Today in last guy on the 25-man-roster news, the artist formerly known as Omar Vizquel (above) has officially beaten back competition from Luis Valbuena, and poor, still-not-out-of-options, Mike McCoy, to land the somewhat-coveted job of utility man for the Jays. Per… um… everyone.

Also per everyone: Vizquel is old.

It will be cool the odd time we get to see Vizquel flash the leather, and if such intangibles exist in any kind of tangible way, it’s surely a bonus to have one of the best defensive and most respected players of his generation in the clubhouse, who may well end up enshrined in Cooperstown one day.¬†And one with a reputation as being one of the smartest, too. He paints, for fuck sakes!

On the other hand, of course, we don’t exactly want to see too much of him. I mean, it will suggest something has gone very, very wrong for the 2012 Blue Jays if they give anything resembling significant playing time to a guy who was playing as a pro in rookie ball the summer Trudeau finished his second run as Prime Minister.

As… well… everyone else will have pointed out already, Vizquel is mostly here to mentor younger, Latin American shortstops like Yunel Escobar and Adeiny Hechavarria– much in the way that he helped his previous teams, the Rangers and the White Sox, bring Elvis Andrus and Alexei Ramirez along.

If it works out that well with Hechavarria, yep… that’ll play.

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  1. The new and improved PMOD!

  2. Omar Goodness!

    Can’t wait to see the living legend.

  3. Not sure how he’s able to mentor Hechavarria, considering if Hech comes up, he’ll likely be DFAed. Unless he becomes some sort of roving infield instructor.

    • Spring. September callup. Hech up as an injury replacement.

      • Or Esco stubs his toe and is DL’ for a month…

      • I’m skeptical of that happening. I just remember the disaster that happened at third base last year, and how resolute management was in making sure that Lawrie (or for that matter, Snider, or Cecil) weren’t called up because of an injury. I have a feeling that Hechavarria won’t be called up until it’s “for good” if they indeed think he’s their guy going forward.

        • I think Hech will be handled differently. He is not “young” like Snider and Lawrie, any chance to get him some major league at bats should help him develop.

        • sure ok, but you also cant discount Lawrie being a “super-two” and being held back for that.

  4. Fantastic, means I can spend the weekend rooting through my parents basement for some old Calgary Cannons stuff in honor of Omar once again playing in Canada. Likely any cap or shirt I find won’t fit me however, it was 23 years ago he played here and I was 13.

    • That’s awesome. I saw one Cannons game ever in 1985, and remember Danny Tartabull (playing shortstop) being the big star. 40 dingers that year, IIRC.

      • I still have a set of 1985 Cannons cards. Randy Johnson, Edgar and Tino Martinez, Mickey Brantley all passed through as Mariners.

        Tartabull hit so many HR in the thin air here that in his last year here the doubled the height of the wall.

        My dad would take us to 3 or 4 games a year through the mid to late 80′s, when they were giving away something cool like a batting helmet or on a weekend evening.

        Opening day was always delayed by a week or more because of snow in April,and the team sold out through the mid 80′s (6500 people, but stul). When Tacoma took Seattle’s affliation, we got stuck with the Pirates and then the Marlins, and time was clearly running out on AAA baseball in 6500 seat stadiums.

        Of course, the Cannons then moved to Albuquerque and became the Isotopes.

        Good times. I also went to maybe two or 3 Calgary Expos Pioneer league games, distinctly remembering them playing the Medicine Hat Blue Jays one game…probably was 1984 when I was 8.

  5. Vizquel had 7 at bats at Exhibition Stadium May 8 – 10, 1989. He faced Dave Stieb, Mike Flannagan, Duane Ward, and Jimmy Key. Nuts.

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