Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

At Getting Blanked, Drew does one of his nifty little fame audits on Brett Lawrie.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin looks at the Jays’ in-camp roster puzzle. He also brings the notes for yesterday’s Kyle Drabek start. And elsewhere at the Star, we’re shown examples of players mimicking JP Arencibia and his impression of ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian.

Turning to today’s game, Mike Wilner tweets that Brandon Morrow threw an underwhelming 58 pitches for 32 strikes in five innings, “but I’m confident I missed a couple in the top of the 5th.” Morrow struggled to command his fastball, but gave up just one hit and two walks, striking out only one.

John Lott of the National Post thinks the battle for left field could last all season long.

House of the Bluebird tries to project some outfield performance for the Jays.

In case you missed it yesterday– like we did over here– Dutch Clutch, Rick VandenHurk was claimed on waivers by the Clevelands. Or, so says Paul Hoynes of the Plain Dealer.

Gregor Chisholm talks to Noah Syndergaard at

Meanwhile, Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun figures that Kyle Drabek and Travis Snider are fated for Vegas.

Lastly, FanGraphs looks at the Red Sox Daniel Bard experiment, which judging by his start against the Jays this week, may have already gone awry.

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  1. “confident I missed a couple.”
    Typical Wilner – lying/cherry-picking to fit his narrative.

    *sits back and eats popcorn*

    • “confident i missed a couple”

      i thought mike was referring to his cecil and lind evaluations

  2. I don’t quite get your use of “underwhelming” here. Even if it’s 63 pitches in 5 innings, that’s really encouraging, no? I can’t tell whether you mean this positively or negatively. Yes, more than 50-55% strikes would be good, but it’s hard to argue with 12.5 pitches per inning, facing 2 batters over the minimum and giving up only 3 baserunners in 5 innings.

  3. In a shameless self promotion attempt, I had a thought today regarding a potential Adam Lind trade:

  4. Friends, I have some very serious questions that need to be addressed about the upcoming season, perhaps you can help.

    1. Why the hell can’t The Greek Geek make room for both Thames and Snider on the roster?

    2. Why was Shawn Camp so easily and thoughtlessly waived, or forgive me, not resigned?

    3. Why was George Bell born with a purple ass?

    4. Are Stoeten and Parkes the REAL Ambigously Gay Duo? Of course, more of the happy definition I mean. Can anyone answer these question please!

    • Groooobaaah!

      On item number 1, McCown and Ashby were shooting the shit on the Fan today and the talk turned to Snider vs. Rasmus in CF. Ashby has not been too impressed with the Razz so far in spring. Then he said that Snider could play CF and keep Thames in LF. McCown, being his dumb-ass self, just nodded and agreed and kept prodding Ashby for more.

      Fuck, didn’t we learn something from last year’s porous outfield defence?

      On item number 2, Camp was too expensive. The Marlins have some kids who can be long men from the bullpen.

      On item number 3, you should ask your sister (ha ha!)

    • The Greek Geek, oh man!

  5. hmm sound’s like Morrows underwhelming performance was good enough to go scoreless through five.. now if he can make it scorless through 7 every game this year, then we got something.

  6. I found it interesting that Wilner said Morrow’s fastball command was poor, but Tao of Stieb thought Morrow was maybe practising his slider because most balls were down out of the zone.!/TaoofStieb/status/182882795297841152

  7. onto another topic, where is Sergio Santos? I may have missed some news.

    • Santos has been pitching in minor league camp under the watchful eyes of Farrell and Walton, working on refining his change.

      If Santos gets a good feel for his change, the guy will have 2 plus pitches and a change to fuck up opposing batters. I think the Jays will do good on this trade.

  8. I don’t think the battle for left field is going to last long if Lind underwhelms early. I doubt AA is going to sit on his hands if his first baseman can’t hit for a third straight year.

  9. It seems crazy to me that they would send Thames or Snider back to Vegas and not release Francisco. Hell, I’d even take those guys over Rajai Davis

    • the “greek geek” has said repeatedly that they both need to play everyday and NOT be on the bench. by definition, then, one has to be sent down

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