Ken Rosenthal was on The Dan Patrick Show this afternoon, where he was speaking about the economics of the Joey Votto deal, and other potential mega-deals on MLB’s horizon, when an interesting question arose– one that he had a rather interesting answer for.

“Who would be the highest paid player, open market, right now, if it was just a– if it was fantasy draft?” asked Patrick.

“That is a great question, and I would have to say it would be someone younger. Not necessarily Albert Pujols. Maybe an Evan Longoria-type,” Rosenthal replied. “And I even had an executive suggest to me last night that a 10-year deal makes sense when you’re talking about a guy at 22- or 23-years-old. Maybe someone like Brett Lawrie of the Blue Jays, who not a lot of people have heard of yet–”

“He’s a great talent,” Patrick interjects.

“He’s an emerging star. This guy will be a star. He’s the closest thing to Pete Rose in today’s game, in terms of his approach. And is talented, as well.”

Yeah… I guess, as far as praise goes, that’s pretty decent.

Maaaaaybe this is getting a bit ridiculous.

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  1. Brett Cecil is to Cole Hamels as Brett Lawrie is to Pete Rose!

    Yay for Blue Jays named Brett!

  2. I wanted Lawrie locked up to a long-term deal this off-season, a Matt Moore/Evan Longoria type deal.

    • I fully expect him to be locked up before 2013 if he has anything even lose to the promise he showed last year and this ST

  3. Maaaaaaybe you should look at his numbers over the last year and shut the fuck up.

    • not just his numbers, but also his effort and enthusiasm, his hustle and his heart…….and his birth certificate…

    • In the offense-crazy PCL, and then in a tiny sample in the majors?

      I’m a big fan, but excuse me for not being a fucking moron about it.

    • number of red bulls consumed doesn’t count as a baseball statistic even in the age of new metrics

    • All the scouts , managers, players agree that Lawrie is going to be a star in this game, a fucking big star. You have no doubt that Cecil is a puke, everthing points to it. But Lawrie bats over .500 in ST, steals, drives in runs, plays good D and has shown nothin but poise and talent and you remain doubting Thomas’s. WTF its real, he’s here, and he will shine.If we had the reincarnation of Babe Ruth on our team, the bloggers here would shit all over him. I know, lets wait and see, maybe in 3 more years.

      • And how many times have the league’s pitchers seen him? How much tape of him exists? Wait until the adjustments have been made, see how he adjusts back, and then call Cooperstown.

        • too late call was made and reservation was taken

          • I think the problem here is that Toronto fans never get to see a true superstar, they are a foreign concept. If you have never seen it, how would you recognize it. Well, those days are over and Lawrie will give you the baseball thrill of your life. Go watch your tapes, wait for the second time around, and get your I told you so’s ready. But you will never get to use them cause he is that good.

          • We’ve never had a superstar? We had the best pitcher in baseball up until 2 years ago. We have the best hitter in baseball. We’ve had Cy Young winners, guys like Delgado… Lawrie isn’t something new. People just want to be patient before they declare him PM. Nothing wrong with that at all.

          • Jim, Lawrie will do something Doc and Delgado couldn’t, and that is win. Patience? There must not be anything wrong with it cause this site is full of it. I just don”t want anyone here getting hurt when they fall out of their rocking chair, when they see the comet that is Brett Lawrie lighting up the Baseball night-time sky with HR’s, RBI’s, SB’s, GEMS, and WS MVP. GO JAYS

          • Sigh.

      • Holy fuck, were you banned outright by, “dawg”? After reading the threads on the Braves’ site during Escobar trade, I was sure that was just not done…

        Stoeten, you need to add a skill-testing question to the posting form here.

  4. Jesus Christ these media types are making it hard for me to keep my expectations reasonable!

  5. As long as Lawrie doesn’t seem overmatched early this season, I seriously think the Jays should consider a long term deal.

    Maybe 7 year plus a couple option years to take him to 30 or 31? It’s a risk, but they shouldn’t have to commit TOO much money if he’s signing this early into his career (like Longoria). If the Jays wait a couple years, and Lawrie turns into a star the Jays will get really fucked in the ass trying to extend him. If Lawrie pans out like we think he might, imagine the kind of contract he’d get as a 27 year old Free Agent? Fuuuuck.

    Considering the boner AA has for getting value, and extending core pieces, I’m sure start considering it pretty soon (unless Lawrie flops).

    • I have this strange feeling that Lawrie doesn’t want to get locked up. Seeing how confident he is, he probably thinks that he can get a way better deal at the end of the season so that he doesn’t leave money on the table Longoria-style.

      • “I have this strange feeling that Lawrie doesn’t want to get locked up. Seeing how confident he is, he probably thinks that he can get a way better deal at the end of the season so that he doesn’t leave money on the table Longoria-style.”

        That’s why you hire an agent..

