Adam Lind was a late scratch from yesterday’s start due to tightness in his back– a “much more localized” tightness, we’re told, by way of John Lott of the National Post, than the back troubles that sidelined him last year, but a recurrence of his “core” problem (see what I just did there?).

Though, actually, Lind’s real issue may not be so much the back– which I don’t doubt is legitimate– as much as the lame excuses.

“Farrell suggested Lind’s hard work in his new conditioning routine may have backfired,” Lott writes.

“Adam has been so diligent with his back exercise … [he] may have overdone it,” Farrell told him.

I literally had to check to make sure that the internet hadn’t accidentally spit an article from Spring 2011 at me.

Lott goes on to explain that Lind seems hopeful that he’ll be ready for Opening Day, since the doctor he visited “didn’t have anything negative to say, or too concerning.”

Well, I guess that’s good– I’m certainly not going to start pondering how the Jays might replace him in the lineup just yet. But… the fucking excuse is getting a little lame, is it not? Especially when this stuff kinda gets a free pass, while there’s not nearly enough media pushback (Wilner and others excepted) in the direction of the asinine everybody hates-on Colby Rasmus movement.

I spoke to that point last week, screetching that “Lind’s magical 3.7 fWAR, 139 wRC+ season is two years in the rearview, while Rasmus put up 129 wRC+ and 4.3 fWAR in twenty-goddamn-ten! Rasmus has been worth 7.9 fWAR over 420 [note: ha!] career games, while Lind’s accumulated 4.3 wins in 621. Granted, Rasmus gets a lot of value from being above average defensively in centre– something too many media dildos are real quick to ignore– but his career wRC+ is 103 to Lind’s 104. And yet the people pining for David Cooper are where, exactly? Christ!!!”

The difference between Lind and Rasmus– who would be getting so absolutely skewered for a thing like this that it’s hard to imagine– is especially mind-boggling in light of the fact that Lind, as John Lott wrote in the Post on March 15th, “admits it: He was never much inclined to the gruelling workout routine so favoured by modern athletes.”

“I was never a real big workout guy, but now that I’m getting older, I understand that it needs to be done in order to stay on the field,” Lind told Lott. “It only takes 15 or 20 minutes a day to maintain and stay strong and stabilize, so it’s not that bad.”

Unless, y’know, you somehow manage to supposedly overdo it. Again.

The shitty thing is, of course, that I don’t doubt for a second that Lind is sincere in his attempts to do what’s best for him and the team, and sincere in his owning up fucking them up. It’s just… holy shit, does it ever help to have a 4 win season in the city you currently play in. If you’re Rasmus and people here didn’t see it, it might as well have never happened. Even if it did happen, and a year more recently than Lind’s at that. Truly amazing.

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  1. The excuses are getting pretty funny. Earlier this Spring he talked about how he was bad last year because he wasn’t working out enough; and now, he’s out because he worked out too much. Right.

    Kinda like how he was bad in 2010 because he was a full-time DH, and then he was bad in 2011 because he couldn’t handle playing the field every day.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a team/player make so many excuses that directly/hilariously contradict the excuses they’d previously made for the exact same issues.

    • How many people here even work out? I mean, really work out? Not an, “I-go-to-the-gym-and-run-and-lift-light-weights-for-40-minutes” kind of work out. Do you strength train? Do you speed train? Do you do plyo? No, most Blue Jays fans don’t. Most are probably too busy drinking on a Friday night or sitting on their couches complaining: “boo hoo Toronto sucks, trade Snider, etc. etc.” Most think because they play on a thursday night slo-pitch co-ed league that maybe, perhaps maybe, they can grasp even a bit of what it means to have some sort of physical activity.

      The point is, it could be a legitimate issue. If you don’t train or strengthen your muscles you will hurt them. If you train too hard you will strain your muscles. But most of you probably don’t get that. If any of you knew what it would be like to actually have a real workout regiment as a real athlete then maybe you would understand. Next time you go to a gym, try deadlifting or squatting anything over 300 pounds and you tell me how great your back feels.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

      • I… I don’t know what to say to this!

        Seriously though, I lift weights 5-6 times a week for 90 minutes a day, and my back feels perfectly fine. Maybe you, and possibly Lind, should focus more on your weight-lifting techniques, and less time creating baseless rants.

        Andrew above said it perfectly.

        • Using your home-owned bowflex doesn’t count as a workout.

          It’s not a big thing, let him have his days off to rest and then we’ll see. If he puts up another horrible season then we can burn him at the stake.

          • @setogaston

            Yup. it doesn’t.

            Lucky me I lift free weights.


            You just won the internet for a day.

      • If you’re suggesting that anyone who doesn’t strength train or work out just go to the gym and try to deadlift 300 lbs. then you obviously have no grasp of physical activity either. Only an idiot would do that. I would assume a professional athlete would train in a manner that was not detrimental to their health, that’s what trainers are for. Are you suggesting Lind was throwing a few too many plates on the deadlift bar? and if he did, we shouldn’t mock him for it?

