What can I say about the Jays’ Opening Day, 7-4 victory that could be said in… say… 5 hours and 14 minutes. From the natural excitement of Opening Day, to the downer of Justin’s Masterson-ful performance (see what I just did there), to the euphoria of the ninth inning– and the hilarity of Edwin Encarnacion’s bat flip on a double– to the highs and lows of seven more innings, including the Jays’ five man infield, Rajai Davis getting doubled off on a brain fart that you’d yell at a goddamn ten year old for having, a bench-clearing melee, apparently, which happened after I’d decided I needed to eat a proper meal, or else risk alcohol poisoning, to JP Arencibia’s home run, and Luis Perez sprinting onto the field and forcing the club to have him start the 16th, when closer Sergio Santos was ready to go.

Holy piss, it was epic. And, at least for me, thanks for that is in no small part to the fine people at Opera Bob’s, everybody who came out for the event, those of you who were watching on your computers, and our great coworkers at theScore who conducted all the technical magic we can’t even comprehend to make it happen. Awesome stuff, everybody.

Now… more baseball! Game number two of 162!


Not many butts to scuttle… not, at least, with this Game Threat coming in so close to the first pitch. Go Jays!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, as provided by the live box score at theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Thames LF
J. Arencibia C
C. Rasmus CF

B. Morrow RHP

The Clevelands

M. Brantley CF
A. Cabrera SS
S. Choo RF
C. Santana C
T. Hafner DH
S. Duncan LF
C. Kotchman 1B
J. Kipnis 2B
J. Hannahan 3B

U. Jimenez RHP

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  1. Welcome back Stoeten.
    Glad to hear Opera Bob’s was a success.Heard you had overflow of DJF fans.

  2. Starting to worry about ya, Stoeten! :) Can anyone find me a link to the new “Comin Home” promo for the home opener on Monday? They use the Diddy song again this year, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  3. Hey Stoeten, the live box score on thescore.com has a picture of Morrow with a Mariner’s cap on. How many seasons does he have to play for the Blue Jays before that’s updated?

  4. Any working streams?

  5. JPA, night and day from last year blocking pitches

  6. You macho pig.

  7. Don Wakamatsu!

  8. Jiminez is getting outs, but doesn’t realy look good. Lots of pitches up, only throwing about 91-92, the Jays should get to him

    *knocks wood

    • Could honestly say the same thing about Morrow. Fastball is 90-91 and he’s not locating his off-speed stuff.

  9. Anyone catch the interview with Adam Lind where he says outfielders can go three games without moving? Solid team player.

    • Methinks you might be taking things a little too seriously. Probably said largely in jest.

      • it maybe was in jest. I only caught half the interview.. it appeared he was talking about his injuries. Burn him at the stake anyways. Probably a witch.

    • yeah but the they can go one inning having to move three ties as much as a 1b for three games… although their outfield instincts would have to be fucking flawless and it would take a bizarre three games for an outfielder to not move for three games.

  10. times*

  11. nice seeing some groundball outs coming from morrow.

  12. Waiting until the 18th for Cable is really sucking.

    • Could be worse…inch of frozen rain and a foot of snow on my satellite dish and I think I fucked it trying to clean it off.

  13. longest game followed by shortest game.

  14. Dear Blue Jays,

    Get some @#*$&%ing hits, please!



  15. Jimenez looks downright filthy today.

  16. C’mon Lawrie.Ya shoulda seen that one coming.Two called strikes inside,You know he’s gonna do it again.

  17. That better be an error.

  18. Fuck.

    That is on JP’s error.

  19. Well, JP really fucked this one up

  20. Yeah, the inning should be over but in typical Morrow fashion, his ability to limit damage the second players get on base is truly pathetic.

    • If you haven’t yet learned to simmer the fuck down over one mistake that hasn’t even sunk us, I don’t see why Morrow doesn’t get more time to mature.

  21. Morrow didn’t do himself any favours by falling behind in the count so everybody in the park knew he’d have to throw a fastball down the middle.

