Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon… er… Evening Snack…

Jays Journal wonders what the McGowan extension means for Brett Cecil, without… y’know… suggesting what they think it might mean.

At Getting Blanked, Drew speaks to some Cecil-related concerns, explaining Why Stuff and Velocity Always Matters.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Parkes talks about Dustin McGowan’s latest injury setback– quelle surprise!

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks to Jason Frasor in a State of the Clubhouse kind of deal. The Sun also lets us know that John Farrell has his players backs. And that Yunel Escobar seems to be back at the top of the Jays lineup, signalling the end of the Kelly Johnson as leadoff experiment. Aaaaand that Adam Lind doesn’t like back injuries. Also, something about Eric Thames.

At the Toronto Star we’re told that Ricky Romero is still looking for a place to live in Toronto. No, he doesn’t want to stay on your couch.

“Those discussions were in a bar,” says Paul Beeston, referring to how talks like the debate over Dustin McGowan’s contract used to go, according to the National Post. “I’m not making that up. Those were the best. All we had to have was one person remember who said what, so we could get back together later on.”

Extra Base Hit reports that Jays closer Sergio Santos has selected the song he’ll come out to during ninth inning save opportunities this year: Rob Zombie’s Dragula. High school me would be appalled by this but… um… nails!!!!

Bluebird Banter expands on ESPN’s recent article comparing Brett Lawrie to, essentially, baseball’s most elite players ever.

Break out the lame puns, suggests Shi Davidi of Sportsnet: Anthony Gose stole home.

Kyle Drabek is among the more pitchers under 25 favoured by John Sickels of Minor League Ball.

Mop Up Duty has some thoughts about the McGowan extension that I disagree with it. Nice story about “sending a message” to the club’s players and the rest of the league, but… come on.

Not quite a Votto You Talking About moment, as it doesn’t involve the Jays, but John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer and being too big time to respond to an email about being a guest on our podcast, talks to Joey Votto about that thing that’s happening in like two years.

Lastly, apparently DJF is going big time. Jason Collette mentioned us yesterday on ESPN’s Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast, and today we were name-dropped by Keith Law on a Jays-heavy-ish edition of ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast. Thanks for the shout outs!

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  1. Can’t believe you didn’t mention the ‘Lets Go Blue Jays’ chants at the Leafs game tonight.

  2. Hey Stoeten, what would you choose to be your walk up music?

  3. pretty decent name drops. well done stoets.

  4. Dragula…. really? I’m still appalled! They don’t sell Gwar CD’s in Toronto?

  5. “At the Toronto Star we’re told that Ricky Romero is still looking for a place to live in Toronto. No, he doesn’t want to stay on your couch.”

    The offer stands. It is a pull-out…. and I’ll toss in the continental breakfast for free.

  6. Midnight Snack, I love it! I’m always finished reading every article and every comment by this time of night, so it’s a welcome surprise to get a snack post.

  7. Here’s the best conspiracy theory you can come up: Jays, not wanting to say no to anyone, devise a plan to keep Drabek up to begin the year. This allows he and Cecil to compete in actual meaningful games for the last rotation spot. In order to put this plan in place, they have Dustin McGowan, loyal Blue Jay, throw a few pitches and then throw his glove down pointing at his foot. Plantar Fasciitis! However, this plan is complicated by the fact that McGowan wants to pitch in the big leagues to. Jays say, we’ll put you on the DL to start and when Drabek or more likely Cecil needs to be sent to AAA you’ll have your spot. Still not convinced, McGowan says he’ll do it for an extension. Voila, there’s your 3 million dollar extension. Totally makes sense now.

  8. I always have thought of DJF as a bunch of guys (gals too) sitting around in a bar,shootin the shit and discussing baseball.
    Now you tell me respectable people with jobs are reading this too?
    Not everybody has beer in one hand and their fingers on the keyboard with the other?
    Well fuck me with a spoon.
    I thought a dozen, maybe two dozen readers a day,all half in the bag, visited the site.
    Do I have to wear my suit when I comment now?
    Nah,fuck it.

    Congrats Stoeten.

  9. Stoeten, this means that you have to shave the barbe and dazzle a blazer. Just make sure the blazer’s powder blue.

  10. Stoetens walk up music?

    Superstar, Love Inc.

    But they would have to alter the video and have all the mangy DJF’s lurking in the background smashing beer bottles over each others heads.

  11. Santos revealed his 9th Inning tune to Tim & Sid on the Fan 590 in Toronto weeks ago (over a month?)… Just to clarify. Love the new home for the blog. Cursing and Boggs head too! BEAUTY!!!!!

  12. So they hatched the plans for the McGowan extension while getting wasted. This explains A LOT.

  13. I was surprised to hear Keith Law say (Baseball Today Podcast) that Omar Visquel has been cronically over-rated and shouldn”t be in the hall of fame.Of course there should be debate but he was clear that he probably shouldn’t.

  14. I wonder how “injured” McGowan really is. I mean, it’s McGowan so we all assume it’s the worst thing to ever befall a professional athlete.

    But if he’s likely going to be limited to 20-25 starts perhaps it makes sense to have him pitch from May through August and then have Hutchison or whomever take over in September.

    As the great JP Ricciardi once said, it’s not lies if we (AA & company) know the truth.

    • I have been saying this for 2 months now. It never made any sense to open the season with McGowan in the rotation and then have to shut him down. The best course of action was always to keep him in extended spring and then let him loose at the time when you think he can go the rest of the season. If you started with him and he’s pitching extremely well, it would have been too difficult to shut him down.

      I also believe this was the motivation behind the signing. The Jays wouldnt have been able to send down a healthy McGowan without his permission, and a healthy McGowan wants to get on the mound to throw as many innings as possible as an audition for his FA contract. By signing McGowan to a 3 year deal the Jays gave him the security he wanted and now the player and the team can work together on a schedule that best maximizes his arm’s potential.

      Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire plantar fascitis thing is a load of bullshit designed to allow the Jays to put McGowan back on the DL, agreed to by player and team.

  15. Not the first time KLaw has dropped your name. I recall he did last year during a discussion about Bautista and steriods.

    Either way. Great work. Good to see the best Jays blog getting international attention.

    I’ve always been a big Stoeten fan, but I kind of miss Parkes and Bergkamp.

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