & Crafts RecordsDeathwish Records and Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their sites.

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  1. Great photo, I hear they are making a new Police Academy…can’t wait!!

  2. the opening part about the negative confrontational comments on the DJF blog are largely because you verbally abuse and confront your viewers if they express an opinion you disagree with, you complain about it like it’s something you have to endure and then the next moment you’re saying how much fun it is to call people fucking morons – you cant have it both ways. I’ve seen you attack people unprovoked, that makes you the douche bag dude, grow up and stop being a dick.

    • Drew’s comment about reaping what you sow I think makes your point for you. Andrew typically comes across as being totally unappreciative of the fans whose page views enable him to make a living from something he (presumably) enjoys. While engaging with commenters is admirable in my view, I think a connection can be drawn between the deliberate lack of tact in his responses and the manner in which commenters choose to engage him.

      • Let’s not mistake the commenters I bitch at for their ridiculousness, or their history of ridiculousness (that neither of you appears to be aware of), as representative of the totality of the readership, of which they are a tiny fraction. Let’s also not mistake my tactless and bilious comments as being representative of the totality of my engagement of readers, of which they are also a fraction (albeit not quite as small a fraction).

        Put more succinctly to the both of you: WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

        • I disagree that I was a crybaby or over-generalizing.

          I was trying to state an observation regarding your relationship with your readership, in general, and your interaction with individual commenters, in particular. As a longtime lurker (so clearly I enjoy your work), I know who the recidivists are. At any rate, I should keep my observations to myself; you don’t come to my place of business and make observations about my work.

          • OK, fair enough. Don’t feel the need to lurk, I don’t bite. Shit, if Radar’s still around it can’t be THAT bad, he’s taken about as much abuse as anyone. Rightly so, I should add. <@ ; )

        • So who are these commenters who disagree with you, Stoeten.
          I will help you get rid of the ridiculousness.
          I want names, dammit.
          Tar and feathering them isn’t enough I say,they need to be hunted down and made to realize the error of their ways.
          You and I will wear them down with logic.

  3. peace the fuck out! haha

  4. Traitor! The PCH has made you just as bad as Conrad Black.

  5. Deathwish Records? Can’t say I expected that.

    You’ve roped me into listening, I better hear some End of a Year Self Defense Family

  6. seriously, time to rethink the whole fucking podcast concept

    are you simply podcasting so you can prove you are technologically capable of a podcast? if so, keep on the current path

    are you trying to make quality? then have some fucking focus and stop the stream of consciousness babble-thon

    one guy on there, the moderator type, sounds like brian hayes or whatever the fuck his name is. he has talent, stoeten you know your shit but you hardly ever fucking talk on these things and it almost feels like they just invite you on so you will post it on your blog

    so, in sum, more focus, more planning, more stoeten and more fucking jays news so i can listen to this shit for longer than 20 mins before i fall asleep

    if you plan it, people will listen, somebody might even pay money to broadcast it

    by the way, i am the guy that posted that it sucked last week and i actually listened to a chunk of it before falling asleep and posting that, not w/o listening as you implied in the pod

  7. Politics? Politics? Really?

    Boys, I enjoy reading your blogs as leisure. But if you’re going to talk politics you are desperately in need of reading mine. Try to understand a little bit what you’re talking about — before you start talking about it. Be there or be square. (Or stop trying to talk about things you don’t understand.)

    Meanwhile, have fun, play ball.

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