It’s the Home Opener! The St Patrick’s Day, Halloween and New Year’s Eve all-rolled-into-one of the baseball calendar. Welcome back, all you bad drunks, loud drunks, fightin’ drunks, first-time drunks, and respectable, civilized adult functioning drunks! It’s baseball!

Most of all, a giant welcome back to the Jays gorgeous fucking uniforms, which we’ll see, on-field, tonight for the very first time. Again. All is finally right with the world.


We’ve already covered most of it throughout the day, but let’s recap, and then add to it:

- Rajai Davis gets the start ahead of Eric Thames, and Adam Lind is dropped in the batting order, both as lefty-related maneuvering.

- The Jays are limiting beer sales in the 500s tonight to one drink per person per transaction. Some people have been confused: you’re not cut off after one beer, you just have to go get another one– and if every other home opener is any indication, that’s going to mean waiting in a ridiculous line.

- Jack Moore of FanGraphs dissects Chris Perez’s unbel-mazing-lieveably awesome blown save.

- At Getting Blanked, Parkes has the most easily-watchable Red Sox fan ever. Because he hates them. And is amazing.

- John Farrell has a pre-game talk with Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt and that thick-headed guy on the Fan 590.

- And John Lott of the National Post does a nice job looking at Home Opener’s past and present.

TV: Sportsnet

And now tonight’s lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
B. Lawrie 3B
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C
C. Rasmus CF

H. Alvarez RHP

Boston Red Sox

J. Ellsbury CF
D. Pedroia 2B
A. Gonzalez 1B
K. Youkilis 3B
D. Ortiz DH
C. Ross LF
R. Sweeney RF
J. Saltalamacchia C
M. Aviles SS

F. Doubront LHP

Comments (259)

  1. Santos is like a Leaf goalie. cant make a save

  2. Santos is 2/2 in save opportunities..

    as in not converting them

  3. Ugh what a total buzz kill.

    Johnson only regular with an average above .250, Jays hitters look brutal so far. So many K`s up and down the lineup.

  4. Jays fans need to stop buying tickets for outfield seats. How do you expect the hitters to see the guy in the white shirt?

  5. as bad as santos pitched, if Bautista doesnt throw a 40 hopper from about ten feet behind the infield, the game is still tied

  6. I’m really glad we traded Nestor Molina for this piece of shit. Should have just signed fucking Broxton.

  7. Blown save jays. Rinse repeat. 4th place here we come.

  8. On the bright side, Eric Thames is trending on twitter

  9. Call an exorcist! The ghost of big Jon Rauch is still haunting Rogers Centre.

  10. The clothes look different, but I’d recognize these Jays anywhere. I love that no matter how fucked up the Red Sox are the Jays are good for what ails them. I feel like I’m having a stroke.

  11. Nice meek finish in the ninth too, against a guy who had an ERA mathematically impossible to calculate. Where the fuck is our Pedroia? The contrast between Pedroia and Lawrie couldn’t have been more stark in the last inning.

    • its pretty simple. lawrie, for some weird ass reason, has been already annointed a hall of famer. he’s not close to pedroia in terms of skill right now…

      also, aceves actually pitched..he kept that ball away the first two pitches to lawrie..

      santos thought he could retrard strength a fastball right down the middle to one of the best fastball hitters in the world..

      so basically, santos is stupid

    • dude, how many fucking games has Lawrie even played at the MLB level… take it the fuck easy.

      • no shit..that is exactly my point…hes unproven but for some reason everyone thinks he’s an all star ALREADY. Im not saying he wont be a good or even eventually a great player but there is WAY too much premature annointment with this kid

        • Yeah exactly, and I was responding to Raymond’s retarded comment.

          I hope Lawrie can handle the expectations of all the leafs fans.

    • Lawrie really pressing right now. 7k`s in 17 AB`s already. I think this is what they were worried about at the start of last year. At least he`s been good in the field.

      • It’s only 17AB’s

        • True but he’s not showing anywhere near the discipline that made him so good this year. Oh well maybe so rough patches will allow him to focus more. So many people heaping praise on him right now.

  12. I know that santos is going to be the scapegoat for this game as he should be. However, I think the Jays offense deserves just as much of the blame. Against fucking doubront and atchison???? Way too many strikeouts. I think AA might have overestimated how good this lineup is when bautista is NOT hitting. They definitely need another bat to pair with bautista.

    • The NESN feed showed Bautista swinging at nothing but balls out of the zone. He needs to stop swinging at shit, take his walks if they aren’t going to throw him strikes. Feels like the whole team is wound too tight at the plate, pressing.

