Ugh, Canada: What the Flag?

Twitterer @yourbestfred sent out this pic from his hotel room at Rogers Centre this afternoon, and… um… I really hope that’s temporary. (Note: They’re cards). Or some kind of optical illusion. Or somehow, at the very least, not Rogers once a-fucking-gain trying to stuff corporately-branded patriotism down our throats in a way that we understand is positively cringe-worthy when we see Americans do it. Are they afraid we’re going to forget which country we’re in?

Look… I like Canada, and I like baseball, but what the two have to do with one another, I will never fucking understand. Y’know, beyond when grotesquely rich companies create crass marketing ploys premised on the idea that people outside of Toronto are dumb enough to believe that by pushing red and white in their faces, the club is acknowledging their existence, and validating their desire to watch the games and spend money on the product being pushed. I don’t hate the flag, I actually like it enough to not appreciate it being crudely exploited by folks who clearly understand the power of patriotism to help their bottom line. Of course, since I have a problem with mindless, maple-dick, sign-every-Canadian-ever patriotism, too– which never goes over well– I realize I’m probably going to be in minority on this one as well.

I’ll say it again, though: ugh. Please stop shoving the flag in our faces. (And fuck off with the National Anthems, while you’re at it.)

Update: You can see what the cards on the other side of the field look like here.

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  1. It was a tough call between the flag or Brett Lawrie’s face, coin flip

  2. If this is only for the opening series, I’m fine with it… Apparently the right field line is emblazened with the new logo too.

    But you have to remember they have this all over the US…

  3. Why do you hate Canada?

    Needed: Photoshop of Brett Lawrie’s head on a beaver guzzling maple syrup outside of Tim Horton’s while apologizing.

  4. I hear the original contracting team they hired from Atlanta tried putting it in upside-down.

    • US Marine Corps!

    • Topical!!!!

      • Hey folks, y’hear about this? So Edwin Encarnacion’s pretty bad at playing third base… yeah, when asked if he’d ever seen someone wearing one glove performing that kind of butchery, Kato Kaelin said he couldn’t remember.
        Yeah, he was performing uglier cut-offs than Lorena Bobbitt, folks.
        Rajai Davis sure can steal a base though, eh? You see that nice sliding steal he made? I was talking to the Blue Jays laundry guy, and he said “I haven’t had to wash stains this bad since Monica Lewinsky’s dress!”

        Thanks! You’ve been a great audience, Topical Blue Jays Jokes From The 90s!

  5. Ehh, it’s tough to really care much one way or another. Patriotism sells. If you want to fill the dome again, at least some of those seats are going to have to be filled by Vito from Woodbridge and the other parents from his kids’ soccer team.

  6. If this does become permanent, how long until they start charging extra to sit in the “Patriot Section” or something?

  7. What the fuck is the big deal with it?

  8. It can’t be for Opening Night alone, as it won’t be visible then. Now tomorrow, that’s another story…

  9. Instead of complaining about the flag, I’d be complaining about the closed roof

    • Great idea, open the roof and the brawls won’t happen cause everyone will be gone by the time they are suppose to be drunk. No flag, no roof, no fans – lets go back to Exhibition Stadium……Ernie, Ernie, Ernie!

  10. Assuming this is a permanant thing… is it REALLY that big of a deal?

    What’s the problem with breaking up the sea of blue that is so damn ugly to watch on TV with a little Red and White? Nothing is being shoved down your throats, and it’s not like they’re making you sing an Anne Murray song in addition to ‘OK Blue Jays’ every 7th inning.

  11. I hope that is temporary. Then again so was singing God Bless America in the 7th inning stretch, but that is still around.

  12. Who cares, it’s not a big deal at all. Certainly didn’t need a post on it.

  13. Picture not working, anyone have a mirror?

  14. Yah isn’t it just the worst when people are proud of their country? I’d call you an elitist hipster asshole here. But, well, that just seems redundant.

    • No, it’s the worst when corporations exploit that pride to make money. On the plus side, it gives me a chance to quote George Bernard Shaw again:

      “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.”

  15. I think Stoeten is right in general on this topic – I hate when private interests play manipulative semiotics games like that. But I just can`t get worked up about the mere flag. At this point, I notice flags around me about as much as I notice corporate logos: it`s all just generic visual noise.

  16. This whole thing ranks low on my give-a-shitometer, either way.

  17. Meh, it is a bit of a non-issue to me. Once the stadium is full, no one is going to see the flag in any event. So, really, is this a case of them shoving the flag down our throats.

    I kind of like the team’s renewed focus on promoting itself to the whole country (instead of just southern Ontario). While things like the Winter Caravan might seem trite to those of you who have the opportunity to go to every game, etc., I thought it was kind of nice to be able to bring my young son to meet Robbie Alomar and some of the current players.

