Joel Carreno (right)… or so I’m told.

Another day, another chance for the Toronto Blue Jays to crush what remains of the hopes and dreams of the city of Cleveland– in extra innings no less. But… honestly, don’t strap in for a long ride on this one just yet, as we’re now heading knee-deep into the back-end of the rotation, with Joel Carreno taking what was to be Brett Cecil’s spot, and looking to pick up where he left off after a stellar run out of the Jays’ bullpen at the end of last year.

Will he have the same kind of success going multiple times through a lineup as he did as a one-inning reliever? Based on the fact that the first two games of the season have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a team of destiny, I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. What of it?


Pretty sure this would be worthy of a full post if I wasn’t writing in the middle of the night, prior to a day of holiday-related travelling, but John Lott of the National Post relays to us that all is not right with the recently-inexplicably-extended-but-you-didn’t-hear-me-call-it-that-you-homerish-dopes Dustin McGowan.

The Jays’ comeback kid has yet to resume throwing after being sidelined with plantar fasciitis two days prior to it being announced that he’d been inexplicably extended (but you didn’t hear me call it that, you homerish dopes) by the club. A week ago he was due to begin throwing in five to seven days, we were told. Now we’re told that it’s seven to 10 days, and more ominously, “that McGowan felt discomfort in his shoulder during his brief throwing session on March 28.”

That, of course, would be the wonky surgically-repaired shoulder that’s been the main culprit in keeping him out since two-thousand-fucking-eight.

“He felt some soreness in the shoulder as a result of varying the arm slot,” John Farrell makes clear, referring to the fact that McGowan was changing his mechanics slightly to compensate for the pain he felt in his foot. “He didn’t injure his shoulder.”

That’s good… y’know, relatively speaking. In something more like reality, however, it’s not so hot. The soreness, we’re told, is gone now, but Lott openly wonders whether what was originally an end-of-April timeline will mean McGowan is out until June.

Sadly, knowing his history, I wouldn’t bet against it.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the part where I remind you that I’m not writing this at game-time, meaning you’re on your own to find today’s lineups from the live box score at… y’know, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. Unsurprisingly, Mathis in today.

    Escobar, Y, SS
    Johnson, K, 2B
    Bautista, J, RF
    Lind, A, 1B
    Encarnacion, E, DH
    Lawrie, B, 3B
    Thames, E, LF
    Rasmus, C, CF
    Mathis, J, C

  2. Not to be conspiratorial or to besmirch (yes, I said besmirched) Dustin’s good name, but what if he was faking the plantar thing because his arm was sore?

    the fact is, although people were like “why was he extended just after getting injured” the dea had probably already been more or less worked out. If you consider that even a minor deal like this took at least a few days, the fact that it was announced the same day he left a game wa just funny timing. Dustin would have been negotiating for a few days prior to leaving the game…..and what if his arm was sore, but he didn’t dare come out of the game with shoulder soreness (which would surely scuttle the deal being worked on) so went out, and figured if he had “plantar fascitis” he could get out of pitching without scuttling his extension that was due to be signed any day now?

    Just putting it out there…

    • that assumes that the Blue Jays coaching, training and medical staff would be pretty big dupes and could be fooled pretty easily.

      i would also imagine that if mcgowan has been less than honest with the front office that would be grounds to terminate his contract.

      • I had planter fasciatis a few years ago & it’s pretty hard to fake. It’ so painful that every step hurt when I would walk. The news is disappointing, but I suppose the jays can wait til may to see him. April is a relatively easy schedule.

        he wasn’t suppose to pitch more than 150 innings this year anyway.

  3. I think I offered this once before, but I will say it again. The only way to ‘NOT’ lose McGowan if he did not make it on the 25-man out of 2012 camp was on the DL (no options). Perhaps the only way to “buy” that DL “wink and nod” flexibility WITHOUT A GRIEVANCE was the extension (some guarantee of carrot for McGowan). Now they have McGowan fully on board with any moves they want to make with him on and off the active roster. The Jays bought an insurance policy to have and keep McGowan around. It was not as easy as Parkes et al made it out to be which, to paraphrase, was “hey, he is under control for this year, see the results and pay accordingly”. Again, we will ALL be able to judge whether this $3 million was worth it in October 2014. Until then I suggest we hold off on the Roman “verso pollice”.

  4. In the words of legendary Roberto Alomar:

    Go Blue yays!

