Demonstrating something resembling an actual understanding of certain players’ limitations against left-handed pitching, and Ben Francisco’s redundant-at-fucking-best position on the club’s roster, Blue Jays manager John Farrell has done some tweaking to his lineup heading into tonight’s Home Opener against lefty Felix Doubront of the Red Sox.

Rajai Davis replaces Eric “the Butcher” Thames in left field, while Adam Lind is dropped to fifth in the order, with Edwin Encarnacion hitting cleanup.

This, of course, makes sense because Adam Lind has been, as I noted last month, the worst qualified hitter in MLB over the last two years by thirty-fucking-one points of wOBA, with an astonishingly terrible .219.

Davis sports a career .350 OBP against left-handers, a .336 wOBA, and put up a career-high .362 in 2011, albeit in just 90 PA. While his light-hitting ways drag down his OPS, we know what a weapon he can be once he gets on the basepaths. More importantly, in his 91 plate appearances against lefties last year, Thames posted a meagre wOBA of .273.

Small sample sizes, to be sure, but Davis is a good play, in my view. And if we could just knock Lind down a couple more pegs in the order against lefties, then the club might really be on to something.

In other roster news, as you’ve probably already heard, Joel Carreno was optioned to Las Vegas after his start yesterday, with Aaron Laffey joining the bullpen in his place, because the club wants an extra lefties in the ‘pen, in order to deal with the Red Sox many left-handers. Seems excessive to have eight guys in the bullpen, but I get it, after so many relievers were used in the weekend series. Meh…

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  1. Farrell has been looking good this season.

    • Farrell was a rookie last year, just trying to not fuck it up.

      This year he’s letting it all hang out. That, as Martha Stewart would say is a good thing.

    • He’s married, and besides, he has Jon Rauch for that down low stuff.

      … oh yeah. Well, good luck Argos.

  2. Carreno getting sent down also means he won’t be missing a start the next go around because of off days and the 4 man rotashe.. If the Jays do still want him to be a starter it makes sense to not dick around with his rest etc. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him back if the jays need prolonged starting help in May/June. Other than a couple mistake pitches to Santana he was pretty decent in his start.

  3. For what it’s worth, (since 2002) Vizquel has a wOBA of 0.295 against lefties, Lind has 0.270…

  4. When I read the headline I thought my (soon the entire country’s) dream came true and Davis was playing center field. Colby!!!! Keep proving me right buddy.

  5. Here’s hopin for a good night for Colby. From the PT feed it looks like he is smokin the ball and especially to the op. field.

  6. This was better before it went commercial. sell outs.

  7. you know who else can steal the odd base… TEAMSNIDER!

  8. Buck Martinez doesn’t want JPA to get on base more because he’ll “clog up the bases.”

    This guy was our manager for nearly two years.

  9. In my seats now. Feels good to be back. There appears to seats painted to look like a Canadian flag at 3G. Is this Brett lawrie’s Canuck corner?

  10. Farrell certainly had is mind vapor moments last year. I recall a period in the early to mid season where he fell in love with the squeeze bunt, made even more maddening by the fact that escobar..basically the second best hitter on the team at the time, was asked to do it..AND made even more maddening by the fact that he would miss the sign half the time anyway.

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