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Apologies in advance, but over the next week we’re going to be hitting you over the head with reminders about our Opera Bob’s Opening Day Live Stream Event. Like this one.

Marc Normandin of Sox blog Over the Monster previews the Jays for the 2012 season, suggesting that “they are close enough to contention that a breakout or two, injuries to their competitors, or a well-timed impact trade could change the landscape of the division.”

“I never saw anybody steal second, third and home in the same inning in my career,” said Blue Jays manager John Farrell of Anthony Gose’s feat last night, according to “He is obviously exciting. He can take over on the basepaths. He has a combination of pure speed, plus the ability to read some things. You just turn him lose. He’s a pure basestealer.

Ryan Campbell of FanGraphs looks at the troubling decline in velocity from Brett Cecil.

House of the Bluebird projects the 2012 performance of the Jays infielders.

John Sickels of Minor League Ball didn’t include any Jays among his Favourite Young Pitchers Under 25, but Henderson Alvarez did make he supplementary list, because “you have to love his command and the terrific K/BB ratio. Sabermetrically-speaking his K/IP ratio isn’t terrific, but he picks up a lot of ground balls. Some regression to the mean seems possible but I don’t see any reason to believe that he won’t sustain at least above-average performance.”

John Lott of the National Post talks to Eric Thames, who is relieved, but not complacent, now that the battle for his job is over. Lott also looks at Henderson Alvarez, who is having success this spring with a cutter… or a slider, depending on whether you talk to him or pitching coach Bruce Walton.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin insists that next winter the Jays need to go all-in. Or something. While, elsewhere at the Star, we hear about the different paths to stardom taken by Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero, and a feature on Sergio Santos.

MLBTR passes along a pair of Shi Davidi tweets that the Jays have acquired some minor league depth in the form of Ryoto Igarashi from the Pirates in exchange for cash. He’ll likely be assigned to Las Vegas.

An MSNBC report suggests that the Jays are a club who are rumoured to be possibly looking into a move to the Cactus League. What? Something wrong with beautiful Dunedin?

Both the Sun and the Star talk about Brett Lawrie and his magnificent awesomeness– with the Star throwing in some stuff about that Bautista guy, and the strength of the lineup overall, for good measure.

Lastly, Travis Snider tells Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, “ have to keep working on refining my swing, becoming that complete player who can change a game is my goal.” His attitude certainly seems to be in the right place. “I’m a fan of other sports,” he adds. “I’ve seen young guys come up and have struggles and deal with adversity. I’m thankful for all the people in my life who root me on. I’m going to make them all proud of me.”

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  1. Igarashi was unbearable to watch with the Mets last year. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Really hope they don’t move to the Cactus League. Who wants to visit Arizona?

    • One major advantage of the Cactus League is that (from what I’ve heard) all of the ballparks are with an hour of each other, so there are no 3+ hour bus trips just to go play an exhibition game against the Astros.

    • Who wants to visit Arizona? Wow….its only the state with some of the most natural beauty in the country. Phoenix/scottsdale area is very, very nice…clean (by american standards.) posh. there is great golf and hiking.there is freaking skiing 1.5 hours away.

      there is a reason why so many teams are moving out west…its just nicer in the spring in AZ than in florida…..february/march in phoenix is pretty much perfect weather everyday with zero humidity and sunshine to burn.

      so yea…if you dont want to visit AZ that is your choice…but christ to act like dunedin fla is something great is hilarious..

      • Yup, AZ is a great place . . . as long as your skin isn’t too dusky and your name isn’t too Spanish.

  3. Cactus League all the way! I live in AZ, and having my Jays here would just be the icing on the desert…er, dessert :)

  4. Bad bad pic of AA in the Griffin link. He looks like a hermaphrodite.

  5. “Why choose 85 wins as the target, you ask? The fact is that 85 victories is what they accomplished in 2010 and this is a better team than the one fielded in Cito Gaston’s final season.” – Griffin

    What a dumb statement. I guess he assumes all other things equal around the MLB lol

  6. A little surprised by the idea of moving ST to Arizona. Dunedin actually is one of the nicer places in Florida. I get why the west coast teams like Arizona, but it’s a long way from T.O.

