The time is soon upon us– on Thursday afternoon at 3 PM ET the Jays begin the 2012 MLB season in Cleveland, with Ricky Romero taking on Justin Masterson of the Indians. And to help kick off the season we’re having a little get-together to watch the game at Opera Bob’s Public House on Dundas St. W (at Ossington), here in Toronto, where Parkes, Drew and I will be hosting a pre-game live stream starting at 2:30 PM ET, all the way up to the first pitch. Those of you who can’t make it out can, of course, watch us live on

Keep following the blog for more details (though… I dunno, these are pretty much the details), use the Facebook invite to tell us you’re coming, and most importantly, start making your excuses to come get shittered on a Thursday afternoon for the first real game of the season. It’ll be times!

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  1. I will be the shittered rotund gent in the Lawrie jersey. Should be a good time!!!

    • You might have to be more specific. Specifying “that fat drunk in a Lawrie jersey” at a DJF party is like specifying “that douchebag” at a Nickleback concert

      • Ha — True. Now I need to spend the evening reconsidering my attire. Parkes should have a DJF “What not to wear” show.

        • Parkes will either show up in his Johnny Mac or Giants jersey. Anything less will be disappointing.

  2. My fake excuse is in. (I’m visiting family, in Ottawa, Easter or something. If anyone asks you’re my family in Ottawa.) I won’t be able to see you guys streaming all over each other but I’ll make it sometime during Ricky’s no-hitter.

  3. Question: does Opera Bob’s have wifi for those of us who need to periodically check

  4. I’ve gotta work until 3:30pm and figure out where to put the dog (maybe I should put her in kids clothes and sneak her in – order her an iced tea…) but I will be there for as much as I can. Looking forward to it.

    Only time I made it was when my band was playing right after the game, and I had to calm my singer down because it went into extra innings… cut into our set time. But it looks to be a good time.

  5. Good news for us suckers who have to be stuck at work: tomorrow’s Jays/Indians match up is’s free game of the day.

  6. Red Sox fan here, half a dozen of us are gonna stop by and make it a living hell for y’all

  7. will most likely be stuck in the office….anywhere to watch the game online while I “work”? the mlbtv blackout really pisses me off.

  8. Count me in! Times!

  9. Fernando Costa getting a bit of nice free publicity

    • You know what they say: location, location, location. Now given the anticipated crowd, he probably wishes he were practicing personal injury law.

  10. Really looking forward to this. Even a few inbred Red Sox fans won’t be able to sour this occasion.

  11. How many DJFer’s have signed up for this shindig?

  12. I get off work at 3. Gonna boss it outta here around 2:50 and hope I can make it in time for the first pitch.

  13. Happy Opening Day Bitches!

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