We’ve got enough fairweather fans as it is around here, thank you very much. But… whatever floats yer boat, I guess…

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  1. Bout time Leaf fans came back to their senses.

    Haven’t watched a game since 2002 and I’m proud of it.

  2. Thats mag-fukin-nificent.

    *Its a beautiful evenin’ fans, at the ballpark, when the game starts…………suns goin’ down, but thats okay, its a nightgame……*

  3. Now if only these people would actually go to the games.

    • I like being able to buy tickets to the 500s for 5 bux off a scalper and then sit in the empty 100s…

      I like that the most casual idiotic fan doesnt follow the team..

      Toronto is a faddy town, and when this team starts making playoff runs, the crowds will come back…

      • I like winning baseball. The more people that go to the games, the more likely Rogers is to spend money on winning baseball.

        • I agree. plus a nearly full stadium on a regular basis would do wonders for the atmosphere. It wold make it that much more exciting to watch a game. Fairweather fans or not, it would be great to see more people show up to games.

  4. This.

    This is magical.

  5. Whether these people actually show up or not, it’s evidence that the Blue Jays once again are starting to register in this city and are on their way to being truly relevant again.

    • No, its evidence that the Jays are the only other team in the city that most of those fans had heard of. Considering the typical ACC crowd, it is no shock that most of them are barely aware of the Raptors, TFC or the Argos.

      You fuckin’ chump.

      • i disagree, back in the early 90′s when the Jays score came up in Maple leaf Gardens it would get the loudest roar in the game… it might be hard for you to understand but fans can support the Leafs and Jays… i agree some leafs fans are idiots but so are some Jays fans, case in point your self..

      • The raptors are pretty much in the same playoff position as the Leafs, the Argos have been terrible the past couple years and i don’t think TFC has ever had a winning season.

        No reason to get excited over any of those teams

  6. Naw, you know what, we dont want these flakes at Jays games.

    It’ll be the ninth inning, Jays down by 2, with Bautista, Lind, and Lawrie due up, and these skinny jean wearing posers with be filing out the exits, headed to Bloor for some $10 Heinies and a massive circle jerk session over the topic of what kind of deck Dion Phaneuf is going to put on his 4mill estate in Oakville.

    • We absolutely want them, no matter how they act. More fans = more money = no more excuses for Rogers.

    • i agree nothing would bug be more is having more fans at games… idiot

      • There is also such as being a fan of multiple sports. I enjoy Baseball, hockey, football, golf, soccer and occasionally basketball. Doesn’t make me any less of a Jay’s fan and doesn’t make my attendance worth any less then yours.

    • I’m not much of a hockey fan, but your comment is just stupid. So all Leafs fans are ‘posers’? That’s a pretentious statement in itself, as if makes a claim that you are ‘above and beyond’ them just because of the sport they choose. Hopefully every sports team in Toronto is supported by everyone…including douche bags like yourself.

    • As someone who thinks loose pants should only be worn by fat fucks, I’ll have you know that people in skinny jeans don’t drink Heineken and we don’t hang out on fucking Bloor Street and we give zero fucks about hockey.

      • Okay, skinny jeans are nice. That was some serious jean prejudism by me. Sorry.

  7. You can tell it’s spring when the Leafs are out.

  8. The antagonism of Jays fans towards Leafs fans is so fucking stupid.

    I for one welcome our expensive suit-wearing 1%-ers. Any seats filled are better than no seats filled.

    • Im an Oil fan. Always will be. I hate the Leafs like I hate the Yankees.

      But Im a Jays slut. So if the suiters want to come out, they better buy the beer and watch out for four balls. Because if one of em loses his chicklets talkin about mutual funds then I am going to intiate a nice little Wisers clap.