      • Therein lies the problem. Bautista is getting nothing to hit because opposing pitchers are not afraid of encarnacion and lind. They need somebody like a Fielder to pair with bautista.

  13. See you in 4th for the next three years. You heard it here first.

    How about getting rid of Dwayne Murphy? Let us start there.

  14. So that’s what it was like to be a Cleveland fan during game 1 watching Chris Perez….O the empathy

  15. I dont want to overreact to 1 game but this is a game the jays needed to get against a divisional rival. Especially if they want to compete for a playoff spot. Hopefully they’ll find a way to get 2/3 somehow but this game could end up biting them in the ass later in the season. I really hope bautista and the offesnse get it going or it could be a long season.

  16. Rough game. Such a downer.

    Loved what I saw from Alvarez though. I thought he looked great.

    The offense looks sluggish. And yeah, obviously… Santos looks shitty right now.

    No reason to jump off a bridge though. All 4 of the Jays games could have gone either way, and the Jays are 2-2. It’s so ridiculously early you can’t really jump to any conclusions.

    • Holy FUCK +1 …You’d think the sky was falling around here. Time for the leaves fans to go back to their fucking caves. I know the Jays have been hyped this past few weeks and it really sucks to see this loss but REALLY?!!??!?!?!

    • Just back from the game with my daughter. She learned a few new swear words that I directed at Santos. It was a bad omen that the first pitch to Pedroia ends up a double. Santos was throwing at 95 mph but the balls were all over the place.

      I know it’s early, but I wonder if Santos is used to pitching in the AL East ?. The offense is disappointing but Rasmus was very impressive.

      Very happy with Alvarez. I wish the Jays would have signed Ortiz in the offseason because he always hits well at Rogers Centre. Excellent protection for Jose.

      The offense should come around but Bautista is pressing.

  17. Ugh Santos. Ugh.

  18. Team still a work in progress. Santos has looked like shit but we know he’s better than this. Offense is slumping, but will bust out.

    On the plus side Hendu was fantastic.

  19. The Jays talk today was great, the first caller was one of the best I’ve ever heard.

    Losing (especially like this) sucks but Jays talks are so much better when they lose.

    • The guy actually had Wilner until about 2/3 of the way through. He got him to name 3 players that Wilner thought were “fit”, but then they dupe was up once he asked Wilner to name the most handsome Jay.

      Childish but entertaining, Wilner takes himself way to seriously.

      • That call was hilarious. He said some Jays players had great cheekbones. Wilner didn’t realize it was a prank till the end. The caller kept saying he was a personal trainer.

  20. Silver lining is that the Jays are playing .600 baseball.

  21. Still lots of growing pains for sure. However, if Alvarez can continue to pitch any where close to what he’s shown then you’ve got 3 very good starters locked up for the next few years.

    The pen is pretty much set even if Santos gets bumped down a notch in the short term. I wonder if Farrell’s reluctance to have him pitch in so few game situations in spring training is going to continue to bite him in the butt for much longer.

    That said the hitters minus KJ need to get the finger out.

    Anyway tomorrow will be a good test for this teams psyche. Hopefully they forget about it and take at least one from the Sox.

  22. Yeah just one game but the Jays just manage to string enough of these to just never make the playoffs.

  23. If only the Jays would have gotten a front-line starter this winter.

  24. The thing with Santos is he just seemed really amped up. Home opener, first time in front of the fans, etc. He was just too outta control. Should have injected a bit of liquid valium into him before sending him out there.

  25. On pace for 81 Blown Saves. Cancel the Parade.

    Seriously though, its game 4. No need to over-react. Santos saved 30 games for a reason last year. The guy can pitch, just looks like he was a little too amped up and was over-throwing.

    • Yeah, he’s just using April as his spring training since he didn’t pitch many innings last month when the rest of the league got in game shape.

      • I was at the game. It was boring as fuck, but still nice to be at. The epic booing of Santos when he got pulled was absolutely pathetic, but I didn’t expect any less from the cretins at the Skydome. I mean: “Welcome to Toronto, Serge! – One bad outing and we’ll hang you”.

        • Technically it was two blown saves in two chances. That combined with the blown save brigade of last year and the I can at least sort of understand why the fans have that “here we go again” attitude.

    • He also only blew 6 saves last year. he’s a third of the way there already.

      You can’t expect steak if all you pay for is hamburger.

    • I wasn’t booing, BUT…attributing it to the fans of Toronto? Were you there when Perez blew the save on opening day in Cleveland? The booing there made the booing last night sound like crickets. It’s not just a Toronto thing man.

  26. Good think we revamped the bullpen to cut back on blow saves! Go Jays!

  27. “….but closers are overrated.”

