At Miked Up, Mike Wilner has very kindly posted the audio of the presser to announce the extending of Dustin McGowan, so apparently we still have more of this to take care of before I can move on with my damn life. The highlights:

- Anthopoulos says that, while he’s not opposed to getting a contract done in the middle of a season, he’d done it with Ricky Romero, “and it was just an incredible time sink.” So, that’s one reason that they decided to just go for it now, and not create a distraction for the player.

- He later adds that if it had happened during the season, he would have done this as well.

- He acknowledges that they’ve definitely taken a risk, because of McGowan’s history of shoulder problems, but he praised McGowan and his work ethic as being a reason he felt more comfortable with the deal. He knows, he said, that McGowan isn’t going to fail to put in the work necessary to be as good a player as he can be– something that we’ve obviously seen over the course of his three years in the rehab wilderness.

- “Even when Mac came up last year,” Anthopoulos said, “even though the numbers weren’t great, from a scouting standpoint I loved what I saw. I loved the delivery, you love the stuff. But at the same time we’re not blind to the fact that, yeah, there’s a tonne of risk here.”

- “In this division, with what we’re up against and what we have to do, we have to take a little bit more risk– or maybe a lot more risk– than the other teams, and maybe that’s part of it.”

- As he said when he signed Jose Bautista, “I’ll take the risk on the right human being. If you bet on the human being, you’ll be fine.”

- Anthopoulos praised the work of the club’s medical staff, saying that when they say “stick with this guy, stick with this guy,” it’s hard to ignore. “We were going to see this thing through, start to finish,” Anthopoulos says, “good or bad.” Clearly he didn’t want to get Lowen’d.

- On the subject of the two year deal, Anthopoulos said that this was at the request of the club, and it was mostly due to the fact that the club understands they have to build him up slowly, which this gives them the time to do.

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  1. Love our GM’s attitude and smarts. It can only make our club more attractive to free agents.

    • He talks about the mistakes the team has made investing in “the wrong person”. Cue speculation. Who was a “wrong person”? Alex Rios? Frank Thomas? A. J. Burnett?

  2. this wouldnt have happened if it wasn’t for carpenter

  3. Well, I guess that explains why it was a multi-year deal.

    I can’t help but think that the Chris Carpenter saga affected this situation greatly.

  4. I’m worried…that handshake looked rough.

  5. Well, Thomas is the reason for not wanting performance clauses.

    I would think Rios, Lind, Hill, Overbay and Burnett would be possible.

    I think Hill kept himself in good shape and just struggled with what type of hitter he should be. He was also traded for a guy GM AA wanted for awhile.

    Burnett was a free agent, so that’ s a little different in the context of extensions and makes it hard to judge.

    Who knows what happened to Overbay with his inconsistency? It’s very hard to judge and it could very well be him but he just left as a free agent and was never just sent packing.

    That leaves Rios and Lind as the prime suspects in this. The team hasn’t made outward comments about Lind other than mostly we believe in him.

    Rios was just dumped fairly happily by the Jays brass.

    I’d say the number one suspect must be Rios.

  6. “apparently we still have more of this to take care of before I can move on with my damn life.”

    Quit whining like a little girl who soiled herself. You brought it on yourself, being so boneheaded and all, at the start. Admit you erred, weasel out and blame it on a hotflash or some rash if you want and need a feeble excuse. And you do.

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