  5. The whole McGowan extension has nothing to do with 2012. This was McGowan’s walk year. AA didn’t want to lose him for nothing. If healthy, and that is a big if, McGowan is well worth the contract extension.

    You all need to recognize this deal as a small bet made by AA which could pay big dividends down the road. Or it could lead to nothing, if McGowan is simply not able to return this year or next. All for the beautiful price of $3.5 million dollars. The Jays and other MLB clubs routinely take risks on amateur talent, international signings and trades (ie: the Jays are paying Teahan $5M in 2012 – cost of doing business in Rasmus trade).

    Personally, I am not a big fan boy of WAR as it often can be misleading. But, for the saber nerd crowd, McGowan needs to put out 0.8 WAR. Should be a piece of cake for Dustin over the lifetime of the contract.

    • Two games in and the “I told you so’s” are out already. The significance of being right with the doom and gloom on your # 5 guy, who will top our at 150 innings is minisquel. Anyways, almost congratulations on the prediction. Out

    • Ballsdeep, good points – you know who was credited with 0.7 WAR in 2011 (which would almost justify the McGowan extension in one year alone) – Jo-Jo Reyes. hahahahahahahaha. I think you are right, not a very high bar for McGowan.

      • .7 WAR for Jo-Jo and .8 to make Dustin’s contract worthwhile? I think that means if Dustin doesn’t throw a pitch he’ll provide more value than his contract.

  6. All this McGowan talk — remember when the grumblings in Jay-land were all about them cheap-ing out and not stepping up to pay for a pitcher’s rehab? I’d rather the team be two liberal with a million or two, than watch a pitch leave and win a Cy Young for a team with another bird for a mascot.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see how Carren-Yo! does today. Although I have to say I’m already more comfortable with the Super Pen than last year. Cordero was ugly yesterday but everyone has been solid.

  8. in agreement with Ballsdeep and CTaylor, I just want to make this pledge – until October 2014 I won’t jump up and down saying I told you so to any McGowan success, in return I hope we don’t have to hear about every minor gyration of his health issues for the next 30 months (real or media-driven to justify a DL-stint). Agreed?

  9. Let’s talk some real baseball. I am minorly surprised JPA does not sit today to get ready for a series with a division rival. He could be available as a pinch-hitter late in the game, etc. I would have thought it obvious after 28 innings of catching, but early in season with the Friday off I guess – Let’s Roll.

  10. lol, I guess I should read the lineup before assuming things, regarding the above on JPA – Never Mind (Urkel-voice)

  11. Anyone have a stream? Nothing on ATDHE?

    • R.I.P. and all the others. The python squeeze has been on for a while, since last year’s Super Bowl (Feb 2011). I think they went down near the end of last season. I know of no good streams anymore (without installing Torrent which I will not do).

      • Stream Torrent works fine and hasn’t given me any problems. Its inconsistent, but you usually find a stream with it most games… Better than nothing IMO

    • What happened to the Portuguese website that streamed well last year?

  12. Ooooooooo.
    I love predictions.Can I play too?

    Okay okay.
    I predict that we will all have flying cars by 2010 and nobody will have automobiles.
    We will get our nutrition from pills,we won’t need food.
    Men will start wearing dresses as a fashion statement.

    What it’s 2012?
    I’m getting so fucking old.

  13. move your fuckin fat thighs thames

  14. Third game in, and Buck Martinez is already driving me to distraction.

    • yeah but they played over three games worth of ball in the first two games that sixteen inning marathon was tough to deal with. they just kept saying the same things over and over.

  15. Shiiiiiiieeeeet…welcome to the rotation kid….

    • You’re not a member unless you stake the opposition to a lead by allowing a home run. At least the damage is lessening with each outing – Romero 3-run HR, Morrow 2-run HR, Carreno 1-run HR. Bodes well for Alvarez on opening day, right? Right??

      • Hope the pattern is consistent. At least looking at Carreno pitching, it’s giving me this comfortable feeling far from the bad feelings I get from seeing Tubby Ginger-boy, Jo-Jo, and Tallet.

      • Alvarez is going to allow a home run… that scores no runs for Boston?

  16. Can Stoeten and Parkes keep this record track: What is the W-L record with Mathis in the game this 2012 season?

  17. how fast is Carreno’s fastball normally? GameDay is showing him @ +/- 89 m.p.h…I know relievers can put more speed to each pitch, but isn’t he normally mid to high 90′s?