  28. In other news, Darvish won his first start. Imagine… spending real money on good pitching and the team wins? What a fraking concept.

  29. You’re really referencing Darvish after his first start? If the jays got 11 runs we would have won too…. Darvish gave up 5 runs in 5 innings, don’t open your mouth if only shit will come out. Oh and Alvarez had an epic start, if he pitches like that every start he’s worth 20 mil…. Sergio Santos shit his pants, JP arencibia didn’t help him AT ALL, and that is why we lost. Not the starting pitching. And not even SS on his own. SS and JP combined to shit there pants.

    • my bad for the terrible grammar/ spelling haha, ranting quickly

      • Yes the comment on Darvish is all kinds of stupid. Darvish was bad tonight. Alvarez was fantastic. And Boston is just a BIT better of an offensive team than Seattle.

        Santos just had a crap game, and the offense didn’t get much going. Thats it really.

      • This isn’t JaysTalk…you don’t need to be fearful of grammar!

  30. I think we may have seen the last of Brett Cecil in the bigs… least as a starter.

    fucking guy gave up 11 hits and 5 runs in 6 2/3 innings in fucking DOUBLE elevation or las vegas PCL shit to blame it on…he got his ass handed to him in cold, non ball carrying reading PA.

    on the plus side, nicolino and sanchez combined to go 6 IP with only 1 hit and 9 k’s and zero runs vs daytona.

    odds are one of them makes it to the bigs as a starter before cecil does…his career looks like it is set as a situational lefty

    • Good. If lots of great pitching makes it back up before Cecil ever does, that’s just fine with me. I”m sick of the Tomo Ohka/Dana Eveland/Scott Service-type pitchers. The Jays need to win. And most of all, they need to win against the Yankees and Red Sox. Losing to other teams is disappointing; losing to the Yankees and Sox is just unacceptable.

  31. The leaf fans are out in full force…

    Take it easy mouth breathers, it’s one game.

    • I knew this was going to happen, with all the buzz about this team and the casuals peeking in. If they lose a couple games it’ll be like the world is ending.

  32. Just watched the condensed game. It looks like JP was crap but he’s probably not used to catching Santos after seeing him so little in the spring maybe.

    • That was my thought. Also thinking that Santos spent much of the spring developing a new pitch so didn’t get as much refinement on the fastball as he needed. It’s still early.

  33. I’ve never understood why people boo their own players. Its so childish.

    I juts take solace in knowing that 90% of the people there last night won’t be there for the rest of the 80 home games.

  34. Funny how two of the four local rags are downplaying what happened last night (each of those two has headlines that speak of ‘hope’ and one of the other two, the G&M, with comments that would’ve been overflowing with angst, bitter recriminations and off-the-charts mocking were actually shut down and ‘disabled’ (I’m actually laughing at this point. Hey, sometimes you have to). *Sigh*

    Baseball can be a bitch. Especially it seems, when expectations and (let’s call it what it is – like Adam Lind did) ‘hype’ have extra zing the way this year’s team justifiably (we’ll see?) fostered. It’s disappointing as all hell that last night’s sold-out crowd (including my kid who purchased tickets with friends a couple months back … so I was sure hoping for good things more than I might usually hope, even) sat through a long, mostly dry kind of evening, witnessing (unfortunately) some violence in the stands, and then topped off by a blown save (ouch, motherfucker), but … today’s a new day and with any luck, young Drabek can show us that he’s got a bit of that chip off the old block. Or, you know … not. But it’s a very long season. Good things might be ahead, even yet. Go Jays.

  35. I know it’s way cooler to act as if this is no big deal and only one game and bla bla bla, but shit, these are the games they need to win. The Jays lost 10 of 18 against the Sox last year, they need to go above .500 against them if they want to do something. They could easily be 0-4 right now.

    It’s not time to panic, but these games are important.

    • Exactly. If the Sox win one more game in April, May, or June, they’re in the playoffs. Wins matter, and wins against divisional rivals matter even more.

      • Like someone previously said, “Leaf fans are out in full force.”
        Fuck off.

        • I couldn’t give two shits about the Leafs.

          I don’t get it. All we hear about is that the unbalanced schedule is not fair and the Jays need to do better than at least two of the three top teams in the East to make the playoffs, and when they blow a winnable game against the Sox it’s no big deal. I get it, it’s ONE game, but if there’s going to be a race, that one game could be important.

        • I hate the Leafs more than I hate the Yankees, and I really hate the Yankees. GFY.

      • No shit? Like in hockey games, there are these divisional battles? How do you all call it? 3 point games or 4 point games?

