OK, so now that I’ve got my post about how it’s ridiculous to hate-on Sergio Santos is out of the way, HOLY FUCK, SERGIO SANTOS. Which I say, obviously, not in a shoulda-got-a-proven-closer, sky-is-falling, I’m-a-giant-reactionary-twat-who-can’t-control-my-emotions-type way. It’s just, the blown save was pretty much the worst thing ever for a lot of reasons.

For one, it truly was a punch in the fucking gut after it looked like the Jays had a good chance to pull out a tense ballgame, even if you never really feel fully confident– Santos struggling or not– staring at Pedroia, Gonzalez and Youkilis to start the ninth.

For two, for obvious reasons, it really dampened what was, to that point, a terrific atmosphere.

For three, it means more days of having to hold Chicken Little’s hand through concepts like “sample size” and “the season is 162 goddamn games long.”

For four, and most importantly, this was supposed to be Colby’s day!

Their lungs apparently don’t possess moron strength, because it wasn’t overpowering, but there were a few absolute dipshits that I could hear from my section booing Rasmus during his introduction. And Colby made them look like the asinine fools they truly are, sprawling out make a spectacular diving catch in the top of the third– earning a standing ovation in the process– and following it up in the bottom half of the frame with a triple and, eventually, the game’s first run.


As for other impressions?

Well, my beer concerns seemed a bit overblown– though I was in the 100s and as yet haven’t heard much about the 500 Level experience. Beer– or, later on, cider– guys were readily available in the section I was in, and fights seemed to be less prevalent than years past, but that may have only been from my perspective.

I’d like to say this was the case because of the Jays’ alcohol limits, but I seriously effing doubt it. I’d also like to say it was because of the increased police presence at the game, unfortunately, the cops I saw were pretty much entirely useless.

I don’t say that flippantly, either.

At one point a fight started between two fans on either side of the aisle, just a few rows in front of where I was. Everybody stood up to watch, and there was no doubt what was going on. It went on like this for a while– a couple minutes, at least– before my friends and I started looking around at each other, puzzled that nobody in a position of authority had actually taken the initiative to, y’know, do anything about it. The cop stationed on the field at the bottom of the aisle just had his hands on his hips, laughing as he looked up at the melee. And while I can’t fault him for not wanting to leave his perch, I can fault the policemen on the concourse for not intervening until one-to-two minutes after security’s apparent first line of defence: a young black woman in a blue “staff” jacket who looked all of about 5’6″. Eight or nine cops, finally, slowly made their way down the aisle to take over from the girl who’d been doing their job for them.

It’s not like they could be expected to police the whole stadium, I guess.

I don’t know… maybe there’s some reason that they couldn’t? Whatever.

Beyond that, I thought the video board– aka the tron-formerly-known-as-the-Jumbotron– looked terrific, and if it hadn’t been upgraded over the winter (had it?), the club’s new colour scheme really seemed to make the text pop. I found it a lot more readable. And I loved the double-piping font now being used on the boards showing pitch speed and the count.

And… ya… if the way had have left a better taste in my mouth, maybe I’d have remembered more. It was great to be back at the park regardless.

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  1. I only spotted one fight that devolved into fisticuffs throughout the night in the 500s, some time towards the end of the game. There was a lot of shit-talking and almost-fights, but cooler heads largely prevailed from what I saw.

    And the beer limit definitely wore away as the game went on. Dudes were double-fisting cups of beer by the 5th inning or so.

    • There was a great fight just left of Bautista (near the Discount sign). Flying suds and fists. Most action seen all night. Those fuckers from Boston just can’t handle our beer. Hey hope its ok to be a “beer” homer.

    • There was a huge fight around section 110or so close to the right field line. I was in 117 & everyone was looking at it.

      The beer & food lines were ridiculous last night. It took over 30 minutes to get through a line.

      It seems Rogers installed new tv’s in the concessiona reas . They must have got a deal at Best Buy…

      Anyone else have trouble accessing the internet on their iphones at Rogers Centre?

      • That was nuts. We were right over. Some dick shoved a girl. A Sox fan threw a beer in his face and cut him. Then another guy got punched by the beer soaked dude. No security through all of that. Then 8-9 cops showed up as Stoeten described. It was also a few minutes after another fight one section over which could explain the lack of security.

