Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack…

“The biggest gap between any two teams in this division is between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays, which isn’t that big of a gap to begin with,” writes Keith Law in an MLB prediction post at (Insider only), where he has the Jays fourth in the East with 85 wins. “I like the Blue Jays’ depth, I think their rotation is a little underrated, I see plenty of bounceback candidates up and down that roster without many big regression candidates, and I think the front office is motivated to add talent during the season if they’re close to a playoff spot.”

Sticking with KLaw, he pans the Joey Votto deal, now that we know the enormous terms. “I actually like Votto’s chances to minimize the albatross years more than Fielder’s or Pujols’ chances, but that doesn’t mean this deal makes any sense for the Reds,” he writes. “The team isn’t likely to ever run a payroll so high that carrying Votto while he’s returning 50 cents on the dollar isn’t a big deal.”

Parkes has a good take on all of Votto’s delicious new money at Getting Blanked. While elsewhere, he lays down the framework for a mutually beneficial Barry Zito-for-Vernon Wells trade– “shit for shat,” as he wanted to call it.

John Lott of the National Post talks about the great chemistry in the Jays’ new-look bullpen. Brendan Kennedy of the Star is also on the bullpen beat. Yes, it’s still technically Spring Training.

Mike Wilner talks Brett Cecil at Mike Up, and the potential for the one-time team leader in wins to be passed at warp speed by a bunch of guys in the minors– while not mentioning Cole Hamels once!

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star also gets all prediction-y, suggesting we’re staring down the barrel of an Angels-Braves World Series.

Jays players take note, Maury Brown has a copy of MLB’s new social media policy, and he’s talking about it at Baseball Prospectus. Probably worth exploring at some point, given the rampant activity among Jays on Twitter.

At Gray Matter, Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader has a 6 minute video of a chat he had with Fisher Cats Drew Hutchison and Mike McDade.

It’s never too early to be prepared– it may be due for a freshening up, but here’s an old DJF Guide to the Home Opener that may prove useful next week.

Lastly, at The New Republic, Michael Kazin writes about how baseball is the best, and least exploitative, American sport. Interesting…

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  1. There’s a bigger gap between the Red Sox/ Rays – Blue Jays than Jays – Orioles? I don’t think so. Was there a phrase I was missing there? Are we no longer considering the Orioles part of the division?

  2. I find it hard to believe that the gap between the Orioles and the Jays is smaller than the gap between the Jays and Red Sox/Rays.

  3. This is what happens to players when they stop taking the juice. Word is wells got scared he would be caught and quit. But then again, there is always b.s. speculation. who the fuck really knows?

    • Is “word is” another way of saying “i just had a random fart of a thought so I thought I’d post it in a comment” or are you actually basing this on something ?

      • based on higher ups in the biz, pure spec as far as i’m concerned. but talent does not drop off a cliff.

        • It most certainly does. Usually because of age and accumulated injuries.

          Here are two examples:

          Babe Ruth 1934 – 5.8 WAR
          Base Ruth 1935 – 0.3 WAR *retired that season

          Bobby Bonds 1979 – 3.7 WAR
          Bobby Bonds 1980 – minus 0.3 WAR

          Those are some big fucking cliffs.

          • Furthermore, the one part of Wells’ game that has not decreased is his power (check the ISO numbers), which is where Steroid conspiracy theorists would say that we should see the biggest impact.

  4. i do steroids and now my balls are so small

  5. mmmmm gap

  6. I see the Jays are thumping the Tigers pretty hard. Did the Jays trade Cecil to them?

  7. Anyone know where I could get good steroids or HGH?

  8. Cecil’s been sent to the minors. Drabek has his spot and Carreno pitches fifth.

    • What???? I have to hear this news on the Socialsphere? Why am I always the last to know?

      But seriously….anyone know where to get good growth hormones?

  9. Best news of the day is that the Jays actually recognized there is a period of time they can drop to 4 starters. They haven’t done that since the earlier Halladay years.

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