Drew has the details, per MLBTR, and will be following the story over at Getting Blanked

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  1. Why do the Reds hate Canada?

  2. Votto’s a tremendous player but I’m happy that all the speculation can be put to rest.

  3. So now we have to trade for him. Cue the trade rumours for the next few offseasons.

  4. Maple boner giving me splinters.

    Should have used an ash instead – more sturdy.

  5. As much as he would have been nice as a Jay in 2 years, I’m not sure it would have been wise for Rogers to have “ordered” AA to sign Votto in the same fashion they “ordered” a “massive” bid on Yu Darvish.

    • Jays posted a very low bid on Darvish around 30 million. AA knew that would not be enough to get him. It was a trick that backfired on the fans. From the interview on the fan, it appeared AA didn’t want to be part of the charade but Rogers thought it would be a brilliant idea, since they could lie to the fans & say they fell short by a few million.

  6. Would have been neat to have Votto, but I never really thought it was happening.

    It’s going to take a Fielder-like deal to get this guy. I just don’t see AA seeing value in something like that (unless the Jays are were winning divisions in 2 years and willing to make moves like this by then).

    • Dont forget, if at any time Votto goes on the auction block it wont be just the Jays bidding. The LA Dodgers would be in there big time.

  7. R.I.P. Brett Cecil

    • Getting lit up. Sitting 86/87.

      Hard to see him being effective with his velocity this low. If McGowan wasn’t hurt I’d probably rather see Drabek and McGowan in the rotation over him.

    • Yeah. Um, might we see Laffey in the rotation before too long?

      I hope Hutchison is ready soon.

    • Maybe he has some sort of injury. How can he become this bad? They’re molesting him. I hope Luis Perez gets another shot. Cecil is terrible.

    • Amen brother…

  8. Good for the Reds. Here’s a small-market club in a city that’s been hit hard (I was there last year, they really have nothing going for them — it’s a smaller Cleveland) and their franchise player, the next in the long line of Cincinnati Reds greats, decides he wants to stay and maybe play his whole career there. Yeah, be upset he’s not going to sign in Toronto, but look at another way: he’s not going to the Yankees. Good for Votto, good for the Reds, and good for baseball.

    • From a resident, the Cincinnati suburbs are one of the few places in Ohio that are thriving. Few downtowns are much to look at these days. Comparing this area to Cleveland is offensive.

      • I’m going on what I saw but apologies if I offended you. It’s a cool city you have though, people were friendly and I really did enjoy myself. Lives and breathes baseball, just the way I like it

        • Not offended, I see how you could make that assumption. Just saying.

          • Been to your fair city once on a road trip a few years ago. I found it to be a nice place, but scarily conservative. Almost like Kentucky conservative.

            But your cincinnati chili is fucking awesome.

      • I’ll take Cleveland any day.

        Bragging about your suburbs is just lame, son

        • I live in Ohio, and my area has jobs. I think that’s very worthy of bragging.

          Enjoy Cleveland! Take a dip in the lake!

    • The reds are supposed to get a boost in revenue from a new tv contract in 2016. The FMV of broadcast rights is rising throughout north america & is allowing teams to use that money to sign star players.

      Rogers should allow the Jays to use the FMV of the broadcast rights, to increase the paroll.

      At this point , they will need a star 1B if Lind flames out.

  9. After they traded Alonso it was evident that they’ll get Votto signed.

  10. Also, another good thing about this signing: it will shut up a shitload of idiots in Toronto

  11. The real shame is no more “Votto You Talking About” post titles… for the time being.

  12. Well sorry to see we won’t even have a fantasy wank’s chance of getting him but at least it will put to rest one of the crazier story lines. Hey don’t give up all hope Jays fans there’s still King Felix to trade for.

  13. I was hoping that the Giants would send Belt down to AAA and maybe open to a deal. Looks like he’ll have a chance to get full-time ABs at 1st and LF so probably a non-starter unless he struggles.

  14. Somewhere Jon Morosi is crying.

  15. Well, watching Cecil while washing down $1 beers in Vegas might be tolerable, at least much more tolerable than watching him deal while choking down $12 beers.


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