  18. Is it natural that any pitching issues today can be blamed on Mathis?

    • Well, the Sux already down 4-0 in Detroit (commence suicide watch on the Tobin Bridge). Although joyous, I am forced to remember a staggering RedSux team that came into the RC 2 and 9 on April 15th, lost the first game and then outscored the Jays 21 to 3 and win 3 games, then go on to win 6 more straight and climb into the AL East lead within a month. Wounded honey badger perhaps?

    • not in reply to tonious btw (mistake)

  19. 46 pitches in 2 innings! ouch.

    • Almost all of them in the 2nd. Hopefully he can get a couple quick innings now, like the 1st.

  20. haha – Arencibia and Lawrie dressed up for Easter, if you missed it:!/jparencibia9/status/188971990143602689/photo/1

  21. If the Indians can just bobble about 10 more of the weakass grounders we keep hitting, we’ll be right back in this game.

  22. Did KJ just say “Suzanne sucks pussy” as he ran to second?

  23. fuck yeah EE, double machine

  24. EE producing. I’mloving it.

  25. MATHIS!!!

  26. Can they pause the game and give Mathis the ball?

  27. MATHIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jeff Mathis would like you all to fuck off.

  29. Well that Double sure boosted Mathis on D…

  30. Carlos Santana is good

  31. Jays SP need swagger.

  32. In non-Jays news, the Red Sox have Punto batting lead-off? What the fuck is with that. Valentine is an idiot, and I love it. I hope he has Punto batting lead-off against the Jays.

    • And the Yankees have Ibanez playing the OF.

    • the good news is Buchholz and Max Sherzer are both getting pantsed today – pitching woes abound, even with “known playoff contenders” – Kuroda, Sabathia, Shields, Haren all weak in their first go-around

      • becket was pretty awful too… and fister was nailing it until he he had to leave the game in the 4th and then hit the disabled list.

  33. I can’t the only one who cringes every time Wilner calls Villaneuva “Los Del V” on twitter, right?

  34. A bounty needs to be placed on that drummer.

    • That guy has been drumming at Indians games for almost 40 years – RESPECT!!

      • Respect a guy mocking those they stole the land from? :/

        • I don’t think his drumming has ANYTHING to do with Indians/Native Americans/First Nations – that may be all your projections there. From what I remember reading about him it has to do with Clevelanders banging swivel seats to start a rally, but there were no swivel seats in the bleachers, just benches, so he brought a drum. You brought the Hollywood Indian take to it all on your own pal. Self righteous fatuous fuck.

  35. Why did they wave Johnson home there? I can’t believe he got waved home.

    And I thought he got tagged out, Jays got a break. Why didn’t Johnson slide?

    Strange all round play. But at least that moves the tying run in a position to score on a sac-fly.

  36. Holy fuck, could someone please inform Johnson that SLIDING is allowed, and even encouraged, in baseball? What the fuck was that?

  37. Even when this team does something good they fuck up. Not only should Johnson have slid but Bautista should also have moved up to third once it became apparent they were throwing home. I guess we just have to hope the other guys fuck up more.

  38. We need to get something here.

    Wont like our chances with Thames, Rasmus, and Mathis up in the 9th.

  39. Fuck.

  40. Well, GG. Definitely a loss.

  41. Fuck Frasor is so slow. Go play on the Yankees or Boston!

  42. Ben Francisco makes an appearance! And gets on base, whaddayaknow..

  43. Haven’t liked Escobar’s ABs so far this year.

    Seems a little TOO swing-happy.

    Early, though.

  44. Escobar back to his 2010 shittiness.

  45. Great at-bat by Johnson.

  46. Fuck.

    Good Game and Series though.

    • Yeah, would have been nice to see Bautista hit a bomb there, but hard to complain with taking 2/3 on the road.

      Like what I’ve seen from Morrow, Johnson and the bullpen.. I thought Thames, Rasmus and Escobar had a rough series, but it’s so early. Honestly, I didn’t think too much of Carreno as a starter. I’d almost rather see Perez get a shot next time a 5th guy is needed, as long as they think he can handle the workload.

      I’d like to see the Jays offense kick in a little earlier in the next couple games. I don’t know if Masterson, Jiminez and Lowe were just all really on their games, but it was funny how the Jays had nothing on the starters in each game, then immediately turned on the jets as soon as the bullpen came in.