  9. I remember the reverse happening on Opening Day 2004. It made me very, very sad.

  10. This absolutely made my night.

  11. The true blue fans may hate the fairweathers (lord knows I’ve seen enough of them in the past two years as a hardcore Denver Broncos fan), but this just shows you, there’s a buzz about the Jays and around the game of baseball in general that hasn’t been seen around here in ages. The biggest pre-season buzz I can remember was after Clemens signed (I remember the actual seasons from 90 to 94 but not the pre-season expectations and such). If they can surprise and even just stay in a race down the stretch — they don’t have to win yet necessarily, just stay in the race — the Jays could actually do the unthinkable and knock the Leafs off the front page! I know it happened during the World Series years but back then the Leafs had those Gilmour-Clark-Potvin clubs everyone loved, so they eventually got back. This would be different. Only the Jays have the cache names in Toronto sports right now. With the level of discontent in Leafland and even in Raptorland if they play this right the Jays have a legit shot at becoming the KINGS of Toronto and seriously damaging the Leaf brand, even temporarily.

    Man I’m just so fucking excited, this city is living and breathing baseball in March! It makes me so damn happy!

    • Holy fuck, context is just too much for your fucking pea brain, isn’t it?

      This has nothing to do with the Jays at all. But keep wanking if it means you’re no fairweather fan, dipshit.

      • Is being an utter fuck your full time job, or just a passing fancy?

        • He’s a stupid piece of shit, just ignore him. He hasn’t posted anything remotely intelligent in three years, and that dumb bitch isn’t going to suddenly have a breakout season this year.

          “Those guys have never heard of the Raptors, you see, HURRRR”

          You won’t find a dumber guy in the entirety of the fanbase.

          • Yeah you will. Remember the idiots saying the Jays should trade their farm system for Darvish the moment he signed with Texas? Oh wait, this dude was probably one of those

      • You’re a piece of shit you know that?

  12. I’ve been a Leafs fan and a Jays fan my whole life but I don’t live in Toronto. I was wondering: is being a Leaf fan or Jays fan two mutually exclusive things in Toronto? I’ve followed the Jays as closely as I have the Leafs for 20 years now. Both have seen successes and failures over those years. The Leafs are, I think, at their lowest point in franchise history with no sign of improvement. So you get the chants of “Let’s Go Blue Jays” at the ACC last night. But I think it’s inaccurate to say it’s the “1% crowd” delivering these cheers. The “suits”, sadly, occupy (see what I did there?) the lower bowl of the ACC, but they wouldn’t have the interest or the good sense to start a cheer like that. It’s the fans in the upper reaches of the arena, the ones you never see, that are delivering these chants. And I’m assuming that these are the same people who will make their way across to Rogers Centre come April and cheer on the Jays. I get the hatred people feel for the Leafs, honestly. Especially Jays fans who don’t like hockey and want to see the Jays become a bigger deal in the city. The Leafs monopolize coverage and interest in the Toronto media and draw huge crowds but don’t put a product on the ice that deserves it (at least currently). But I don’t see the point in painting all the Leafs fans with the same “you’re just watching the Jays because your fucking Leafs are done” brush. Again, I’m far removed from Toronto and even Ontario for that matter. So I don’t know how it works there. I just find it frustrating that I’m automatically considered a fair weather fan of the Jays if I’m also a Leafs fan. It’s possible to be knowledgeable and loyal fans of both teams. At least outside of Ontario.

    • Honestly I think the purpose of a chant like that is to piss off Brian Burke, and to try to look rebellious. Most of the fans who were chanting it don’t have legitimate interest in attending Jays games. They’re just trying to express how frustrated they are with the Leafs, and this is an easy way to do it. The truth is, the same people doing the chanting will continue to mindlessly and hopelessly spend a lot of money to attend Leaf games every year, and they will be disappointed every year because the Leafs will lose every year, and the Jays will draw big crowds only if they’re serious contenders for the playoffs, and even then it probably won’t be until late September. Leafs fans pretend that they will stop attending games if the Leafs don’t win, but they’ll never follow through on that threat.

    • I totally agree, if you read one of my replies up above. No matter where I go I see Jay’s hats everywhere, most of them the new logo. I went to Buffalo a few weeks ago to catch a Sabre-Aves games and I counted no less then 4 Jay’s hats. The interest is palpable and only rising. I appreciate that you are able to articulate that there is no problem with enjoying two different sports or even the “hated” Leafs. I only wish we could have a winning culture the way Boston has enjoyed in the past decade. 3 Superbowls, 2 WS, 1 NBA Championship and Stanley Cup. If only it could be so awesome here. Haters gonna hate.