  22. Ffs boys better get some hits after that shitshow

  23. Hopefully the team isn’t as gutless as its so-called ‘fans’. Let’s go Jays!

  24. Fucking ump according to Pitch FX is giving Ubaldo a big strike zone. Lawrie’s called 3rd strike was way inside. Ump got fooled by Santana.

  25. so much for that ‘grind it out’ sox-yankees approach at the plate this year.

  26. One thing that separates the Yankees and Sox is their fans arent gutless crybabies who whine like plain-g and Rgos because of a 2-0 lead.

  27. Can see why they didn’t call up McGuire – he’s getting rocked in AA -4 HR’s, 7 Runs in 5 innings so far.

    • Well, from listening to Yankee fans, their AA team is better than the Indians…

      • Think that’s his worst start in the minors ever. Hopefully just one of those days and nothing wrong physically.

  28. Adam Lind, 2 games, 2 walks.

    He is laying-off more pitches. Very impressive.

  29. Maple boner!

  30. Yay, Lawrie’s great again!!

  31. Atta Boy Captain Canuck!?!?! Tie Fucking Game Sportsfans

  32. Hall of fame!!

  33. That’s stone cold BC ice water running through those veins!


  35. Jays! 2-2. Maybe plain-g and Argos can be put back in the test tube to see if they can grow a sack.

  36. I don’t like Thames very much. Just sayin’

  37. Pretty pathetic attendance figure. 18000 to your 2nd game of the year, Saturday afternoon, and a bunch of the crowd is Jays fans.

  38. That looked like it definitely hit the shale

  39. A double play? First game of the year for Morrow? What the fuck

  40. until I’m blocked again…



    always hustlin.

    • I checked it out.
      Some thoughts.

      Get better graphics.
      Get a better grip on the game,provide some insight so it may appear like you might have a clue.
      Learn how to write a proper paragraph.
      Use spell check.
      Put some thought into the content ( it makes it interesting to read).
      Learn from the failures that were Blue Jays Balcony,Blue Jay Junction etc.
      Try to attract intelligent commenters instead of the casual fan.
      And most important don’t troll other blogs for pageviews.

      Until then FUCK OFF.

    • It is pretty rude to spam someone else’s blog. Post something insightful and link with the supplied URL field in the comment form.

    • LOL what a huge fail.

  41. Double play!!!!!! Holy fuck it’s a miracle

  42. Well that should be it for Morrow he’s over a 100 pitches now. Just need to score a run in the top half to get him his win now. Overall not too shabby for first start. If he can come close to doing this for the rest of the year the Jays could have a shot at more than 85 wins.

  43. That ball looked fair. Lucky break there.

    Nice to see Morrow get the double play, too.

    • That was absolutely a fair ball, caught a huge break there

      • Not so sure (probably), it landed about 2 inches foul 5 feet behind the bag, very tough to tell. The mark the 3rd base coach was pointing at was meaningless as it was in foul territory and a crater type mark.so it wasn’t the ball at all.

  44. Two days after Arencibia hits an extra inning bomb to win the game, and blocks a bunch of balls in the dirt, Confido jumps on the Internet after he makes a poor throw to write ‘This one’s on JP.’ What a hermaphrodite.

  45. Did KJ just save us from another extra innings affair??


  47. Cleveland fans chanting “USA USA” again. Jeez.

    • thought that’s what they were chanting. pretty ridiculous. wonder what choo, jimenez cabrera etc think of that kind of bullshit.

    • The USA chants are ignorant. Almost every player is American or non Canadian except Lawrie.

      Cleveland is near the border so they should know where Canada is.

    • Not that I really care, but I’m pretty sure the USA chants are of the fans vs fans type…obviously Jays fans are Canadian. Think outside the box people.

  48. Pinch-hit with Francisco here.

    • Farrell listened to me with a pinch hitter, but I’d prefer Francisco over Davis, even though their splits against lefties are pretty much the same.

  49. Fuck.


  51. Extras again.

  52. lol oh wow no no sergio that’s not how it’s done damn

  53. Trade him!

  54. That was a high heater for the dinger.
    But his cutter has some crazy movement on it.

  55. i’d be guessing we see mathis tomorrow then… two extra innings game in three days for jpa.