  18. Should have done it in the 500s

  19. eh, I have a hard time seeing it as much different than any other team’s attempt to create a brand linking the team and the local city or area, the big difference being the Jays’ local city or area can be expanded to include an entire country as their legitimate market and domain of shared identity.

    beyond just shallow patriotism being kind of endearing in an post-ironic kind of way, if an increased effort by the Jays to link their brand to the Canadian identity means more CDN HS picks in the Rule 4 draft are likely to sign with the Jays for cheaper, more minor league teams are going to start being relocated back to Canada, and the Jays get a bigger TV audience across the entire country, I’m all for it

  20. The only thing more annoying than this maple dick sucking patriotism is Stoeten continuously bitching and whining about it. Come on Stoeten you’re better than that.

  21. I hope its permanent, it’ll look great on TV when all those seats are ghost-town empty in 3 months.

  22. I like it!

  23. What is this, Ivor Wynne Stadium?

  24. Andrew, I love you. Keep jingoism and nationalism out of sports!

  25. Jesus youre such a bitch stoeten. Keep crying about the only Canadian MLB team repping their homebase. Cry your little eyes out

  26. I agree with Stoeten, with the exception that today is the 95th anniversary of Vimy Ridge, something we should all remember and be proud of. Nice touch for today, otherwise we don’t need the flag. Let’s get rid of the anthems too, cause these extra inning games are killers.

  27. I agree to a point. I couldn’t understand the outcry when they removed the red maple leaf from the Jays logo and was actually hoping they wouldn’t put it back in the new logo. However they bowed to public pressure and did just that.

    That being said, I think that the reason for the Canada flag seats probably had more to do with adding colour to a lifeless stadium that an act of patriotism.

  28. Quit your whinging, Stoeten. Maybe if you got out of your mother’s basement and visited other parts of the world you might develop some sense of national pride. And hey, if some people need to see a baseball game to hear Oh Canada and feel good about themselves, what the fuck do you care? I don’t see this flag scaring anyone off of the Skydome.

  29. A post on this, but nothing on Ricky opening the TSE this morning?

  30. Holy fuck is McCown an idiot and clueless. I can’t believe they let him on with his purple easter jacket.

    Best line over the wknd series….Buck “…and Colby Rasmus has a batting average”. Congrats to Colby on his hit and two walks…in the series.

  31. I’m okay with the flag in the seats as long as the overt militarism that is being pushed at us in every other sport is toned down. But ya, the anthems need to go.

  32. There used to be a law that whenever a certain amount of Canadians were assembled, the national anthem had to be sung. Remember the anthem in movie theatres? The singing of the anthem is probably a holdover from this era. I don’t associate the anthem with the Blue Jays, but with being Canadian.

  33. fuck off with the anthems? why dont we just fuck off countries altogether, shall we? lets put every single human on the planet into a lottery and disperse them all over the globe.
    lets see how stoeten likes living in uganda.

    follow soberjaysfan on twitter for constant in-game updates.
    check out the only jays stat that matters here:

    dont hate.

    • Hey the anthems was my idea, don’t credit that to Stoeten. Anyway, it seems to work in Basketball and no one complains. I go to watch baseball, not sing music, and that does not make me a traitor to MY country. When did Uganda get a mlb team? Gotta be in the NL

      • they stopped playing the anthems in the nba? i did not know that,

        they will NEVER stop playing the star spangled banner in USA MLB stadiums so we have to keep playing Oh Canada. Obviously,

        ok, forget Uganda. lets see how stoeten (or ANY Candadian) likes living in the U S of A…



    • Buy some ad space on the Score’s website, or elsewhere online. Otherwise, just kill yourself. I’m proud not to have clicked the link to your stupid fucking blog, and I hope that others take the same path.

      Seriously, you fucking piece of shit. Make sure your neckbeard doesn’t cut through the rope when you hang yourself.

  34. What’s next? A beaver dam built behind home plate?

    Seriously, though, my issue with the flag isn’t patriotic-related by any means. My issue is that it looks terrible in the stands. It’s an eyesore, especially in contrast with the Jays logo on the right field side. The two just don’t mesh. I think it would look much better if they had the same logo on both sides.

  35. Well here is my take. I have absolutely no problem with the flag or the anthem. Maybe it’s because I’m actually patriotic. Let me break it down quite simply… for the people who are too stupid to realize that their patriotism is being monetized, shame on them for being so fucking dumb. After that, it’s up to perception. As you’ve quite easily figured out, it’s used as a gimmick for the less fortunate folks with half a brain. Anybody who’s smart enough to understand this can perceive things the way they wish to. For my purposes, I choose to just respect their use of our flag and our national anthem as I am proud of both and all it represents to me is exactly what it’s meant to be. I don’t stop to moan because someone is making money off it. It’s not my money, I’m still a proud Canadian and I do enjoy tradition such as national anthems. A lot of people can’t sing the anthem already, I can’t imagine what it would be like if nobody was ever exposed to it. Just be a proud Canadian and don’t worry about the bullshit.

  36. what a bitchy thing to complain about…..they did the same thing with the american flag during the US national anthem….you sound like such a hipster douchebag here

  37. Best post of the year.

  38. Agreed. It’s insulting. Not sure why more people dont realize that. And for your uber patriots out there, it belittles what national pride is really about so you should be ticked too.

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