    • I plan to retire to Sarasota which isn’t far from Dunedin. It would be weird for a team located in the east to have a spring training located in the west.

      I doubt they move to Arizona.

  7. Pineda: 2.2 IP, 7 H, 6 ER, 3 BB, 2 K.


  8. Any video of Gose swiping home?

  9. Did you guys see Ken Ken Rosenthals AL East preview? It was Really disappointing. Basically after watching the video you were made to believe that only three teams play in the AL East(yanks, sox,rays). I was like wtf? I tell you we get no respect. I sent him a note reminding him that there are five. Come on. How can’t you be excited about our Jays! I would be at Opera Bobs on Opening day but I live in Cow Town! F!

  10. Those of you doubting Travis Snider just look at Alex Gordon… Gives me hope

  11. Travis breaks my heart a little bit. I expected Thames to do pretty much what he did and not lose the spot, but I did hope – and still do, though wistfully – that Travis can find his way back to the club. It’ll be a great story one day if he learns to lay off those pitches that he still reaches for and figures out how to connect on the ones that he needs to, if he’s going to make it in the big leagues. There are a whole lot of reason why so very many come close but don’t quite make it to the show … but my fingers are still crossed that Travis figures out what he needs to.

  12. On another note, gotta love how this team is shaping up. I’m only hoping (in a big way, really) that Farrell surprises us with Lawrie batting lower in the order, sooner rather than later. I can’t see how or why he’d insist on letting Lind bat cleanup this year, at all. I know Farrell has forgotten more about baseball than I’ll ever know, so … it’ll be what it’ll be but … just like Farrell wanted Lawrie up with the club right away last year (and as I read somewhere, it’s sort of acknowledged by others in management now that he wasn’t wrong – if I understood what I think I read), if he thinks Lawrie should bat closer to Bautista, there’s no point that I can see in putting that one off. Lawrie’s a force; we all know it. It doesn’t matter how long (or not long) he’s been in the majors; he belongs in the batting order where he can – and so likely will – have the greatest impact. I hope they don’t stick to stodgy, traditional kind of take-your-time-making-changes thinking that baseball can be so full of (like how the Brewers were trying to put Lawrie through the grinding mill before he — SO GODDAM FORTUNATELY FOR US — came here). Lawrie’s not a guy to be treated in ANY kind of traditional way, as far as I’m concerned. This season could be huge fun. Hope it is. Go Jays.

    • While everyone dislikes the stodgy rituals of baseball,they are there because of past experiences.People forget when JPA or Snider started their major league carreer with a bang and demanded they be put higher in the line up.Baseball’s a game of adjustments,streaks and slumps.Opposing teams build a book on players.Regardless of what some think,pitchers do pitch differently depending on where they are in the lineup,they will pitch differently to the same player from bat to at bat during the game.With Lawrie’s intensity,how will he handle a slump?Will he get the same pitches hitting higher?There’s no doubt,at least in my mind,that he will be hitting higher in the order for most of his carreer.He’ll get there when the time is right.

  13. The Jays are obviously moving their Spring training to AZ in order to be closer to their AAA team in Las Vegas

  14. I’d actually rather have the Jays in the Cactus league. In Arizona, the teams are very close together and you are usually within an hour drive of 5 or 6 spring training games. The weather is more enjoyable, there are less rain outs, less people, less traffic and better food because its not all family chain shit like in Florida. I don’t really have plans to go to spring training in the near future but if Jays moved to Arizona i would make a point of it because then i could enjoy a tonne of baseball and not put up with the Disney World tourists crap.

  15. There’s something cool about the fact that the Jays have only had spring training in one place in franchise history. I’m a big fan of tradition and history in sports, and they really are one of the few that haven’t moved around in the spring. It’s a cool little nugget that has its own place in the culture of the team.

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