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Ken Rosenthal has some notes on the quiet trade market for Travis Snider in his latest for Fox Sports, explaining that “rival clubs like Snider, but know the Jays are unlikely to move him when his value is down.”

“The Jays’ reluctance to give up on Snider, 24, is understandable for other reasons as well,” he adds. “First off, the Jays might need Snider at some point this season. Second, a talented young player can haunt a team that gives up on him too quickly.”

He then mentions the same name that Alex Anthopoulos did when speaking with Mike Wilner in the wake of the demotion: Brandon Phillips. (At least, I think that’s where he brought up Phillips. He definitely did at some point, somewhere.)

Phillips, of course, was a second-round pick of the Expos, who made the Majors at 21 with Cleveland, having been acquired in the Bartolo Colon deal, but wasn’t able to fully translate his minor league success until his age 26 season– a year after he was traded to Cincinnati. In the five season since the beginning of that breakout year at 26 in 2007, Phillips has accumulated 22.1 wins, per FanGraphs.

Of course, he “needed” a change of scenery in order to do it– or, at least, he experienced one. Who knows whether or not it was actually necessary.

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  1. Haters gonna hate? Who are the haters?

  2. Hate is a strong word.

    The only thing I hate is the New York Wankees.

    Save Ferris Buller, and save the LunchBox Hero.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I hate having sex with Mike Wilners mom.

  4. can we pause for a moment regarding all this Snider / McGowan pomp and rage to look at something rather amazing:

    Carlos Villeaueva and Casey Janssen?

    they’re looking a fair bit exciting to me. I’m eager to see these 2 guys get to work in the regular season. combined with Santos and I feel that innings 7-9 are going to be a LOT more enjoyable than last year.

    • As long as Cordero isn’t anointed the automatic 8th inning man, as I fear Farrel might want to do.

      • That’s the promise they gave him when he signed, and they’ve been saying they plan on using him in the 8th since then. So I’d imagine that will be the case.

      • It’s so dumb, but I think Ty is right – the 8th inning of leads is going to “belong” to Francisco. He might be the worst reliever in the pen.

        • They should tell Francisco that as a proven closer, he has no claim on the 8th inning because Frasor is a proven 8th inning guy.

          Fuck, whatever. They have an ungodly bullpen and it’s not like Francisco is Jon Rauch so whether or not Farrell understands how to deploy relievers in whatever leverage situation isn’t as critical as it would be if they had a pen full of shitballers.

  5. When 4 out of the 5 ballparks in the AL East are hitters parks, it’s pretty fair to say that Snider doesn’t need a change in scenery. He needs more time to gain better pitch recognition, and while it would be better served to get that with the Jays, getting regular at bats in AAA is much more preferred than rotting on the bench.

    • Nope sorry. Big League at-bats is where he is going to learn pitch recog, especially if he gets to see all the best of them at The Show. If he underperforms, he sits, learns from watching, and waits for his time again.

      Going back to Triple A is like rolling over on your arm to make it numb, so when you jerk off, it feels like someone else is doing it. Its just the same shit over again.

      • Pretty much just paraphrased what I said.

        Given the “emergence” of Thames, sending Snider down was the right decision since it’s fairly clear that he would be collecting splinters in his ass. If his strikeout rates were much better, it would be fair to chastise the move, but since that wasn’t the case..

        He definitely needs the MLB pitching, but AAA pitching is better than nothing.

  6. Considering where the Jays are at (expected to be 4th in AL East), seems to me that the only trade that makes sense is Snider for another close prospect who hasn’t yet panned out but still has high upside. Basically a change of scenery trade for both clubs.

  7. Two thumbs up for the Photoshops. I also liked the one of Saint Cito in stained glass.

  8. Brandon Phillips is an interesting comp..Brandon Wood is another..

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