  56. And I thought Kelly Johnson saved me from having to stay up any later…

    Oh well, tomorrow’s Sunday anyway.

  57. Time to get off the snide Colby!

  58. That blown save by Santos actually doesn’t bother me too much. He looked great other than that one pitch. I’d be worried if he looked like Perez on Thursday. But there were no deep counts, and the homer was the only ball the even really had good contact on.

    • Looking good is one thing. I’d prefer the results. He can’t be giving up the long ball like that. Oh well bats just have to win it for him.

      • “Looking good is one thing. I’d prefer the results.”

        Well, obviously I would have preferred that too.

        I just didn’t really see anything to be concerned about going forward. Just a pitch that someone got a hold of. If JP doesn’t make that error, or that Rajai Davis flyout in the top of the 9th falls in it’s not really a big deal.

    • Even that one pitch was the sort of pitch that is likely to be a swing-and-miss pitch with quite a few other hitters. Like you say, Santos looked great.

    • I don’t feel that bad about the blown save either. that was a lucky home run, in my opinion, if there is such a thing. i agree with the previous comments that it would have been a swing and miss or a pop up or a non-swing ball 99.9% of the time. he looked pretty good the rest of the time.

  59. Offering CND for a hit on the Indians drummer guy:

    $5 dead
    $10 alive

  60. I love what I’ve seen of the bullpen so far, but it sucks that they’re getting this ridiculous amount of work out of the gate. Puts some pressure on guys like Carreno, Alvarez and Drabek to go deep.

    • Alvarez is going to throw 8 innings of 6 hit, 1 run ball. you heard it here first, guys

      • I hope so. I will be at the home opener with a 12 year old , so she needs some sleep for a school day. No 16th inning marathons.

  61. Good one Edwin. Also good you didn’t do the bat flip this time.

  62. i would really love to see JPA do nothing and Colby Rasmus hit a fuckin 3 run HR to feel good about himself

  63. Surprised no pinch runner for Edwin.

  64. that works too…… GO JAYS!

  65. the jays pen is deep and the off days are plentiful in april. I think it is good that the pen is getting this much work, it gives the guys a chance to establish themselves.

  66. Brett Lawrie scores, leaves Encarnacion hanging, almost breaks Joey Bats’ hand in the dugout. Maple boners, ahoy!

    • lol, Edwin hung out to dry waiting for Lawrie to even see him for the high-five. The guy is sooo locked in, that spin after the slide was funny, then he has blinders on. Did you see the really funny part which was like a minute later when Edwin tried to catch Lawrie again in the dugout. EE has a bemused look on his face saying “dude, did you not even see me” and Lawire looked right thru again. EE was also on the wrong end of Lawrie’s chest bump and helmut toss in the dugout after last year’s epic grand salami.

      someone please gif the Lawrie-EE moments from today’s game (after Lawrie crossing homeplate and then in dugout 2 minutes later).

    • Farrell’s comment on Lawrie coming in hot, from Shi Davidi’s Twitter feed:

      Farrell on Lawrie’s dugout entrance after scoring in 12th: “He’s on a dead sprint into the bat racks. You stand clear.”

  67. Great hit for Davis on a 1-2. And great steal too!

  68. Fuck off Sportsnet, going to a meaningless hockey game over an extra innings ball game. At least I can go to a different region, but now its in low def

    • Lucky for you. I live in Winnipeg with only one sportsnet. They switched to the hockey game which was blacked out for me. I got fucked.

  69. Nice AB by Rasmus to get back from an 0-2 count and collect his first hit of the year!

  70. Great to see Colby get that hit out of the way

  71. All right Colby! Now I like baseball but 28 innings in two games is enough. Let’s shut it down and gedadahere.

  72. #teamcolby

  73. Anyone trying to watch this on Sportsnet West? Fucking Joke. Fuck hockey, and fuck Rogers.

  74. No sign of Confido, who was whining about how this loss belonged to JP. Confido’s all twisted up seeing if it’s possible to lick one’s own pussy.