  47. Tomorrow – call for fans in blue, Dome Opener – New Order Blue Monday youtube link embed for DJF Game Threat pic, amirite???

  48. Tigers have scored 20 runs off the Red Sox in the last two games. Aceves blew a 3 run lead in the 9th just now.

    Hopefully they play 18 innings..

  49. Alfredo Aceves passive aggressive response on being forced into closer role not working for Ben Cherington. Does Bobby V get his Bard-on serviced?? The RSux circus rolls into town tomorrow – fun fun fun.

  50. Sign suggestion for tomorrow:

    Hey Bobby, bring in Alfredo BlownSa-ves

  51. uh don’t know if anyone else is getting this happend, but I am getting a post show up in the RRS feed on my igoogle home page, but the link to the article is broken.

  52. LOVE whats going in Boston. Hope it last for another 159 games. Doubt it, though. As for the Jays, they seem to be getting a lot of lucky breaks so far this year. Not sure the offense is as good as advertised. They need another big bat to pair with bautista. Also, they really need drabek and alvarez to step up this year if they want to compete.

  53. I’m going to guess the Sons of Sam Horn is going to be a fun read for the next few hours:

  54. as an aside, kind of glad the Jays don’t meet up with the Tigers until late July and again in late August in Detroit (which might be a good road trip series but for it being midweek -stupid schedulers)

  55. the offense will pick it up, I’m worried more about the pitching. One injury to alvarez/morrow/romero and we will have too thin of a rotation to compete in the AL east. Drabek/mcgowan will have to be lights out too. it could be a good rotation or it could be a disaster.

  56. A solid Kelly Johnson goes a long way for the offense, but it really needs Lawrie and Rasmus to be solid or one of them to be all-star quality.

    • Personally, I’m OK with Rasmus so far. He had three or four hard hit balls that were just right at guys. Hopefully that balances itself out over time.

      If it weren’t SO early in the year, I’d be watching more carefully guys like Lawrie (who *seems* to be chasing balls out of the zone a little more than he did last year) and Escobar (a little too swing happy).

      That being said, it’s very, very early. Too early to tell anything either way.

      • To my untrained eye, Rasmus seems to be having decent at-bats. He’s swung on a few too many first pitches, but he’s looking much more competent than Thames and he’s driving plenty of balls to the outfield. He’s just having some bad luck with where they end up.

    • .111 babip for Rasmus is worth noting.

  57. I didn’t see yesterday’s game but both Masterson and Lowe had their sinkers working. There were a few bad rollovers but over all, seems like they just need to see a starter who doesn’t throw a sinker.

  58. in game management was pretty spot on too. nice to see farell using bautista to fill in at first to get some speed on the bases when they’re behind late.

  59. Just returned from Cleveland, listened to Jays talk on the way home and couldn’t help it and called in. I was the guy who was a little jacked and spoke about the weather in Cleveland. People freaking out because of the bats? It was windy and fucking cold as hell 2 of the 3 games. Every second call about Colby Rasmus? Get a fucking clue bandwagon fans, please!!.

    Random thoughts after returning from Cleveland trip:
    1. The Rogers Center fucking sucks, obviously everybody knows this.
    2. Fans in Toronto who freak out every fly ball to the outfield are not the only ones, it happens everywhere.
    3. I love how American cities love their sports.

    Also, my gf and I walked by Mortons steakhouse and noticed a table at the bar with JP, Lawrie, Ricky, Morrow, Lind, KJ, Thames, Janssen through the window. Like any normal creepy folks we decided to go into the fancy steakhouse bar for a few beer. We sat at the table right next to them, no Jays gear on. We sat for like an hour just listening to them and doing our own thing. Debated for a while about asking for a pic, but recognized it was their downtime. After a while some chick went over to them and asked for a pic, her bf took it. She really wasn’t well received, it was kind of shocking to me. Half of them ignored her, she just stodd by JP and Brett and got her pic and it looked awkward. So after that I decided that after we paid ou bill I’d just quickly wish them well. I walked over, excused for interrupting and said we were a couple of big fans down for the games and liked what we saw, and think that it’s going to be a good season. JP was the only one who really acknowledged me, he smiled said thanks and shook my hand. I just said cool, take it easy and walked off. The point of this isn’t really how much I wanted to cum on the spot, but more how odd I thought it was that the rest of the guys weren’t really that nice. It was a crazy experience, but a little disappointing, as I always pictured them being all stoked to meet fans. And I don’t mean me, I mean the girl who got a pic.

