Can I tell you something? If I knew what it meant, I’d probably get schadenfreude simply for the fact that some insufferable prick  probably clicked on this post for the sole purpose of telling me that only douche bags use the word “schadenfreude,” and now I’ve completely defused his irrational, pedantic ire.

Also: Brett Wallace.

The bat-will-play-anywhere, best positional prospect in the Roy Halladay trade was flipped by the Jays to the Houston Astros at the 2010 trade deadline for Anthony Gose, amid much consternation from Jays fans who had spent the previous three months longing for Wallace to come along and finally end the Lyle Overbay era at first base.

Like just about every decision the Astros have made since, though, it seems thing didn’t work out so hot for Houston.

Of course, you can nitpick just about any GM– how’s Mike Napoli for Frank Francisco treating us, hmm?– but this one has made for a rather amazing turnaround.

Anthony Gose left Jays camp in Dunedin this week on his way to start refining those tantalizing tools of his at Triple-A Las Vegas, a hotly-anticipated prospect in the eyes of many fans– as was Wallace– due largely to the positively asinine underappreciation of the guy ahead of him on the depth chart. While Wallace… is heading down to the same level, in the same league.

Yes, Wallace– the Astros’ Opening Day first baseman in 2011– was demoted to the Oklahoma City Redhawks at the end of camp. And, at least for now, he and Gose will both be competing with their respective teams for the Pacific Coast League championship.

“Wallace is hitting .260 with one homer and seven RBIs in 50 spring at-bats,” explains Brian McTaggart of “He played both first and third base this spring in an effort to increase his versatility, but he will start the year in the Minor Leagues and play third base.”

Back to third base for ol’ Thunder Thighs? Fat Ichiro-ing his way to .260 with just a single homer the whole spring?

Oh man… that sucks. And is also kinda funny.

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  1. If he continues to not hit does he still deserve the Fat-Ichiro nickname?

  2. While the Gose excitement may be partly due to the irrational Rasmus hate, I think the different dimension he brings to the game is the bigger reasons. Everybody you talk to raves about the way the guy runs, fields and throws, and all those things can be really exciting. Add in the fact that he has a little bit of power (and that Devon White with more patience comps are being thrown around) and you can see why people can’t wait.

    • He’s got to actually, y’know, get on base though.

      • .349 OBP last year as one of the youngest players in AA, and that was without any semblance of a 2-strike approach or being allowed to bunt for hits. If he posts anything like that in the bigs, with his speed, bit of power and D, he’ll be a superstar.

        • And by no means am I saying it’s a sure thing or that he’s a finished product (because I’m not insane), but there’s plenty of reason to be excited. His absolute floor is a better Rajai Davis.

          • Gose’s defense alone is miles above Davis.

            Goldstein and Parkes rate Gose’s arm as an 80 arm, maybe even better.

            Problem with Gose is that despite arriving in AAA, its still hard to project anything with his bat. He has power potential but he hit tool, that elusive fucking hit tool, is the only barrier keeping him from busting onto the bigs and forcing Colby to LF.

            Some wonder that playing in an offensive-minded environment like Vegas might hurt Gose by encouraging his bad habits of swinging and missing.

            Certainly a prospect to watch this season.

  3. You would have thought Houston realized what they were getting when they traded for him, since that was the fourth time in a year (July 09 to July 10) he was traded

  4. Only douche bags use the word “schadenfreude”. Douche bag.

  5. Of course Ed Wade was running that show, and he did trade Curt Schilling in his prime for Omar Daal and Travis Lee

  6. In honour of a series in Cleveland, I always love revisiting Bruce Drennan rants, especially Blue Jay-related:

    Fuck MLB for pulling the EPIC 2010 rampage:

  7. Nice work by AA taking advantage of the Vegas boost. Of course, adjusted for league and park, his Vegas numbers were very unimpressive. In fact, none of his minor league numbers were very impressive, at any point, really.

    wRC+ adjusts wOBA for league and park. 100 is league average. An all-bat top prospect you want way, way above that mark, up challenging the 150 mark at least. Wallace did that in A-ball once (163wRC+), and for his first brief callup to AA (195wRC+), but never anywhere close after that.


    A (21): 177pa, 163wRC+
    AA (21): 57pa, 195wRC+
    AA (22): 154pa, 133wRC+
    AAA (22): 203pa, 123wRC+
    AAA (22): 243pa, 101wRC+
    AAA (23): 423pa, 120wRC+
    AAA (24): 126pa, 135wRC+

    Compare to crappy future bench players at best prospects like Thames and Cooper:

    Eric Thames

    A+ (22): 220pa, 151wRC+
    AA (23): 573pa, 142wRC+
    AAA (24): 241pa, 150wRC+

    David Cooper

    A- (21): 95pa, 166wRC+
    A (21): 106pa, 169wRC+
    A+ (21): 102pa, 129wRC+
    AA (22): 538pa, 104wRC+
    AA (23): 553pa, 110wRC+
    AAA (24): 545pa, 142wR

  8. If Wallace is Fat Ichiro…

    What should we call David Cooper?

    Seems kind of Ichiro like too, doesn’t he?

  9. Michael Garncarz: I know what schadenfreude means. And with that I think my time commenting at DJF has come to an end. Thanks all, it’s been real.

    • Small Potatoes: I’m gonna miss trying to figure you out as you ride off into the sunset.

  10. Wow. If the title said “This Week in Gloating” no one would give a shit. Fans of all sports do it. But because it says “Schadenfreude,” a select few get their balls in a twist?

    Am I missing something here?

  11. I don’t know, I use term schadenfreude frequently to express my feelings when the Red Sox lose (which will hopefully occur tomorrow).

  12. His smile alone in MLB2k12 made me happy he isn’t a Jay anymore.

  13. Off Topic but is anyone else seeing Crispin Glover in that photoshop of Lawrie?

  14. It’s a great word… With no equivalent English… And anyone who does feel a tinge of this whenever the Yankees lose in the playoffs and the camera pans across their depressed dugout is either lying, or clinically dead…

  15. Fuck me.
    Had to look up the meaning of “schadenfreude”.
    Then I had to look up the meaning of “pedantic”
    Then “consternation”,then “asinine”.
    Couldn’t find “Ichiro-ing”

    Took me half an hour to read the damn post.

    • Next time, try Google translating to some other language and then back. That should solve the problem. Except “Ichiro-ing” – that’s a universal term according to Google…

  16. On Parenthood.

  17. I love baseball. The Jays and Indians are tied in the career series 186-186. Grudge match!

  18. I love baseball. The Jays and Indians are tied in the career series 186-186. Grudge match!

  19. Are there really that many fans ready to ship Rasmus outta town? I agree with you Stoeten when you say that being so hard on Rasmus is ridiculous, but I’m just not seeing this ire you’re always talking about.

    • If you saw the sort of BS arguments Mike Wilner gets into on Twitter, you’d understand just how damn many there are. It’s very odd!

  20. Almost had forgotten about Brett The Freedom Fighter Wallace…

  21. Let’s be accurate and say the concern over Overbay was just and required. Seems like we are heading into our 3rd year of concern over the guy at 1B who actually wound up replacing Overbay.

  22. wuts width aul the big wurdz?

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