Holy what?

Unbeknownst to me– until an afternoon tipping beverages with Bergkamp last weekend, and then again today when he emailed me and I re-remembered– those sneaky moms at Fox have scheduled their Saturday game of the week at 12:30 PM ET for two dates in April, both of which see the Jays play at home. So, because of the MLB’s blackout policy for non-nationally-televised games, the Jays have been forced to move away from their preferred– and thoroughly fucking insufferable– 1:07 PM start times. Meaning that on Saturday, April 14th, against the Orioles, and Saturday, April 28th, against the Mariners, the Jays will be playing home games starting at 4 PM!

It says so in the schedule!

This, of course, is beyond awesome– for both respectable grown-ups who live in the suburbs and will have that much longer to fight traffic on their way down to the lake shore, and for downtown fucks like me, who will be able to sleep in, shake off the hangover, barbecue up a giant pile of meat, walk down to the SkyDome while drinking wine from a Gatorade bottle, and then enjoy a ballgame that’ll end just in time to go out for dinner and start working on the next day’s hangover.

Did somebody say perfect Saturday?

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  1. Saw that awhile ago and it’s awesome! Too bad it’s just April.

  2. I also enjoy a drink(and a toke) on the walk down to the park. I get enough of a buzz going that the yellow-bunned street-meat is extra enjoyable. Good times ahead.

  3. It’ll still be blacked out for those of us relying on mlb.tv.

    Proxy server to the rescue

    • Or, you can just use wizwig. I’d rather sacrifice the 720p quality for not paying a cent.

      • But with your no cents you don’t get the dulcet tones of jerry and alan synced to HD video so you don’t have to deal with listening to Buck and pat.

  4. OMG wine from a gatorade bottle: My hero.

  5. So can we watch the Fox broadcast, or does it still have to be Buck and Pat argue for who the colour guy is?

    • No, no, the Jays aren’t on Fox. It’s that Fox’s contract means clubs that aren’t in the nationally televised game (i.e. the Jays) can’t air their game on TV in competition with the Fox one. So, since Fox is broadcasting at 12:30 PM, the Jays were forced to re-schedule their until later, so that they’d be allowed to air it.

  6. Meh, I enjoy the 1:07pm game times. I can lay on the couch all day shaking off the rust while enjoying some refreshing bevies and a bbq, all the while preserving my evening for other activities.

  7. Booooo, I like rolling out of bed and forcing down two beers before I put on clothes while looking at batting practice through an open dome from afar, walking 100 feet to St. Louis for another beer, then grabbing a hot dog and getting to my seats just in time to see the first pitch. After the game I have a nap or more beer and then go out. Now there’s these three extra hours I don’t know what to do with.

  8. Taking the kids to the OriLOLes game on the 14th. Stoked to see them win. We went 0-4 when at the Dome last year.

    • I was 0-4 last year as well. Lost each of the last three by one run. One of the games was Canada Day where they blew the ninth inning lead, another was a blown 6-1 lead against the stupid Yanks. Unlucky.

      • Oh yeah, I was at that Canada Day game too. That was Francisco who blew it, wasn’t it? Watched the 6-1 Yankees game on TV but turned it off in sadness before the end.

        • Francisco blew it, yes. Also much blame must go to Juan Rivera, who for some reason couldn’t catch a routine flyball to the warning track.

      • Canada Day was a heartbreaker, though we did get the snazzy red shirts! We also saw David Price make the entire lineup look like little leaguers. That was painful. Here’s to better times!

        • you guys think you had it bad? the wifes father has leafs seasons tickets, so we usually go to a game or two per year for free. this year I had the pleasure of attending sundin night and watching the leafs get embarassed 5-0 vs montreal

          just saying

  9. This was a good reminder of why i love this blog.

  10. ‘start working on the next day’s hangover.’

    Can you say AWESOME!

    I’m going to start that right now :)

    Go Jays Go!

  11. In the west here, and I love the 11:07 a.m. starts. Roll out of bed, find the couch in front of the T.V. and start off the day gently with hangover cures, breakfast, and baseball. By the time the game is over, it’s roughly 2:00, and an entire Saturday is ahead.