        • “Thats why you hire an agent…”

          Who knows if the agent won’t agree with him? The way he plays, his maple-ness and all those other intangibles results in additional benefits that would give an agent plenty of reasons to be inclined wait for the bigger contract than sign up for the safer one.

      • “I have this strange feeling that Lawrie doesn’t want to get locked up”

        I could see this too. He’s a pretty cocky guy. That’s why I think the Jays might be smart to do it soon, when he has a little leverage as possible.

    • I think we all knew Lawrie was going to be the exception to the 5 year deal parameters

  6. That photoshop job is making my brain hurt. Well done?

  7. I can’t believe we traded our opening day starter for this guy!1!1!1!1

  8. This actually sort of makes sense. If you could pick any player and get him for free for 10 years, starting now, who else would be a better bet than Lawrie?

    I know this is all crazy talk, but 3 or 4 years from now, Pujols, Fielder, etc are all starting to decline noticeably right? And years 8, 9 and 10 these guys will be the walking dead. Lawrie will be physically peaking then. Hopefully his skill will be also.

    • That part makes sense. In a “starting-a-franchise” scenario, you’d be looking at young controllable talents, and Brett has to be on the short list, along with more established guys like Upton, McCutchen, Kershaw, and marginally less established talents like Trout and Harper.

      The part that is a bit over the top is comparing him to Pete Rose. All-time-great comparisons don’t really do anyone any favours.

      • I think the comprison is more to his playing style, hustle and heart (which is true)….I don’t think he means on the stat sheet.

  9. Probably has Rose’s gambling problems, too.

  10. Brett Lawrie makes Babe Ruth look like Rob Deer.

    • Making Babe Ruth look like Rob Deer… so 26 years in the majors with a .390/.565/.815 line and, say, 1100hrs… I’m not quite as optimistic as Kenny and others but that seems reasonable.

  11. i could definitely see AA wanting a Longoria contract if Lawrie comes out with anything similar to last year. i could see Lawrie being willing to accept some team options if the money in them was high – I’ll gladly take the option of paying him $22 million for his age 29 season if it’s the team’s choice to do so.

    • I think that’s a smart move. Lawrie could be injury prone, so he might be willing to take a long term contract. He has more endorsement revenue potential in Toronto.

      With Votto staying as Cincinati red, Lawrie is the only Canadian star in the foreseable future.

  12. Wait, I thought Lawrie was going to be the next Mickey Mantle?

  13. I fucking love Pete Rose.

  14. Also, Stoeten’s Photoshop skills are getting better/creepier.

  15. This is exactly the situation Roger’s has said they will pony up for. We aren’t Tampa Bay, we aren’t Kasas City. We can afford to wait for a year or two, just to be absolutely sure.

    The Blue Jays will have the money to lock up the franchise player when we are sure that’s what Brett Lawrie is. Keep calm and carry on.

  16. That Rose/Lawrie Photoshop job just made my day. Thank you!

  17. Charlie Lawrie or Brett Hustle. Which do you prefer?

  18. super creepy pic. Please never post that again…

  19. It was also hilarious to hear Eric Karabell and Mark Simon arguing on ESPN’s Baseball Today Podcast Monday about whether Lawrie will be more like Chase Utley or Ryan Braun. I almost needed a maple-absorbent towel during that segment.

  20. Pete Rose first year in 157 games BA .273, OBP .334, OPS .705, HR.6, Steals 13 This at the age of 22. Rose was ROY.

  21. I think I looked at the Lawrose pic too long……or not long enough, I can’t figure out which one…

  22. This is starting to remind me of what the experts were saying about Travis Snider a couple of years ago. Listening to Buck Martinez and the slobbering Jay’s lap dogs give the guy multiple MVPs made be very nervous. This is very much the same thing. Here’s hoping they both turn out to be great, but for the love of God do not anoint the kid pete fucking rose yet.

    • Lawrie is no Snider. He doesn’t strike-out like Snider, he gets more hits than Snider, and most importantly, he sure doesn’t think like Snider. The assessment of this kids talant on this site is underwhelming beyond belief. Its the real deal here folks – your waiting is over!

      • If you pretend that birddawg is actually Brett Laurie posting on this site and referring to himself in the third person, his posts become infinitely funnier.

  23. I must be the only one who thinks that photoshop job is outstanding. You’re putting me to shame, Andrew.

  24. That photoshop is both fantastic and fucking terrifying. Hannibal Lecter shit right there.

    • a bit more sideburn and I think it’s getting close to Planet of the Apes circa 1973. creepy and mesmerizing.

  25. Only thing i’m worried about with Lawrie is can he last 162 games over 6months? Since i’ve been watching him he’s always gotten injured at some point. Last year in AAA and in September when he was called up, then again in Spring Training. Hopefully his over the top play doesn’t wear him down every year.

    • Bingo. Sadly, It seems guaranteed he will be on the DL this year. He plays the game at 125%, so he can get hurt sliding into second base.