      • This post deserves to be framed.

      • This is the best post of the new DJF

      • Who said first base was like a day off again?

        My point.

      • So… what you’re saying is “leave Lind alone”?

      • I’ve played a sport professionally and you should be working out more than 30 mins a day if you’re getting paid 6 mil a year. This is his career. Everyone who has a job works at it year round and generally puts in 8+ hrs a day yet this guy is working on his craft for 30 minutes a day.

        This isn’t the 1960′s. Sports training has come a long way and knowledge of training is greater with many more tools (trainers, nutritionists) available. This guy is a multi millionaire with them all at his fingertips.

        This tells me why he’s fallen so far from the guy we saw in ’09. Clearly his work ethic is lacking and he can’t handle the rigors of spring training, let alone a 162 game season. It’s brutal and not the type of guy who will be part of a championship club.

        • well put B-rock.

          His actual quote is 15-20 minutes per day. For a professional athlete! That’s ridiculous!

        • Absolutely b-rock.
          I know about 17 year old elite players in the Toronto area that go through tons of testing and are given diets and workout schedules to follow in the off season.
          Every NCAA player I’ve spoken to has the same.
          Lind’s back acted up at the end of last year,after having no previous problems.
          Ya gotta think he’d be on a program.
          Why didn’t he follow it?

      • I don’t care if the guy works out or not, and if he is hurt then that’s his problem. If we want to win then we need production from the frist base position. There is no sympathy wnen it comes to winners – ask Kirk Gibson

  2. Per Baseball Reference:

    Lind: career 4.7 oWAR in 6 seasons
    Cleatus: career 6.2 oWAR in 3 seasons

    Enough said.

  3. Plus Lind just cant put up the kind of haircut that Cleatus can
    I mean he’s bringing that to the park each and every day and you have to admire him for it
    Raul Mondesi eat your heart out!!

  4. I have never been a Lind fan. Even when he had that one good year. The lessez-faire attitude toward working out can be remedied somewhat but we have to realize that his natural tendency seems to be lazy, for a lack of better term It is default setting and the odds of him overcoming that all season or for rest of his career is unlikely

    Therefore, the best you will ever see out of Lind is maybe stretches that you saw middle of the year last year when he was ” into it”.

    BTW, I’m certainly willing to give Rasmus a lot more rope then Lind. In fact, I have no more rope for Lind. I would be fine with EE on first, Snider in left and Thames as DH. Have Bautista DH some days, then Snider goes to right and Thames in left.

  5. Back problems suck. If you’ve never been laid up because of them, you can’t understand. I sure didn’t until I was wiped out. Working on core strength and stretching can keep things under control for day to day life…and I’m sure even keep most of us on a ball diamond playing beer league with our buddies. I would bet that it’s a lot different to keep someone like Lind able to produce at his peak.

    I’m not saying he should be getting a free pass. I’m okay with shitting on him because he sucks. Especially against lefties with a pules. I don’t think it’s fair to shit on him because of the back.

    • *Pulse

    • This I don’t doubt is true. Which is why have sympathy. I just don’t understand the separate treatments, vis-a-vis Rasmus.

    • The problem is this is becoming the new normal. I have no doubt Lind at his peak is better than this. But he isn’t capable of getting to that peak. So this is the new Lind.

    • These blogs tend to confuse the issue. I don’t like to see guys injured, but it happens. I hope we want a team that wins, so, can Lind produce or not? Doesn’t look like it. Not this year, not the past two years. Time for the next first baseman, the sooner the better.

  6. I like Lind but worry about how the Jays will handle this one. It seems that this will be an ongoing issue. If they keep him on the roster, then we’ll either have (a) a 1B who can only play intermittently, with no good options on the bench to take his spot in the lineup, or (b) Lind playing shittily through his injury for yet another season.

    With regards to scenario (a), obviously EE would play 1B in his absence, but if Lind is still playing half/most/some of the time, they won’t be calling Snider up, and the extra AB’s on Lind’s days off will go to Davis and Francisco instead. Blech.

  7. So old man Vizquel and his 45 year old back made the team.

  8. Jesus H. Christ. The Jays have millions of dollars committed to this guy and he or they cannot get him a goddamn personal trainer to show him how to work out!?!?

    And seriously, 15-20 mins a day! Did he do three reps of 6-minute abs or something? Something really wrong with a professional athlete, especially one with injury potential only spending 15-20 mins a day working out in the offseason

  9. Fans like Lind because they know him and like you said, they experienced his one good season. He is generally upbeat, and has a smile on his face.

    Rasmus reminds them of a rich EMO teenager who is complaining that his parents don’t love him because they wouldn’t let him go to see Hedley (or whatever the EMO youths listen to these days).

  10. One possible reason for the teflon Lind phenomenon I could imagine is home runs. People love tatters, and he hits them (you know, when he doesn’t strike out). Do people in Toronto even know what a Rasmus home run looks like?

    A second cause might be that we got to witness the 2009 year vs 2010 Rasmus which is numbers on a website.

