What year is this? I’m having flashbacks.

According to Buck Martinez– as relayed on Twitter by @ODAWG27, and confirmed by Mike Wilner– Adam Lind has been scratched from tonight’s start due to tightness in the wonky lower back that plagued him last season, and was apparently the cause of him flailing wildly at all sorts of junk being tossed his way. And just when his bad had been heating up!

John Lott of the National Post tweets that a Jays spokesperson tells him the scratch is merely precautionary.

Dun dun dun…

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  1. Encarnacion to first, Thames and Snider split left and dh


    • Good call

    • Lind to the gym!

    • They could start with that. They coud give Thames some reps at first and then play Snider in left with a platoon of Eddie and Lind at DH. Next year, maybe its JPA at first and d’Arnaud behind the plate. In any event, its sure a good job that the Jays did not waste any mone on the Fielder guy. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      • So many commenters have already pointed out the fact that JPA does not have the bat for 1B. So i won’t…

    • As much as I’d love to see this, they’ve already said that they want the next time Snider gets called up to be the last time. If they call up Snider to replace Lind while he’s DL’d, when Lind gets healthy, what else are they going to do other than send Snider back down?

      Cooper is more likely, because they don’t care about jerking Cooper around.

  2. So is this going to become an excuse for his failings for a third consecutive year?

    Man, I wish they just got rid of this glorified platoon player over the winter.

    • wasn’t there some guy named ‘fielder’ or something like that that was available this offseason?


  3. Why do fans have such an irrational love for Lind, yet have an equal amount of irrational hate for Rasmus?

    • I think is one of the divides in the Jays fan base. I think most of the internet presence of Jays fandom are bigger Rasmus fans rather than Lind and then vise versa for the casual fan. Probably having to do with him coming over and not wowing after giving up pieces at the deadline last year. The casual fan probably doesn’t know/care about what Rasmus had done up until that point.

    • RBI totals have a lot to do with it.

    • Lind homegrown, Rasmus not?

    • I remember when Marcum got traded and most casual fans were like “why are we trading our best pitcher wahhh wahh wahh”. Now Brett Lawrie is their favourite player.

      • The original photos of Lawrie from the day he was trad made him look like a drunk troublemaker.

        Marcum was a solid pitcher.

        Now, Lawrie is Mr Red Bull. He just nearly hit a HR to RF, with a triple.

        What an amazing guy to watch play.

  4. Lind re breaks out 2013, I’m calling it !

  5. “And just when his bad had been heating up!”

    I’m pretty sure his “bad” has been hot for a while now

  6. So it begins.

  7. His leash for this year better be closer to short than long.

  8. Still early but I am sure Cooper will be back up first if Lind doesn’t start the season healthy.

    • Probably depends how long he’s out for. If it’s a minor setback and he gets put on the 15 day dl, I could see Cooper coming up and getting at bats. If he’s out for an extended period of time, i’d bet on them shuffling Encarnacion over to first and inserting Snider full time.

  9. That 20 mins of daily exercise is either too much or not enough.

  10. oy vey

  11. please let this be career threatening, don’t want to see the guy crippled but don’t want to see the guy

  12. Seems he’s getting his excuses for being a bad player underway early this year.

    • …don’t want to see the guy crippled but don’t want to see the guy.

      ROFLMAO couldn’t agree with yu more.

  13. Best shape of mah life this year guys.

    Argh mah back

  14. They have to move Lind to a less physically stressful part of the diamond.

  15. Drabek looking sexy!

    • That curveball he threw for a strike that had Swisher ducking for cover was hilariously awesome.

  16. hmm maybe Adam is not living life on top?

  17. I don’t see the big deal here. Adam Lind claims to have back issues from crouching at 1B all game. Logan Morrison claims to have knee issues from lumbering around the OF. Seems like the perfect challenge trade…

  18. Thanks for the post….I mean any time you have a chance to stir up even more irrational Adam Lind hatred and hysteria among the fan base, you have to take it. Amiright?

  19. drabek is looking pretty good. worked out of a jam last inning and comes back with a 1.2.3.

  20. Are you fucking kidding me? This is happening again? The excuse for the back issues last year was all the extra fielding practice he put in. How does a 28 year old athlete surrounded by personal trainers, physiotherapists and massage therapists have so many fucking back issues?

    • If Lind was a horse, they would shoot him

    • Some people just have chronic back problems. Maybe Lind has issues accepting that.