    Anyways, that’s all! Stoked for the home opener tomorrow night! Fuck the 0-3 Sox. Go Jays!

    • As you correctly surmised, it was there downtime. Don’t feel bad. That’s why they go to Morton’s and not Hooters.

    • Enquiring minds need to know. Lawrie. Did he eat his steak raw?

      • He actually slayed the cow right there at the table…so I guess you could say he had it blue?

        • Lawrie probably wanted to eat the heart raw as it was still pulsing some fresh blood. Goes well with Red Bull I guess huh?

    • They would of been a tad up-beat if they won the game, it tells me that they don’t take losses well and share their pain together as a big group. That’s a sign of a true professional team bent on winning everything when a season starts. Thanks for your story.

      • This was Saturday after the 7-4 win! I agree with Rage’s agreement, haha, I think it’s just not the right environment and I’m glad I showed some restraint. The kid/facebook narcissist in me wishes I had asked for a pic, but in the end it’s feels better to have just acted mature and wished them well.

        • Class act move none-the-less. The best gift for these moments are to keep them within yourself and your friends whom were with you. Not because that your are selfish, but that you respect the people you look up to as real human beings, in which the players want to be seen as too (though with more muscles).

        • Much respect for your restraint. In the early 90′s, I once ran into Candy Maldonado at the Loose Moose bar. We were neighbours sharing a piss in the stalls. I asked him, hey, are you Candy? He laughed and said yeah. We didn’t shake hands but he was nice enough. He told me a few funny stories and left with two blondes later.

          I also ran into Wade Boggs, Derek Jeter, Jimmy Key and a few other Yankees. Same place. Not sure of the year but it was definitely after the Jays had won their second WS (probably 94 or 95 team). Boggs was drinking beer. Surprise there huh? He signed a beer coaster for me. Nice enough fellow. Jeter was a youngster back then. I was drunk and single at the time. Great times!

        • You behaved correctly. I have run into celebrities in the pas & some don’t like to be disturbed during dinner.

          I think it’s tacky to go & ask them for a pic while they are eating.

          So, is Cleveland worth a road trip to see the Jays iin better weather?

          On TV it looks like there were a lot of Jays fans there.

          • In better weather I would say it is a must go. There were a ton of Jays fans, Saturday it was close to 50/50 split. Thursday not as many, and I took a lot of heat from the Tribe fans, but mostly good fun. Although one local cop heard me bitching about the cold and told me I was from Canada, suck it up AYE. But in a real serious voice, like he really fucking hated Canadians. Never even cracked a smile, awkward!

    • No “windy and cold as hell” in the Rogers Centre.

      • Good call.

      • Ya right. Only if you ignore all those windy ass nights where you left the house in shorts and a beater and sit in the 500s cursing Jeebus about how it’s 15 degrees colder up there than anywhere else in the city.

  60. Carreno sent down. Makes me think thus was always the plan so they could carry 8 bp arms for a few weeks. I thought he did pretty good for his first start. He certainly gave us a small chance to win and got through six innings. Can’t really ask for much more.

    We should have taken more advantage of Cleveland’s sketchy defence today. But two out of three is okay.

  61. MR- you should have paid for the spread for the guys. That’s how you get some love.

  62. Congrats to Stoeten & Parkes whose picture is in Page 4 of The Toronto Star today. Hopefully, there will be more events at Opera Bob’s this year.–blue-jays-fans-younger-hipper-and-hungry-for-a-winner

    • I could have sworn I saw that Star article before. Oh wait, I did! In the post put up 11 minutes earlier in the same thread. Way to read the other posts first.

      • Dude you’re a fucking loser, try adding something constructive to the conversation. I enjoy pointing out mistakes too, but you’re just annoying.

        • Calling someone a loser after a weekend of Star fucking and eavesdropping on ballplayers in restaurants is a liitle ironic to say the least.

      • FWIW, if you wanna get pissy about it, I posted it at 7:58.

      • Sorry, but I did not see your post when I was posting the link. The new software format is not as chronological as the old software. A current reply to an old post is only seen as a direct reply to the original post.

  63. And congratulations to Confido, who underwent surgery yesterday after whining profusely Saturday because of one off-target throw. Doctors were trying to attach a sack.

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