Dustin McGowan left in the second inning of his minor league start today, with plantar fasciitis in his right foot. “After throwing four high pitches, McGowan threw down his glove, pointed to his foot and summoned a trainer,” said Jays TV analyst Pat Tabler, who was in attendance, according to John Lott in the National Post.

He’s listed as day-to-day, “although plantar fasciitis can require an extended period to heal,” Lott notes.

It’s an unfortunate setback for a less-than-rock-solid back end of the Jays rotation, but as the fifth starter, McGowan might not be needed much during the first part of April anyway. With an off-day in each of the first three weeks of April, the club can skip some starts from their fifth starter, mitigating the loss– not that Kyle Drabek, the way he’s pitched this spring, would necessarily be a step down from McGowan anyway, quite frankly.

So… there’s that.

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  1. We may look back at this as a key turning point in the Jays charge.

    With his limited innings and probability of reinjury (or at least related injury) over the next 3 years, McGowan’s ceiling may not be as high as we’ve hoped

    If Drabek can seize the day, he could be mid rotation for years to come. If they’ve identified his delivery flaw, then he should have big league coaching this year.

  2. PF can be pretty nasty, particularly for big guys like McGowan and more particularly for pitchers. Hopefully it’s nothing long-term but it’s entirely possible that it could be recurring or even degenerative. I guess we’ll learn a lot about his condition and what the Jays plan to do with him in April.

  3. I wish he did get injured seriously as it might force the miserly ownership to upgrade. With Madson out, could the jays send back cordero + cecil for one of cinci’s better pitchers? AA might have tiny balls (seems like they fit in stoeten’s mouth) but he has a big brain, you’d think he could figure something out.

    Same with fransisco … was hoping the injury would be serious.

    • yes. true on all accounts. wished it was serious. AA’s balls in stotens mouf .

      except fransisco, no easy upgrade there… which tiny-balled AA hadnt given away Napoli

      • ha. well said. i wished it was cecil that got injured. what/who is stoten?

        if anything, AA is sucking on Rogers balls (could be Roger’s dick, as thats already in the anus of Blue Jays seasons ticket holders)

    • Hey joshua – hit the bricks ya dumb fuck. Hoping for a serious injury? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • Absolutely. If him getting injured leads to management finally upgrading at starting pitching, I would love it. And you’d be the dumb fuck for wishing otherwise. I care about the team, not the individual player. This player gets paid regardless, so let go of your man-crush, and smarten up.

        • well, i wouldnt have made all the crude comments about balls in mouths and penises in Jay’s fans’ asses (tho the latter may be true, figuratively), and i dont think its right to wish injury on someone, but if this were to trigger the jays/rogers to make an irresistible-offer to oswalt, or had this happened prior to the darvish bids, i suppose it would have made the team better.

          • lol I REALLY don’t think the Jays not making a winning bid for Darvish had anything to do with the thinking that “well, we’ve got McGowan…no need for this Darvish kid”

        • No man crush for McGowan here, I just think it’s fucked that you believe McGowan’s presence is stopping the team from upgrading the rotation. You’d rather Joe Saunders, or John fucking Lannan than seeing what you’ve got in McGowan or the rest of the young guys? Because that’s basically who’s available. Or how about we do what Cincy did and trade 3 or 4 of our top prospects for a guy like Latos? Neither seems like a worthwhile move.

          I think the rotation could be a real surprise if some guys take the next step as expected. And I don’t think for a second ownership is getting in the way of them upgrading anywhere. You need to get over this whole “Rogers is cock blocking the Jays” thing. It’s tired and inaccurate.

          • wrong again, son.

            I’d rather the Jays ownership overpay dollars (not prospects) for a guy in his last year or Oswalt (they would only need to overpay for his services, b/c he -understandably- doesnt want to come to perennial loser).

            No one said Rogers is cock-blocking the Jays. maybe you dont know what cockblocking means. I’m saying they are cheap and their unwillingness to spend is hurting the jays… and if you think otherwise, you are just in denial. The same denial that has you thinking cecil/mcgowan/drabek/laffey will surprise – in a positive way.

            But go ahead, continue to back up Rogers. Let the Jays 1993 become the new 1967. I also have this new Blackberry I’m willing to sell you for cheap if you sign this 3 year contract :)

          • i think its 2 different issues, and saucepot is right on one of them: “it’s fucked that you believe McGowan’s presence is stopping the team from upgrading the rotation.” If McGowan blew out his arm in the last game of 2011, it wouldn’t have made a difference in the Jays’ off-season. But the reason for the awful starting rotation does go back to ownership. I think when he said cock-blocking, he meant obstructing AA’s pursuit of FA’s. And you might be right there, but if a parent is too cheap to give his kid lunch money, and the kid eventually stops asking, it doesnt mean the parent stopped being cheap.

        • And who the fuck is available? And what do you want to pay for them? Get fucked.

          • Guess you didn’t read the part about Roy Oswalt.

            ps: what do you mean ‘get fucked’? Was that you insulting the guy?

    • Ownership isn’t upgrading at SP if McGowan gets injured. They’ll just call Drabek up. Or Hutchinson.

      If a SP is available at a not-too-expensive price, AA would have gotten him already.

      • “not-too-expensive price” is the issue Rob. This is Major League Baseball, there is a price for quality. AA certainly would have and did scoop up not-too-expensive players… and now we have a not-too-competitive team.

