1. Wear this shirt.
  2. Stand up.

That is about it. The camerahounds will surely take care of the rest. It’s what they’re there for, after all.

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  1. You forgot step 3

    3. Be female

  2. they should have swapped shirts. left one needs the dugout shirt and i’m sure the right one could handle the BJ one


  4. wore that same shirt, didn’t go over well

  5. I wonder if she allows back door entry?

  6. Where’s their friend with the “Be My Bat Boy” hoodie?

  7. I think “JP, you wouldn’t strike out with me” is more appropriate as of right now

  8. Sweet I still have fans in Toronto!

  9. Daddy must be so proud.

  10. The old lady doing all the pointing in the lower right is explaining to her old lady friend what a BJ is.

  11. that was by far the most entertaining aspect of the game. talk about a snooze fest followed by a gut shot.

  12. This is the funniest comment thread in the history of Drunk Jays fans, I’m proud of everyone involved

    I noticed this during the game and made sure to point it out to all of my friends

  13. i liked the chick who came to the park with the t-shirt that read “Hey O-Dog and Woody. I’m ready for some DP.”

  14. All these comments are sexist!

  15. Saw a bunch of “I love BJs” shirts, worn by guys and gals.

  16. Staying classy Toronto

  17. A couple of years ago I saw a bunch of girls in the 200 outfields with signs that said “Hey Brandon [League] – you pitch, I’ll catch!”

  18. Hey ladies: I can’t hit or catch at the MLB level either. Wanna go on a date?

  19. I’d do the one on the right, especially if I found out she was Parkes sister.

  20. So, is the font on both shirts the same size and the one of the left just inflates hers naturally (or enhanced, i don’t care)??

  21. If JP likes ‘em a little on the thick side, he’s in business with the one on the left.

  22. who’re the whores? see what I just did there?

  23. Hah! Even the old lady in front of baldy is in on the “bj” motion,, and plaid sweater guy is lovin’ it…

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