Lind’s Back… On Sunday

John Lott of the National Post tells us that Adam Lind is feeling better, took some pain-free swings in the batting cage today, and will be back in game action on Sunday.

Head-smacking money quote:

Lind agrees he might need more time off, but is not inclined to ask Farrell to provide it.

“I’ve never really been one to tell John because I don’t want to come out of a game or not play, because I like being out there,” he said. “You feel bad when you’re not out there with the guys.”


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  1. Straight from the Vernon Wells playbook. That worked out well for him…

  2. God fucking damn it.

  3. The part of this no one seems to talk about is how his abysmal 2010 season had NOTHING to do with his back. in a candid interview with barry taylor, Lind very casually dismissed his back as the reason for his struggles in 2011. I’m not convinced his back played a role in his poor performance last year at all.

  4. Well its a good thing he told a National Newspaper, but not his own fucking coach. I hear those nationally published newspapers are pretty discreet, I doubt any of this info will reach Farrell.

  5. Dear John Farrell:




  6. The guy’s a gamer. The kind of grinding player championship team’s need…

    Christ, though. There is no way in hell he can get away with this for another year. If he isn’t physically okay, get the hell off the diamond!

    And if he is only physically able to play 80 games, for example, get him off the roster altogether.

  7. Does anyone remember reading something about Farrell considering not batting Lind in the cleanup spot against LHP? I know I read it somewhere, just can’t remember if it was on a blog like this one or from someone a bit more connected like Wilner or one of the beat guys.

    • Pretty sure you read it in every comment section on every article on Lind that wasn’t suggesting cutting him loose completely. But I do not recall anyone within the organization suggesting it was a possibility. But I could be wrong.

  8. Just build his numbers by platooning him and then deal him as soon as possible. It will help everyone.

  9. From his interviews Lind has always struck me as one of the dimmer bulbs on the Jays. Maybe he needs a life coach for everyday purposes.

    • No, the dim bulb award goes to Drabek. His interviews are absolutely mind numbing.

      • Agreed on Drabek, that interview he did this week on the fan was hard to listen to. He really struggled getting the answers out and the host kept asking him tougher questions, and the answers just kept getting worse.

        But really who cares about interview ability, I just want him to perform on the field like he has been expected too.

  10. Not for nothing but I personally can’t wait to see everyone next Thursday all let out a collect “For Fuck’s Sakes!” when Lind shits the bed. If that’s not a DJF bonding moment, I don’t know what is.

  11. Eric Hinske’s OPS as a Jay: .777
    Adam Lind’s OPS as a Jay: .782 (though it’s about .720 over the last two years)

    Are all those people who used to boo Hinske for a lot less than Lind’s failings going to start booing Lind?

    • I’m actually not sure why there isn’t as much hate for Lind as there should be. He’s pretty reserved, doesn’t look all too gritty, doesn’t even look like he’s working hard. Why the hell does he not have Rasmus hate all over him?

      • My guess would be that being a Silver Slugger carries a lot of weight and marrying a local woman can’t hurt the image. But the bloom is off the rose and I can’t remember any Jay who has worked harder to create not only fan disinterest but out and out dislike. He’s lazy and dumb and it’s become all too apparent.

  12. Hmmm..jays pondering move to cactus league?

  13. I used to be in the “excuse Lind” camp for two reasons: he CAN mash, and he seemed like a good kid. I know, that sounds like dangerously compassionate, but, honestly, if you don’t put any emotional investment in a team’s players, why bother watching?

    But, the excuses are really getting out of hand for Lind. It’s make or break for him. If he struggles this season, bench him or dump him, I say.

  14. This guy is not the answer at first. I can live with him this year, but the first base position needs to be answered in the near future. My only suggestion for the club is to give a first base glove to who ever has the best power numbers in the minors and train him.

  15. Just need to move Joey bats to first since we have a million outfielders

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