    • “These games are important”

      1 game in 162 is only important if you over-emphasize the importance of 1 game in 162.

      Did we all expect the Jays to win every game against the Sox? Did we expect that they would never blow another 1 run lead?

      Ya – its fun to always go back to the narrative of :”these are the games they HAVE to win”.. it means nothing though. If they win 88 more games they “don’t have to win” they’ll be in the playoffs.

      Get over it!

    • Every game counts especially in a tight race for a wild card. The Red Sox lost the wildcard by 1 game last year.

      It’s disappointing that we can’t beat the Red Sox at home when they have a weak bullpen & a no name starter.

      Jays offense has to start clicking.

      Also, why did Santos & JP not practice more throwing in game situations during spring training.

      Nothing is more frustrating than wild pitches, passed balls & walks to lose the game.

      I thought I was watching Kevin Greeg out there with 8 MPH faster fastball.

  36. Right. You’re all much smarter and cooler than me, sorry.

  37. Simmer down everybody. Leaf fans: simmer down! Jays fans: simmer down! Let’s everybody just simmer down and enjoy the season.

    Simmer down!

  38. It was a disappointing loss last night and it does matter as much as every other regular season game does because it counts in the standings just like they all do. With that said, one of the nicest things about baseball is that there’s always another game tomorrow. I didn’t go to the game last night so tonight will be my first trip down to the stadium of the year and I couldn’t be more excited. Go Jays!

  39. totally laughing at this blog for championing a brutal trade of an up-and-coming talent for a converted pitcher, for saying that fielder was not the right 1st baseman signing, and for laughing at anyone who felt that investing in a proven closer was a valid way to spend money.


    one day people in toronto might finally understand how baseball works. not today tho.

    • You do know they’ve played 4 out of 162 games, right?

    • You do realize Molina is nowhere near as good a prospect as you think?

    • And yet you took the time to come to this blog and leave a comment.

      Our closer had 30 saves in 34 chances last year. News Flash – Closers almost never have a 100% success rate during the season. For fucks sakes, Rivera blew his first save this year too. (And no, I’m not saying Santos = Rivera).

      They will get their shit together and win alot of baseball games this year. Just have some fucking patience.

    • Easily the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen written on this blog. Easily.

    • Oh, investing in a “proven” “closer” is a valid way to spend money, sure. Valid as in it’s allowed and stuff. It’s just generally not very smart or an efficient use of resources. Relief pitching is one area of baseball where you often don’t get your money’s worth. It’s too volatile. And often the expensive ones flame out and newer cheap ones emerge.

    • They should have gotten someone like “proven closer” Jose Valverde, who did not blow a save last season, and then promptly blew the first save opportunity he had in 2012.

  40. The line-up 1 through 9 isn’t that dangerous. If you can avoid Joey Bats taking you deep, the probability of any of those other dudes stringing together a few walks / hits before making 3 outs in an inning is pretty low. That’s what you get when your 1B, DH and LF are crap hitters.

    A small market team needs those positions to rake, because most often you can’t afford many legit bats at the more demanding defensive positions. We’re lucky to have Bautista, and hopefully Lawrie will develop into a big time slugger.

    I also thought it was weird that JPA’s passed ball was called a wild pitch in the Star this morning in Griff’s article, and not mentioned at all in the game recap. It was a huge factor in the ninth, in addition to JPA’s fumble on Bautista’s throw in the ninth.

    That’s what I hate about Griff / the Star, they give you the info they want to give you (I’m not sure what his agenda is, but he’s sure as hell got some screwy bearded agenda).

    • If you are a contending team you should not have edwin encarnacion batting cleanup. Same goes for Lind. If bautista is not hitting this offense really isnt that good I think.

  41. Bautista hasn’t looked comfortable so far and I worry that he might have some kind of problem he isn’t talking about.

    • You may be onto something.

      • He missed the last spring game because of a groin injury. I wonder if its still bothering him.

        • Like Lawrie it seems he is pressing more than anything and swinging at pitches he shouldn’t. Hope all the expectations and media hype didn’t put too much pressure on a team that realistically was 86 wins at most imo.

          • I have counted at least 5 times in the last 4 games that Bautista looked at first pitch meatballs. Lawrie is also looking at a lot of first pitch meatballs.

  42. Lawrie using the Cleveland/Encarnacion high five pic for his twitter profile – maybe just ’cause he likes the 360 he is doing in the picture but still . . . (love that GIF – kudos to Scott)

  43. I know that it was jerky of the fans to boo Santos. It’s only his second game (although 2 out of two saves blown isn’t a great start) however I was glad to see a fan base that has been entirely too passive in my opinion wake up and start making its presence felt.

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