    Neither of those are good reasons…but that doesn’t mean people don’t go for them.

    • I remember a MONSTER Rasmus hit in Oakland last year. The best lefty swing I saw from a Jay all season.

  11. Don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I don’t really see this love-fest for Lind you keep writing about. Or the hatred for Rasmus. Hmm. I read the newspapers and blogs and such, but I don’t know what you are talking about. I haven’t really seen much either way. If anything, I have noticed a decidedly anti-Lind faction (you and this blog’s supporters), with very little about Rasmus (other than the early spring “fresh-start” stories). The main talking points were the left-field battle and the rotation. Perhaps I should look at Twitter?

    • Brady, Blair and Zaun at the Fan have been ripping Rasmus pretty good.

      • McCown might be the worst of the bunch when it comes to the Cleatus hate.

      • Oh. Maybe I should give those guys a listen. I guess I quite like Blair, and Zaun is good on the broadcasts, but I personally think McCown knows very little about baseball (or he does, and just tries to say controversial things), and never worry about his opinion.

        I had never heard of Brady until this moment, so I suppose I wouldn’t worry about what he says either.

        And the characters on JaysTalk are mostly for entertainment purposes, correct?

        I still have faith in Colby/Cleatus.

    • Listen to Wilner’s JaysTalk.

  12. I’d say part of the lack of understanding in regards to Lind and Rasmus is the difference in positional value.

    I mean, HRs are like goals. Okay, so Jose Bautista is Phil Kessel…but Lind is at least umm, I dunno, Grabovski?

    Point being, the casual fan just looks up the basic numbers (HRs, RBIs) and might not even understand that what Lind has done at 1B is downright ugly…but if he could do that in CF you might keep running him out there.

    P.S. If he continually has back issues, maybe Zaun was right that he should play LF.


  13. I hate Lind.

    The sooner he is off the team the better.

  14. Does anyone else think that Lind’s problems stem from his narrow eyes? Maybe he cannot see the ball coming unless it comes off of a right hand. He needs that extra split second to find it.

    Just a thought.

  15. Lind’s troubles seemed to start around when we started hearing about his fiance. Getting married has ruined many a man.

  16. he can come over and do yoga with my girlfriend if the normal team workout is a little too much. we’ll start him on the beginner dvd. don’t want to stress anything.

  17. “I was never a real big workout guy, but now that I’m getting older, I understand that it needs to be done in order to stay on the field,” Babe Ruth told Lott. “It only takes 15 or 20 minutes a day to maintain and stay strong and stabilize, so it’s not that bad.”

    That I can understand, Lind’s name attributed to that comment I can’t..

  18. Lind reminds me of that guy that calls into work sick every other week, and starts to come up with completely insane excuses because he’s exhausted every other one.

    I don’t doubt that his back troubles might be serious or nagging — I’ve had *minor* back problems and they sucked — but shit, what’s with all the excuses? “I worked out too much”, “I didn’t work out enough”, “I caught every ball in play at batting practice last spring, so my back is proper fucked.”

    I want the Jays to be keeping Lind on a tight leash because he’s a horrible cleanup hitter who can’t get on base and is atrocious against LHP — not because he’s made of glass. But whatever. If they end up getting rid of him because he can’t twist his back during a simple follow-through in the batter’s box, I don’t really care.

    Unless he wants to go back to his 2009/early 2011 self.

  19. Any Ottawa Jays fans going to the opener, or the following to games?

  20. You need a dictionary to cure you of your potty mouth. There are lots of descriptive words in the English language with which to write an article without using offensive ones. Taking our Lord’s name in vain is another issue altogether.

    I would really like to be able to read your views on the Jays, but until you can use proper language, Bye

    • Did you not see the name of this blog? You expected otherwise because…..?

    • Ha ha ha ha ha. Amazing.

    • Jesus its a baseball blog. by the way i don’t really understand why you even like baseball, don’t you take exception to the fact that they play on sundays?

      you wouldn’t be saying anything if he said “Muhammad” or “Shiva” so why don’t you just do us all a favour and keep your religious views to yourself

    • Hilarious. Also assuming your lord is his lord is insensitive! Bigots aren’t welcome in these here parts!

    • Take care, Joan!

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • who the fuck is our lord? did we revert to feudalism while i was asleep?

      serfs up.

  21. 2 “fucking”‘s, 1 “shitty”, 1 “shit”, 1 “Christ”. Lady, that’s nothing. You got him on an off day.

  22. Lind’s excuses are never ending. Back in 2010, it was that he couldn’t focus at the plate without a position and that he was having trouble being a full-time DH.

  23. how long before we get down to “i can’t play today coach i forgot my glove” ?

  24. 25 minutes a day? Hal Johnson is somewhere rolling over in his grave

  25. So tired of this…seriously, how much stress does it put on your back to play first base? Give me a break. Fielder weighs a metric tonne and he pulls it off without missing a start. Lind had one good year, then teams took the time to study how to pitch to him, and he never adjusted. This guy sucks, the organization needs to move on.

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