    • “is being a Leaf fan or Jays fan two mutually exclusive things in Toronto”

      I would say no. I would say it’s very common for a ‘typical’, run of the mill Toronto sports fan to follow the Leafs in the winter, and the Jays in the summer (but will tune out the Jays once they’re out of it).

      In the early 90s there was a ton of crossover.

      But in the last ten years it does seem a little more divided. I think, as the Jays haven’t been in a playoff race in 20 years, the number of Toronto sports fans who only care about hockey has grown (and we’ve seen that reflected in media coverage). But from that, it seems like a hardcore baseball fanbase has grown. Almost in a ‘this is a cool band only we know about’ kind of way.

      I would say there’s far less crossover between the Leafs and Raptors than Leafs and Jays.

  13. The problem is when they don’t understand that not making the MLB playoffs is not the monumental failure not making the NHL playoffs is.

    Not saying it’s okay to not make the playoffs, but in the NHL if you miss the playoffs you suck… and hard.

  14. I wouldn’t say the two are mutually exclusive – I enjoy hockey, and was enjoying the leafs this season until they stopped playing it. I also don’t think most Leafs fans have any ill will towards Jays fans.
    The animosity from us Jays fans in Toronto toward “Leafs Nation” probably comes from 2 places:
    1. The Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup since before Trudeau was in office and somehow it’s the Jays games that have thousands of empty seats.
    2. Hockey playoffs (that the Leafs aren’t even in) cause the Canadian sports media to ignore the Jays completely until Jose Bautista goes to the All-Star Game.

    Jays fans look like the red-headed stepchild next to Leafs nation – I don’t think it’s intentional, but that’s what has happened.

    • Yep.

    • Great points, Elizabeth. Thanks. Thanks to everyone else, too, for clearing things up for me. I will say this in response to the idea that Leafs fans are suckers for punishment who will always fill the ACC: During the Leafs/Canes game earlier this week, estimates had the ACC at only 60% full. No matter the opponent, day, or playoff situation in years past, that would never happen. Maybe the fans are finally getting it.

  15. Lawrie on Twitter : “You ready Toronto?”

    Jerk-off Leafs fans: “Yeah, because the Leafs suck!”

    Me: “Fuck off.”

  16. This was strictly to antagonize the Leafs. This chant had nothing to do with the Jays other than the fact their season is about to start. It could have just as easily been “Let’s go Argos.”

  17. Jays are lucky in a strange way, declining attendance over the past few season have forced them to change. They have the right plan, and the right man (AA) to bring the fans back. The WS in in sight, you can see it now.
    The ACC is full, the Leafs are mired in sub metiocraty, and going south. There is no future success anywhere to be seen, no hope, and a full house. Why would anything change. Profits are high, and no playoffs in sight for as far as the eye can see.

  18. Yeah, I hear this sort of thing at the SkyDome too. When the Jays are sucking, there are usually a few douches in the crowd yelling “Aaaarrrgoooooooos!”

    And of course there is always someone wearing a Leafs jersey to the Dome. Oy.

    • Same city, same team colours… not that unreasonable. I’m sure there are tons of people who wear Steelers and Penguins gear to Pirates games, too.

  19. It’s so poetic the the Flyers scored during the go Jays chant.

  20. The chanting last night was probably more a sarcastic dig at the Leafs than outright support for the Jays. Not “let’s support the Jays” and more “you Leaf players are so pathetic we’ll start up a cheer for another local team” kind of thing.

    Still it does mean that the Jays are more on the radar. It’s hard to see that happening even two or three years ago.

  21. A lot of assumptions going on here. I know the guys who started the chant (not well, mind you). One of them is a member at the Bluebird Banter blog and talks about the Jays and baseball all the time. They’re by no means ‘fair weather’ fans, and I believe they do go to games when they can. They started the chant both because they are Jays fans and are excited for the new season, and because they’re so sick of the Leafs sucking. It was a joke to start with, and everyone else around them picked it up, and then everyone pretty much picked it up.

  22. Not sure I get why Jays only fans seem to dislike Leaf fans so much…most people I know that are fans of one are fans of both.

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