As you can see in the video above, which Parkes posted over at Getting Blanked, everybody had a hell of a time on Thursday afternoon, evening, and night, as the Jays and Clevelands broke the five-hour barrier.

What you’re seeing above is, of course, the moment when Edwin Encarnacion somehow didn’t put the Jays ahead in the ninth inning, missing a home run by inches, but tying the game with a two-run double. It’s referenced in an interesting Toronto Star piece from Brendan Kennedy this morning, which is all about… well… us, basically. Not DJF, that is, but the “young and irreverent, smart and sarcastic” new breed of fans who will “dissect a player’s heat map in one breath, and his facial hair in the next,” who “favour blogs and Twitter over radio call-in shows,” and “hold baseball book clubs and trivia nights, and seem to root as much for the team’s progressive general manager — who at 34 is part of their demographic — as the players on the field.”

It was great to be a part of it. Thanks to everyone who came out.

And if you couldn’t be there, or you just want to relive even more, here we’ve got the audio from our pre-game Live Stream Piss-Party Panderfest for your listening pleasure.

Alternately, you can download the mp3 right here. Also: consider this your DJF podcast for the week. It was just too busy late last week and over Easter weekend to get properly organized. (Read: Still waiting, Jay…)

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  1. Wow, that was one long hangover.

    I can smell the flopsweats over TCP/IP

  2. So, I am very jealous… I moved to Vancouver in October and after seeing your video from Opera Bob’s, I am craving something similar. Any lines on good “baseball bars” in the Vancouver area??

  3. like everything else on the internet…just the most vocal….not that many

  4. Agreed with Jeff. Nice humblebrag too…

  5. Hang on. Your guys were drinking on a workday?!?!

    Bring on the Massholes!!!!

  6. I’m impressed Stoeten.
    A full blown article in MSM about Opera Bob’s and DJF.
    You’ve come a long way with the” little blog that grew.”
    Does this mean you have to start wearing a tie and get rid of your “potty mouth”?
    As DJF evolves,do we commenters down grade a solid “fuck” to a “darn it” or “drat”?

    What is the manditory retirement age for a commenter at DJF?And don’t say I should have retired years ago.

    Seriously,congrats Stoeten and Parkes.
    Go Jays.

  7. I can see me wife’s head looking at the big screen towards the end. Those of you that are unmarried, make sure your significant other is game for coming to events like this with you…It’s actually pretty great.

    Thanks for organizing this event Stoeten, Parkes and everyone else involved.

  8. Pissed that I couldn’t make it, but I’m glad to know there’s going to be more baseball nights at Opera Bob’s

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