Hilarity ensued Sunday afternoon when a GIF of Bubba Watson rejecting a handshake gesture from Augusta National chairman Billy Payne made it’s way around the interwebs. Now imagine if we could remove the private school uniforms and analogous affluence associated with the pseudo-sport of golf and sub-in the maple boner swelling awesomeness of Brett Lawrie leaving Edwin Encarnacion hanging on a high-five attempt.

Well, that happened on Saturday afternoon after Lawrie and Encarnacion crossed home plate on a two-run double by Rajai Davis.

They finally connected in the dugout, and Encarnacion appeared just as amused as the rest of us by Lawrie’s lack of awareness:

Nice catch by Getting Blanked commenter Blob Blaw

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  1. lol i noticed it when it happened on TV, not sure ive ever seen that before

  2. Gifs = teh awesomeness!!!111!!oneoneone!!
    “Pseudo sport” argument about golf, and any other sport that someone doesn’t care for = tired and annoying.

  3. I was just worried he was going to twist something in that tornado of an exit from his slide. He does not know anything below 6th gear.

    • Ya, I was expecting a torn ACL after that slide the way he rotated on his leg. Hopefully he won’t do that on Rogers turf.

  4. any GIFs of Edwin dancing in the dugout?

    • Him jumping on Cordero’s back after JP’s dinger was priceless.

      Re. Bubba, it looked like Billy Payne extended his arm is if to say, go ahead and put that jacket on, like a Price is Right girl does when showing off a product, at the last minute Bubba realized this and pulled his hand away, and as he was pulling it away Billy changed course because he saw that Bubba had extended his hand, by this point it was too late, as Bubba had moved on to Charl.

      I feel like Jerry Seinfeld explaining the Keith Hernandez spitting incident to Kramer.

      • yes. Of course, media whores need hits so they lie in the lead; it was quite obvious what happened.

  5. I laughed my ass off during the game. God damn that boy is intense. Not sure I could handle 25 of those on a roster but there is more than enough room for one Brett Lawrie in this fan’s heart.

  6. Brett Lawrie IS Ed Hardy.

  7. Really? A DJF watermark on copyrighted video by mlb and the bluejays?

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