With Joey Votto having now bankrupted Cincinnati for generations to come, the folks at CBS Sports are going to require a new dimension by which to acknowledge the Jays’ existence. Danny Knobler gave it a go yesterday, calling the club’s decision to promote Joel Carreno in place of Brett Cecil “stunning and understandable, if that combination is possible.”

What appears stunning to him, however, is kinda odd…

Right. Like Kyle Drabek and Henderson Alvarez did last year… because the Jays triple-A affiliate is in the shitty Pacific Coast League, and the Red Sox at least have Pawtucket.

No matter. It’s doom and gloom for the Jays, who “end spring training with a patchwork rotation that calls into question their chances of survival in baseball’s toughest division.”

Maybe I’ve just cooled on Cecil and Dustin McGowan, and am overly optimistic from what I saw of Kyle Drabek this spring, but… is it really such a step down from what was originally planned to Drabek and Carreno? Is it a step down at all, frankly?

Having followed the Jays through camp, I don’t think it is.

Besides, as Knobler himself acknowledges on Twitter, Carreno is only to be a temporary fill-in, ostensibly until Dustin McGowan gets back.

Of course, the “end of April, at a minimum” timeline on McGowan’s return– as John Farrell gave over the weekend, according to John Lott of the National Post– is probably overly optimistic, seeing as it relies on him being healthy enough to start throwing again on schedule by the end of the week, then building his arm back up, setback-free, over the course of the month. Still, it’s not going to be long before some of the guys at New Hampshire start knocking on the door anyway. The Jays weren’t afraid to call up Henderson Alvarez after just 14 starts and 88 innings in double-A last year, and the best arms who’ll start the season there– Drew Hutchison and Deck McGuire– already have three Eastern League starts under their belts.

It was always going to be a patchwork rotation here, so it’s hard to be too concerned about it now.

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  1. If that was what the Brady Bunch was going to look like, I don’t think the show would have ever aired.

  2. Daniel Bard doesn’t have any starts above single A and he’s starting… so it isn’t hard to imagine the Red Sox doing it.. is it? You know, since they are?

  3. As someone pointed out on Twitter recently, maybe Mr. Knobler needs to inspect Daniel Bard’s career a little closer. Bard hasn’t started a game since 2007 when he was in A-ball. Suddenly Joel Carreno’s 23 Double-A starts in 2011 don’t look so bad.

  4. Also, if you scroll up and down really fast over that picture, he looks like skeletor or something.

  5. A rotation with Cecil in it is already ‘patchwork’ in my view.

    I set a personal record in scrolling below the fold so I wouldn’t have to look at that picture.

  6. The picture looks like a cloned army of serial killers.

  7. I just hope they are starting to get firm with cutting the losses because there is no way in hell Joel Carreno can be worse than Brett Cecil, and its not like he has to Roy Halladay by Sunday or anything… part of the excitement with baseball is not knowing who is going to win, otherwise you are still watching re-runs.

    The Knobler could easily pass as a super villain btw, and wouldn’t need a name change either.

  8. Completely agreed.

    Cecil has a bunch of starts above AA – wasn’t doing anything for him. Carreno doesn’t have a lot of experience – but he’s pitched in the majors. Unless something miraculously amazing happens it won’t be a permanent solution so its not that big of a deal.

    The questionable back end of the rotation remains questionable – only with different questions.

  9. Did nobody watch Carreno this spring training? I haven’t read anything about his pitches and if anything is different, or maybe I’m just not looking in the right spots.

  10. What is all the talk about when McGowan comes back? Surely I wasn’t the only one that noticed he’s been pretty stinky

  11. suddenly Drabek is now key to the Jays slim playoff chances for 2012. 4 weeks ago he was just a nice work in progress.

  12. I would suggest not posting his pic again on your website, i’m sure it turned people away… that is a very odd thing to say considering the 4 and 5 starters boston has…

  13. What a fuckin Knob gobbler. get your shit together, son.

  14. Imagine if the Jays blew a nine game September lead to miss out on the playoffs. Oh wait, it was Boston that did that…

  15. I knew I recognized that guy in the picture above from somewhere..


  16. Danny Knobler, baseball insider, adolescent scrotum nibbler.

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