      Though people with chronic back problems also don’t play baseball.

    • Those without bad backs are NOT allowed to pass judgement on people with back problems.
      Backs are weird things. You can be in peak physical shape and still have back issues. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have back problems, you know what I speak of.
      In my situation, after years of problems I finally found out the main source of the problem (turns out one of my legs is an inch shorter of the other), but even having fixed the problem, I still can at times have flareups. Basically, any time I stress my back, it’s almost like it goes into self-preservation mode. I tweak a muscle, and my whole lower back can seize up, almost like it’s trying to protect the injured muscle.
      While I’m 42 now, I’m no longer in prime physical shape, but I’d venture to say I’m in better (anaerobic) shape than 98% of the population. It doesn’t matter.
      A bad back is a bad back, usually ad infinitum.

  21. I can’t believe I’m fucking reading this. Will somebody just take this guys fucking knees out so he can stop ruining my life! YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, holy fuck! Give the Jays their money back and fucking retire. I knew this shit would happen, what a piece of garbage. I hope I get close to him in Cleveland so I can at least take out some frustration heckling him while the Jays win.

    Sorry for the rant.

  22. At least he still has some value in MLB 12

  23. How is this fucking guys back still an issue after the offseason? If Im the Jays I have to be very concerned.

    • A back – depending on the particular problem- can take years and doctors (nowdays) will always opt for the non surgical approach.

  24. Birddawg is quickly becoming one of my favorite commenters.

  25. BrentinKorea, do you know where to get Jay merchandise around these parts?

  26. McGowan has three years of injury issues. McGowan is loved by fans for fighting through it.

    Lind is going on three years of injury issue. Lind is hated by fans for fighting through it.

    Though there is the difference that Lind sucks at baseball and McGowan does not (or at the least it isn’t clear yet); Lind makes a ton of money and McGowan does not; Lind doesn’t work hard to rehab and McGowan does; and replacing McGowan in the rotation is easy, whereas we have no (serious) players to replace Lind.

    • I think the difference is that Lind himself said that he did not put a lot of time in the weight room. That does nothing to help the perception of him being a laid back guy who is perceived as “lazy”. I doubt he is (worked hard at 1b) but fans perception won’t help by reading those quotes. Dustin on the other hand is noted for his work ethic and it’s generally seen as something he has no control over.

      • Lind is in the lineup every day hurting the team in games. Mcgowan was in rehab not impacting games directly

  27. Quick question: does anyone know what re rod PECOTA forecasts for the Jays record this season?

  28. haha, RiverAveBlues comments, Lawrie getting under skin before his 2 for 3 game:

    LiterallyFigurative says:
    March 27, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    I have no way of knowing if they did or didn’t, but I wish Toronto would’ve gone after (and gotten) Fielder over the winter. They need someone to protect Joey Bats. Imagine that 3/4.

    I still think they will compete for 3rd in the AL east, and with some better years out of some young guys, could make the playoffs.

    It’s weird; of all the teams in this division, I have like no hatred toward the Blue Jays.

    Zanath says:
    March 27, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    I’m not too upset they didn’t get him.
    forensic says:
    March 27, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    I don’t hate the team in general, but I can’t stand Lawrie who by all accounts seems to be a complete schmuck.
    SevenAces says:
    March 27, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    No hate towards them, but IMO Rogers Centre is such an eyesore.

    • Dont trust the Yankees. Dont trust the Yankees. Dont trust the Yankees……

    • Say what you want about Rasmus’ offence, and this particular time it was Martin, a catcher, but the guy is solid defensively. Great throw!

  29. Magic Johnson and (Bob McCown regular guest) Stan Kasten group wins Dodger auction. Someone actually tweeted $2 billion. Wow.

  30. stuckinkorea, the MLB stores haven’t been carrying anything Jays related. I would either order stuff through the Internet or have someone back home buy and then mail it to you. Always ship by the cheapest airmail you can. I have had lots of stuff lost because it wasn’t shipped by air.
    Canada ships things by size and by weight so get them to package it as best they can to reduce costs (and it will probably cost you…).

    • Thanks. I figured I would have to do one of those opinions. Been to two MLB stores in and around Seoul and they carry nothing related to the jays. I can get an Expos hat but not the Jays

  31. Options not opinions

  32. Is there any way that Cooper could be worse at 1st Base? And he’d cost a shitload less

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