  75. Still on pace for 162-0. Plan the Parade.

  76. Question: What exactly is Ben Franciscos role on this team? If we haven’t used him the yet, like in the PH for Thames, why is he taking a roster spot?

  77. adding to the chorus of fuck sportsnet you piece of shit company for showing the start of a meaningless hockey game over the last inning of the second jays game of the year. heaven forbid all ten flames fans pathetically watching the 82nd game of a shit season on a sunny afternoon will miss ten precious minutes of grind it out hockey.

  78. Just another Lawrie Laud – fucking guy helps win the game today AND he is ninth on the leaderboard at Augusta – who is he really? The son of Dear Leader Kim Jung Il?

    • Dear Kim, Lawrie is the comet that the DJF are still waiting on. We won ugly for the second time in a row. We must now compete with 3 consecutive inexperienced starters as our capitalist owners won’t spend money an a new pitcher…something called ROI. Please donot banish me for my views.

    • oh that is good boyeee…

  79. I’m liking JF’s willingness to play to the lefty/righty splits. Didn’t think he had it in him. Rajai canhit lefties, andmost of our lefties cannot.that’s john maddon baseball right there. Keep playing those odds, it’ll work.

  80. Santos looked really good today. Cabrera just hit a crazy pitch for a homerun.

    • Pitch wasn’t THAT crazy high. JP wanted that pitch at the knees and inside, but that pitch slipped out of his hands and into ‘Drubles’ own hot zone. Baseball’s a bitch when it is decided by one mistake pitch, which it usually is. I’ll let Santos easy on this one, ‘Drubles is an All-Star and the All-Star for Cleveland came through for them to our temporary dismay (that’s why they extended his contract).

  81. I don’t like this, because I know it’s only two games or whatever but I’m almost starting somewhere way down inside to believe that this shit could be real this year, which is too bad since it will soon enough all inevitably come crashing down.

    Also, to anyone watching the Masters: Is it just me, or has Mickelson periodically worn those same pants since about 2006?

    • dude, stop getting your mommy’s friend’s panties all twisted in a knot and shit….we’re 2-0 and have another 160 games to go!!!

    • Possibly, but they are less recognizable than the cream coloured pinstriped pants that he wears on occasion. I’m hoping for those ones tomorrow.

      About the baseball, I was impressed with Morrow today, but not feeling overly confident with his pitching out of the stretch ability. If he is going to be better this year, that is something that has to improve in a major way.

    • Can’t say that the shit is real… Boston and NYY are both 0-2 and I know it’s tempting to dance around and point at them like they shat themselves. The law of averages and “umping” will get them back to contention so everyone be frigging ready…

  82. Kelly Johnson, what an AB. Coming first in a new inning and being so patient knowing Bautista is right behind him and all he has to do is get on base. Finally swings at 3-2 and deposits it over centre.

  83. Great game! Meanwhile, quietly, not very far away, Boston is getting their asses handed to them by Detroit…

  84. AA, please have Mr. Beeston approach Nadir Mohamed and get us another quality starter now. If the Mohamed won’t go to Beeston, then Beeston must go to the Mohamed….your WS awaits.

  85. too bad the jays couldn’t have snuck kendry morales out of anaheim. he’s 5/7 through two games.

  86. I am getting excited for this season. Bautista on pace for 81 homers, Lind on pace for 162 walks.

  87. During this entire KenRosenthal interview with Prince Fielder, The Spirit of Radio plays in the background at Comerica – Gedddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  88. Jays = first place

    first place = best place evah

    F zeke

  89. Tigers attendance was 44,710, the largest for Detroit’s second home game of the season since at least 1947.

    Signing free agents never pays off.

    • You’re really going out of your way to misunderstand everything about that, aren’t you?

      • You’re right, I am. I know we’re not in the same position as Detroit. I guess I’m thinking this is something to look forward to.

    • 44,710 of them called it very well that ‘Miggy and the Fat Prince was going to feast on Mass-hole pitching like two fat-bastards in a Vegas buffet.

  90. GG!

  91. It’d be easier to follow comments here if there was an option to read them chronologically instead of trying to find which eight of the hundred and seventy-five comments haven’t yet been read. Just saying.

  92. MATHIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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