        No hard knock against AA. I think its ownership (and maybe Beeston) that’s restricting him. But I think if he grew some balls, and told ownership what time it was, we wouldn’t need to waste another year of Bautista’s prime.

        • Oswalt wouldn’t be an upgrade, just because you’ve heard of him and he’s a “name” player. I’m sure you think he’s statistically better than a prospect you’ve never heard of, but you’d be wrong.

          • riiiiight. Oswalt wouldnt be an upgrade over cecil. Thanks for enlightening me

          • @Get Real

            Would you believe the difference in OPS against for Oswalt and Cecil was only 40 points lat year. Not an insignificant difference but not as big a one as you might think between the ‘great’ Oswalt and the ‘shitty’ Cecil. Not at all unreasonable to think Oswalt might regress 20-30 points and Cecil might improve the same making them about equal with more upside potential for Cecil.

      • I think Drabek gets the call-up, although if the organization has already decided that they want to jerk him around like they’ve done with Travis, they’ll go with Laffey instead. We’ll see.

        The real interesting scenario is what happens when Cecil tanks, which he will. Hopefully, it’s not too badly, and not too soon. I think that without a trade for someone who can pitch at Morrow’s level or better, the Jays’ best case scenario at this point is that Kyle Drabek fills in for McGowan, and McGowan returns healthy to replace Cecil just as he’s DFA’d. Then the Jay batters don’t fade down the stretch like they collectively did last year, and McGowan and Drabek do effective work in the #4-#5 spots.

        That said, if McGowan’s injury hasn’t got AA back on his Blackberry looking to trade for a starter, I don’t know what will.

        • well put. (tho i dont think they’re intentionally jerking anyone around).

          My prediction: cecil will tank early and often. but sadly, AA wont do shit along the lines of getting a Morrow level guy.

          Fuck, I’d take Freddy Garcia at this point.

    • If you’re asking about cinci trading their #2 (latos) for any 1 of our 3-5 + cordero, it’s not happening (considering what they gave up for latos) … maybe their #3 mike leake, but i’m not familiar with him … maybe someone else could shed some light, as it is an interesting possibility.

      AA might be a bit of a pussy, but I think if you drop your expectations you wont be so bitter. Jays are like fast food, cheap, and you know what youre getting -> not the playoffs. buy the occasional $10 ticket, sneak into one of the 25000 empty seats in front of you, and enjoy the day. any pro-sports team that sells ‘seasons tickets’ for $99, clearly isn’t there yet. people are getting caught up in the jays, and are getting angry now that theyre realizing its another meaningless year. boycott ‘em or treat em like you do the raptors. but no point in getting upset

    • On balls…

      You don’t think signing Jose Bautista to a huge deal after a mega-outlier season took balls?

      You don’t think trading an established #2 pitcher (Marcum) straight-up for an unestablished prospect (Lawrie) took balls?

      • Not to mention half of a world-series winning bullpen (not sure how it happened, but it did), for a CF with attitude problems.

      • Unestablished? Lawrie was a top Brewers prospect. And a Canadian. No, that doesn’t take balls.

        Bautista signing was great. But no, he does not have the balls to Rogers (or tell Beeston to tell Rogers) to spend $, so that the Jays can actually be competitive during Bautista’s prime.

        I feel sorry for you AA dick-riders. Spending the last 20 years in T.O has altered your definition of success so dramatically, that you’re defending management of a 500 team that will not contend again this year. Beeston saying Jays will make playoffs 2-3 times in 5 years, also means he thinks they won’t make the playoffs 2-3 times in 5 years. This would be unacceptable in cities that demanded success, you probably found that encouraging.

  4. fuck, griff just tweeted that snider was optioned today

    • AA to Snider prior to ST: Hey Travis, we know we fucked up with you, how about you go out there this spring and play your ass off so I can get full value for you, in return you get a fresh start.

      • 17 k’s to 5 bb’s is not playing your ass off, the same Snider we have seen for years was at spring training

        • True, but tied for team lead in HR’s and .965 OPS…many a manager, especially in the NL would drool over that.

  5. Hooray Weekend Posts!!! Not hooray for McGowan. I wouldn’t be unhappy with Drabek starting the year with the big club though.

    • Here’s the upside, after rest and treatment we get Dustin back June 1, his 150 innings start there. Now he can be the picture of record when we clinch September 30. Dustin can pitch in the playoffs. Give Lafferty a few April /May starts as the 5th guy then to AAA with him.

  6. I hope that Dustin gets better soon. Pain in the feet really sucks.

  7. Wtf is this shit? I feel like I’m reading YouTube comments.

  8. Tuned in to watch the game thought that it’s dustin then I saw that fuckin laffey throwing meat balls over the plate. Disturbing to watch.

    4th and 5th spots looking really shaky.

  9. Why is he always injured? One day its his shoulder the other day its his ass. Toys made in China are more durable than this guy.

  10. PF is awful. It feels like your foot is exploding. I had it last year and would have welcomed amputation for a week or so.

    If it was bad enough to come of the mound mid-inning, it will likely be bad enough that running, or even putting in time on a bike will be impossible. That is going to seriously impact his conditioning and I think it’s very unlikely he’ll be in the rotation to start the year.

    If Riccardi was still around, we could probably expect some type of arm surgery in the near future. But I don’t think this administration is quite at that level of misinformation.

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