Welp. It’s time to climb back up on the ol’ proverbial horse, and hope that the Jays can give Dan Bard the same kind of shitcanning they did when he faced them in the Grapefruit League last month. Let’s stop going over last night’s debacle, shall we?


- Turns out if you’re lucky enough to be in Peterborough (no, really, Peterborough’s kinda terrific!) or the cottage country surrounding it, you can now listen to Blue Jays baseball games on local station FM 90.5.

- Holy shit. While we were all getting drunk last night, Peter Gammons tweeted this

- OK, two things about last night:

1) Adam Lind struck out three times, but only once against left-handed starter Felix Doubront. Scott Atchison got him twice.

2) In the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair not only points out that Jacques Doucet was calling the game in French last night– one of 60 TVA will air this season– but he also puts the Santos business in succinct perspective, using about 1,000 words less than I needed…

“As is often the case with closers, Santos’s psyche will concern most fans this morning. Do not fall in line with them,” he writes. “Santos had a decent feel for his change-up and slider but was over-throwing his fastball. It happens. It’s correctable.”

- Don’t forget, tomorrow is an afternoon game! And more importantly, afterwards, it’s going to mark the debut of our newest feature, Greetings From Dunedin, which is going to bring you all a bunch of prospect-y gold from Bradley Ankrom of Baseball Prospectus. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter: @BradleyAnkrom.

TV: Sportsnet

And now tonight’s lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
B. Lawrie 3B
E. Thames LF
J. Arencibia C
C. Rasmus CF

K. Drabek RHP

Boston Red Sox

J. Ellsbury CF
D. Pedroia 2B
A. Gonzalez 1B
D. Ortiz DH
K. Youkilis 3B
R. Sweeney RF
C. Ross LF
J. Saltalamacchia C
N. Punto SS

D. Bard RHP

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  1. Bobby V. you are 1 and 4. Your.250 winning percentage flatters you. The fans at Fenway will be waiting for you, to show their support. Enjoy

  2. This ump is a riot.

  3. While I still respect Boston’s line-up, it is nice not to fear them. Great win tonight. Offence from the whole order, good pitching and solud defense. Plus Farrell is calling a great game. Some of his infield moves were awesome, especially moving Lawrie behind the pitcher in the fifth.

    • I did not speak too soon. I hope.

      • 7-3, Casey Janssen on the mound….0-2 2 out. Ortiz at the plate….JPA gets up to have a chat with casey. Tells him what to throw….casey says OK. Crowd applauding… Strike 3 called… Game Over.. Bullhorn sounds….

        Finally!.. Jays Win….!!!!

      • Talking about winning is never too soon. Losers don’t speak at all and wear paper bags over their heads. Talk away

    • However no production from Bautista who has started to strike out which he didn’t do much last year. Maybe they need to bring back Cito as his personal batting coach. He looks like a shadow of his former self. Of course Jacoby Ellsbury’s not looking too good either. And that’s a surprise too.

      • Even with 3ks tonight that’s only 4 total in 4 games with 4 walks. Those are numbers we can live with while he gets his timing down.

      • It’s a little too early to say Bautista is looking like a shadow of his former self. He looks a little impatient, that’s about it.

  4. Wooooooooooooo!

  5. Appreciate the shout-out to Peterborough, and the heads up. I am too cheap for satellite radio and god damn is it rough trying to get the FAN 590. Thanks from a huge T.O (and Stoeten) fan.

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