    • Maybe Brett will be hit by a bus. Bad news for the bus. Fortunately, Lawrie will not derailed by your constant hand wringing and worry. Bautista now has someone to share the load. See you in the playoffs

  26. Someone explain to me the virtues of joylessly taking every opportunity to prove you are not a homer over the virtues of being an overenthusiastic homer, please.

  27. Ya nice job on the pic. I one way or another, I think we are going to be entertained by Brett Lawrie….not sure who Pete Rose is though…

  28. How the hell did Jayson Nix beat Brett Rosie for the 3B job out of ST last year?

    • Well ya really need those veterans like Jayson Nix. If it was up to me, Nix would be the starting 3B for the team right now. Lawrie would be sent back down to A ball so fast his head would spin. He’s good but he’s gotta learn how to play. Once he hones his game to the level of a Chris Woodward, then he might be due for a promotion to AA.

    • Lawrie had never played 3B before ST. He had to to his glove homework. I guess they also asked him to show he could draw a walk. Seems to have worked out…

  29. Going to see the Lawrie Hustle photoshopping in my nightmares tonight.

  30. Lawrie is the cockiest player in the Majors. He was dictating to Brewers management how to handle his career before reaching double A. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing – it contributes to his allure – but whatever you, or AA, or fangraphs, or Stoeten, or Parkes, or Kenny Ken Ken think Lawrie is worth, I guarantee you that Brett Lawrie thinks he is worth 10 times that, with zero risk of injury. That’s why Lawrie is never going to sign a long term deal, because his ego is the only thing inflated more than our opinion of him.

    • Lawrie is a 22 year-old baseball player in the AL East. All trends would have that ego shrink under those circumstances. I wouldn’t be too concerned about all of that.

      Unless you are saying that a man’s character is actually relevant in this business?

  31. Farrell wanted him. It was GM AA who sent him down. I don’t think Nix was even on the club until the very end of spring training or very early in the season.

  32. Bailey is done until the All-Star break.

  33. Brett Lawrie has become the new James Reimer.

    No matter the career arc that either of those players will follow, most of you are setting our 3B up for failure in the eyes of the fucking twitch-happy part of the fanbase.

    And you people claim to despise hockey and Leaf fans? Thank you, ever so much, for your lack of restraint. I can’t wait to jump down the throat of the first motherfucker, posting with the greatest of certainty in this thread, who will turn around to moan like a little bitch at his very first MLB slump.

    • Except Brett Lawrie’s talent isn’t just a mirage in the fantasies of desperate homers.

    • For fuck sakes, if you are going to utilize hockey comparisons, which is totally idiotic, try a little harder.

      James Reimer is a very average NHL goaltender. And he was never a highly touted prospect. The only thing Reimer and Lawrie share are passports.

      Lawrie was a top baseball prospect who carried a minus rating on makeup before the trade to the Blue Jays. The dude is a legit player who could become a monster.

      Reimer is lucky if he can hang onto his job next season.

      • I never said the players were comparable in talent. I even think Gustavsson is more talented than Reimer some days. The extremely unwise flights of fancy that so many posters in this and other threads are showing me, though, tells me how playoff-starved this city is. Even if Lawrie makes the All-Star game this year, it is still foolish to put him on a pedestal like this, especially now.

        It is fucking idiotic to miss my point, comparing desperation and adulation among supposedly disparate fanbases.

    • Brett Lawrie has become the new James Reimer.

      This breath of idoicy caused me to spit a mouthful of tim horton’s coffee all over my monitor. Thanks a lot!

    • That last sentence makes my head hurt.

  34. I don’t know what to think. When I see him, his plate coverage and swing are so good. It doesn’t matter what the count is, he’s able to hammer the ball all over the place. The way he waggles the bat is pure domination.

    As far as caution goes, Farrel is already hinting NOW that he’ll be moved higher in the lineup really quickly. He’s already been ticketed for “fourth or fifth”. Now, considering how much Farrel protected him last year and how careful they were going to be this year–guess what? He still hasn’t cooled down one iota and they’ve already changed the plan. I get it, it’s spring. But the guy didn’t hit .330. He hit just about 600!

    I think we’re in for a real treat with this guy, with the ONLY caveat being injuries.(which can happen to anyone)

    • Is Brett still wearing those big thick padded batting gloves he wore last year?.. someone correct me if I am wrong.. but would those keep him from getting his hands broke by an errant pitch? Maybe he just needs to get some Cricket gear.

  35. Lawrie was compared to George Brett last week. Now he is being compared to Pete Rose.

    If this keeps up, casual fans might start assuming that he is a member of the Hall of Fame inner-circle.

  36. All I know is, what a steal that trade was. I remember at the time it went down, everyone was complaining that “Marcum is our ace, and they’re trading him for a guy who has attitude problems?!?!?!” Good luck finding any of those people now. It’ll also take good luck to find any of the current Rasmus haters in six months.

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