For some reason the guys at CBS Sports continue to poke and prod their way around the notion of Joey Votto– who reaches free agency two full effing seasons from now– one day signing with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Last week it was Jon Heyman, who asked Votto straight up about club policies that limit the length of free agent contracts to a certain number of years– five, I believe it was. Hmmm… who could he have been referencing?

Now today we get Danny Knobler– the Knobler!– who has gone to the finest source possible for insight into the workings of the Jays front office…

Vernon Wells?

“I think there could be an exception to the rule,” Wells told the Knobler. “They have the resources to do what they want, but they’re very calculated.”

“So could that exception be a first baseman, maybe a Canadian first baseman who can become a free agent in a couple years?” the Knobler oh-so-subtly asks.

“There are exceptions to the rule,” Wells said.

So that’s that… DID’JA HEAR! VOTTO IS COMING!!!!!

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  1. Unrelated: So I bought a pair of those fan passes this year but haven’t received anything in the mail from the team. Less than three weeks until the opening series — Is it too early still or should I call the box office?

    • Mine arrived, according to the friend who bought them, so I’m gonna say yes, but I don’t know about anybody else. I’m sure commenters will fill you in.

      Also, I believe I’m now directed to go to Gate 2, where the pass gets scanned when I go in– which is going to make it a lot harder to sneak into good seats the old fashioned way.

      • My pass also says gate 2. Unless they change something this year though, I’ve never had a problem getting into the 100 level from the outfield gates..

      • last year I only got a letter, saying to pick mine up at the gate.

      • I am pretty sure you can pay a bit more on gameday to buy a better seat at a good price. Maybe instead of sneaking down and stealing good seats, you should spend more than just $100 on Jays tickets this season. That way, maybe the team will have the revenue to justify new payroll parameters allowing them to go spend a shit ton of money on a certain Canadian first baseman (if he is available).

        • Fuck off TonyRage.

          • Of course. I should fuck off because i don’t want drunk assholes sneaking down from the bleachers spilling beer all over me.

            You are the reason i would spend the extra cash to get better seats.

          • Learn proper English…

          • Yeah Tony, capitalize “i” its a noun you know.

          • Jesus, I read the “Learn proper English” comment and just could not figure how whose English this fuck was talking about. My fucking English is fantastic, thanks. I rock the English. I crush English. And birddawg, I recognize the sarcasm, but even so if I don’t feel like capitilizing “I”, i should not fucking have to. It is only Me that is being hurt.

    • Call. It’s your money after all.

    • Mine came late last week. I’d call if I were you.

      Gate 2 for me as well. I have a feeling seat hopping will be a lot harder this year.

    • Got mine last week too.

    • Got mine last week. Gate 2.
      515, row 20, 6 seats in a row.
      I’d like to believe I’ll hardly ever be sitting in those Godforsaken seats, but moving up will be a lot harder this year. They’ll definitely be able to herd you like cattle into the Fan Pass cheap seats, since you’ll be fairly easily identifiable by ushers as having a printed slip and not a real ticket

    • Ouch. Thanks – I did call and they confirmed I have the seats but said the mail-outs are still ongoing. Gotta call back if I don’t receive them by Tuesday. Section 534!

    • Like others have said, I got mine and my friends that have bought them all got them.

      Check the post office, because they were delivered mine during the day, and had to be signed for. Maybe the mail came, and you weren’t home…

  2. Sooooo, get my Votto jersey now? Cool.

  3. best words that have ever come our of Vernon’s mouth.

    It should be fairly straightforward. The Jays know how much he’s going to cost (give or take a year here or there and $10M here or there)

    The success of the team will decide it. If they’re contenders i suspect they will.

  4. I find it unlikely and wishful thinking on Jays fans part that Votto will end up in Toronto. The Reds will not trade him this year because they have a real shot at the post season. The reds control him for the next two years and then he will be looking for a long term contract to take him into his late 30s.

  5. I find it odd that questions like this wouldn’t be against some kind of rule. The guy is under contract for one team and being forced to answer questions about playing for another.. Christ, even if he would ever play in Toronto.. He’ll be sick of hearing of it before the time ever comes.

    • It is against the rules for another team to comment upon signing Votto while he is still under contract to the Reds… It is not against the rules for the media to make those sorts of comments.

  6. I tend to agree with Vernon on this one. This no-contracts-longer-than-5-years policy will remain the team’s policy until it no longer serves their purposes, at which point the policy will be changed (See: the Jays-employees-can-talk-to-any-other-teams-they-wish policy which was abandoned this past off-season).

    • Not abandoned only modified to stipulate it has to be a promotion not a lateral move.

    • Very good point. The extra playoff spot is available now, so assuming the 2013 Jas are at about 90 wins, then it makes sense to get Votto to make the team a championship calibre.

      The Jays leave a lot of empty seats in the early part of the season because no one expects them to be competitive.

      The team has been going out of its way to insist that each year is a rebuilding year & keep expecations low. This year seems to be a bit different.

      There is no incentive to rush & buy tickts because the team isn’t expected to do well.

  7. If the Reds lose Phillips I can see Votto signing an extension with them.

  8. The way this is being built up and discussed the only appropriate conclusion will be Votto’s version of ‘The Decision’.
    Maybe I’m missing something, can someone remind me why Votto–>Jays is such a pressing concern?

    • keep an eye on Mr Lind for the first 3 weeks for a sullen reminder

      • Maybe I’m just dense. I do think Lind sucks but I don’t understand why its necessity to replace Captain Complacence with Votto… there are a LOT of humans that fall in between the two and are in the MLBPA

    • If Votto has a ‘The Decision’ special, it hope it airs on the CBC

  9. Maybe he was referring to himself since he got a contract over 5 years?

    (I know full well that it was before the AA era)

  10. If anyone knows about exceptions to the rules its Vernon Wells.

  11. all this votto to toronto talk reminds me of everyone saying cliff lee was going to the yankees. so many things can happen in two years, just ask justin morneau

  12. My Fan Pass is directing me to Gate 14 – how accessible are the goods seats from there?

    Has anyone received their Opening Day tickets yet?

  13. Yawwwwwn. Can we forget about Votto please? I’d love to see him in a Jays uniform too, but until I read the headline that says ‘Votto Signs With Jays’ this is just a circle jerk without the…er…benefits.

    • i have a LOT of time for Isabella’s innuendo :-)

    • Yeah, I agree. I don’t think that this topic needs to be discussed again until November 2013 when (if) he becomes a free agent.

    • I like

    • Agreed. After spnding countless amounts of bandwith on Yu arvish, Prince Fielder etc… it’s best to wait & see what happens with Votto.

      Last month, Ashby or Horwath was on the radio & said that if the Jays had signed Fielder for 9 years it would have been difficult for them to deal with the existing players like Bautista who only got 5 years etc…

  14. fweb: fwends with… er… benefits.

  15. Hey…WAIT!!! Has anyone asked Wilner what he thinks about this?

  16. Don’t know about signing Votto but this maximum 5 years contract policy is total BS. Beeston is a master of coming up with bullshit excuses when he doesn’t want to do something or wants fan base to STFU. I don’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth. (He is a good guy though, but his snake oil vendor attitude pisses me off.)

  17. Votto, yeah should move on from that talk…..

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