Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball checks in at Getting Blanked with his fortnightly infographic, this time dispelling the notion that players who perform well in the spring will “head north” with the club.

At, Gregor Chisholm features Anthony Gose and his new swing, and has a notebook post that includes tidbits on Sergio Santos and Brett Lawrie.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin talks about how the club’s emerging rotation is the key to contending. He also has more of his game notes, from the Jays most recent tilt against… whoeveritwas.

In Sun, Bob Elliott trumpets a visit from legendary scout Epy Guererro, while Mike Rutsey talks about how the Jays are putting their faith in Edwin Encarnacion.

Shi Davidi at Sportsnet talks about the Jays catchers, and the stressing to them that they need to be stressing to pitchers to “pound down,” by giving them a target low in the zone.

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs looks at the small sample “buzz” caused by the Jays’ Yan Gomes this spring.

Steal of Home lists the Jays at 10th in their consensus organizational prospect rankings– but it should be noted that it’s based on points accumulated in their system, which makes the lists pretty top-heavy. The Jays have a lot of guys who made it onto the various top 100s, but are behind other clubs in terms of top tier talent, mostly because their high-end guys are still so new to pro ball, and don’t generally rank as well when that’s the case.

Jays Journal appears to have a series looking at the best prospect tools in the Jays system, with the most recent entry being about power.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels brings a new All Questions Answered thread.

Non-specific links of the day: One) I really need to get Gregor Chisholm’s North of the Border into my RSS, because he’s bringing  some great extra stuff that you don’t see at– like in-full Q&As with Anthony Gose and Tony LaCava, whose quotes were used, in part, in his pieces. Two) It’s The Eye in the SkyDome, and… um… I guess I’m flattered.

Lastly, Griff has a new Griff Bag up at Griff Bag HQ, aka the Toronto Star. Guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon…

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  1. Why are you flattered?

      • Because I swear a lot and talk about baseball? I mean, if you think that my blog compares at all to this one, I take it as a compliment, but that’s not really the intent.

        • I like it, man. I can’t not notice some similiarites *COUGH* Zaun head *COUGH*, but I like it.

          • Heh, what can you do. Thanks for the link-job though. I appreciate it.

          • Don’t know why you give these other blogs a mention.
            Over the years,tons of them have come and gone.Still remember guys trying to promote themselves inside the comment section.From Blue Jay Junction,Blue Jay Balcony and others,they just fade away.Can’t see them as any sort of threat to DJF.After all DJF has more Facebook friends than even GB.DJF is still at the top of the heap.

            Heap of what,I’m not sure,but a heap of something.

            Miss “Boilermaker at Cashman field” blog,that you mentioned.What ever happened to that guy anyways?

        • The Zaun Head is eerily similar to the Boggs head, for starters

          • Wait, was the Boggs head used as a player of the game thing? It hasn’t been since I’ve been reading DJF, I know that much.

  2. Hurry with the mailbag. I need to kill 20 mins this afternoon.

    • Griff hasn’t pissed me off with a response yet after 5 questions. Might be difficult for you Stoeten.

      • and he did it with the Scott Richmond question. Have fun..hurry up, need it posted within an hour.

        • As always, I have not read Griffin’s responses.

          Also: Not gonna happen any time soon, folks. Sorry.

          • Are you really sorry? or are you just saying that?

            You can make it up to me by sending me a nicely worded card with a personal message signed by you and a 10 dollar gift certificate for Tim’s.
            At least that.
            I’d do the same for you.

  3. Regarding Griffin’s assertion that the Jays start the year with the 4th best rotation in the AL East. Maybe I’m just being a Jays homer, but I’ll take the Jays pitching over the Red Sox.

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