    A 2:00 start, on the other hand, sucks. I can see why you hate them in Onterrible.

  12. Really dislike the 4 p.m. times.

  13. Last time I went to the Dome for a 4pm start, some guy named Verlander was pitching

    • Went to that game too, and it was then that I realized how shitty 4pm starts as a good portion of the seats are in the shadows. Froze my ass off (not that it wasn’t worth it to see that game).

      • That was a particularly cold day, so I wouldn’t write-off 4pm starts because of that experience.

        Also, being on the first-base side with the sun burning a hole through your retinas at 3pm is no walk in the park either.

        For 905 drunks like myself, 4pm means I can get my ass out of bed with enough time to take public transit to the Dome. I love them.

  14. Agreed that the 1pm Saturday games are an absolute pain in the stones. At least at 4pm you can go to the game and make a night of it. Coming out of a game steamed at 4pm is like being in some sort of alternative reality limbo, complete no-man’s land.

  15. I love the 4 PM saturday starts, but it’s interesting to me that FOX is the catalyst for this. I had heard awhile ago that the Jays are actually exempt from the FOX blackouts for Saturday home games because they don’t play in the US, so a US network can’t enforce the blackouts here. Maybe that changed this season, who knows.

  16. But 1pm games are great when you have kids. There’s a reason they are Jr Jays days.

    • and jr jays saturday cant be at 4:00 because…

      theres really no good reason why a game can’t be at 4:00….plus, after the game your kid will be all tuckered out and fall asleep in the car on the way home…perfect, nice quiet ride home!

  17. This is the best time of year without a doubt, 162 games to look forward and drinking in public is way more comfortable when it’s warm out.

  18. I don’t know. There’s something about the tradition of forcing down a hot dog for breakfast while hungover then immediately beginning to drink beer that I’ve always enjoyed about Saturday Jays games.
    That could easily be due to the fact that I’ve never really had other options, but frankly, I’m usually pretty sloppy by the end of a Jays game anyway. An extra three hours of pre-drinking could be absolutely deadly.

  19. every saturday AND sunday game should be a 4:00 game! after all, beer costs more than pop does!

    employees have told me in the past its always 1:07 games so they can cater more to kids during “jr jays saturdays” but i don’t understand how a 4:00 game can’t cater? i could understand 7:00 weekend games not catering, but fuck, kids are able to stay awake past 7-8pm so why not have every weekend game at 4:00! plus, after a 4:00 game, the kid will likely fall asleep on the car ride home, so really, its a win-win for everyone right! fucking rogers!

  20. I live in St Catharines – I would go to way more games if they started at 4 PM on Saturday and/or Sunday. 1 PM means the whole day is really shot except for the game.

  21. i dont know very much about wine in a gatorade bottle, but I do know a lot about wake and baking before watching the Jays at 1pm, and let me tell you that isnt a bad thing. 4pm will be fine though, it’s only two games

  22. Jr. Jays Saturday’s have been great for introducing baseball to pedophiles.

  23. While Spring Training may not meaning anything, I thought this was at least interesting to note:


    Toronto Blue Jays: 81-81, 4th place


    Tampa Bay Rays: 20-8, won the division


    New York Yankees: 24-10, won the division


    Tampa Bay Rays: 18-8, won the division


    Boston Red Sox: 15-12, won the division


    New York Yankees: 15-16, won the division

    So while the Jays broke the norm last year, it seems Spring Training does hold some value in terms of a possible preview of what’s to come.

    • It must have removed it, but the list includes what team finished with the best ST record within the AL East, and what they went on to do in the regular season.

    • You’re basing that on the above data set? That’s insane.

      • “it seems Spring Training does hold some value in terms of a possible preview of what’s to come.”

        I don’t think the Jays will win the division, but I do believe it’s a sign that the Jays will be considerably better this year. 88 wins and battling for the 2nd WC isn’t too much of a stretch, but in any case, I’m permitted to be optimistic.

  24. Less perfect for those of us watching the games in Iceland.

  25. red wine in a pop can. That’s the way to go.

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