  2. You call it Rasmus’ ‘interruption’ instead of his ‘introduction’, which maybe some fans thought it was.

  3. Whatever over reaction the fans have had to the shitty loss is in part the team’s own fault. And by team I mean players, management, Rogers. Anyone that has been listening to the drivel coming out of the mouths of these people the last few days…capped off by the INSANEFEST that was yesterday’s pregame McCowan show on the fan in which I heard MULTIPLE idiots talk about “what the preseason record means in terms of taking the next step” and how the team “now has a swagger and confidence”

    Are you fucking kidding me? Because of a spring training record? And who was saying this shit? it wasn’t the fans..it was the players, the announcers, media types..I was waiting for someone to call bullshit…but it never happened.

    Now the ignorant portion of the fan base loses their shit over a loss in a game that was never in the bag..a game in which the team got one infield hit after the fifth inning vs the likes of felix doubrant and scott atchison….but it’s all Santos fault….

    the jays deserve the overrection and the idiot percentage of fans deserve the gut shot loss.

    get a clue people..

    • +1

      • +2.

        The Jays have done an excellent job of marketing the new team, so it’s time for them to play & stop bragging. Santos on the video sounds ridiculous after last night’s performance. I know it’s one game but still that was an atrocious performance by Santos & JP

        Bautista hitting a lot of opposite field Line drives that get caught…

  4. I love the new tron, or whatever it’s called now. So much information, well organized and easy to read. It sure looks like an upgrade. We were in section 230. Other than the let down in the 9th, the only other things I can complain about are the absolutely horrible anemic caesar salad that cost me $9.50 (I know, who buys that at a ball game. My fault) and the moron who kept yelling ” suck my balls” every time Saltalamacchia came to the plate.

  5. man, the ‘new’ unis are soooo nice, makes ya wonder what the fuck took so long.

  6. Stupid beer rule. You could just go down to the 200 level, grab 2 beers and head back up. The beer lines were nonexistent down there as well. Fights happened, I’m overjoyed that the biggest fight of the night happened in the 100 level.

    While I’m not particularly concerned about the club’s long term success based on 4 games, I’m also vaguely sick of being told that nothing I see actually means anything. If a guy is doing well, all you hear is “small sample size”. If he does shitty, it’s “he’ll regress to the mean”. Just let Blue Jays nation get angry and/or happy as the team wins and loses, and you’ll save everybody’s time and energy.

  7. I spent the night in the 500s trying to watch the game and the beer limit was a pain in the nuts — and I wasn’t even drinking.

    Pretty damn hard to watch the game when everybody around you is constantly up and down refreshing their beer supply. I know that’d be happening anyway, but the fact that people couldn’t take turns getting beer for their buddies really cut into my viewing pleasure. Of course, the fact that the ushers let people return to their seats whenever they damn well please doesn’t help matters.

  8. “a young black woman in a blue “staff” jacket who looked all of about 5’6″.”

    Wouldn’t, “a young woman in a…” have been sufficient? RACIST!!


  9. I was sitting 500, and things got crazy when the Jays started losing in the ninth. First, a Boston guy started taking offence to some of the abuse he was receiving. He started shoving, and had to be restrained by his girlfriend. Then, a couple rows up, a brawl broke out. A guy was pushed down the stairs, and lots of punches were thrown. Security sat back and watched!

    • I was right near there too. The one guy went down a good 10 rows worth of stairs, head-first but on his back (ie. back of the head first) while being chased by the red sox fan who had thrown him. As he ran past me, I saw the red sox fan with this look on his face that betrayed his conflicted emotions. On the one hand he didn’t really want to see this guy die as he slid down a concrete staircase, but at the same time he felt compelled to continue fighting to…you know…win the fight. Because the rest of us in that section, that’s what we saw: winners. So he chased the guy and stomped on his chest as he continued sliding until some reasonable fan sitting on the aisle put his hand on his shoulder and asked “what are you doing?”

      It really saddened me and made me lose some hope in humanity to watch these idiots go at it like that. As much as I expected it, I didn’t know how anyone could be that dumb.

      I also can’t help but wonder if the visiting team weren’t the world’s slowest squad things might have remained more peaceful as the fratboy crowd might not have enough time to get hammered against an opponent that takes less than 60 seconds between pitches.

      • you still have hope in humanity?

        haha. bet you think the jays have a chance at the post season too. lawls.

  10. Stoeten,

    Let me tell you, the 500′s were an absolute shit show. Just as many fights as ever, and it took an inning and a half to get a beer. Unbelievable.

    That said I did get the pleasure of watching a chick, try and chuck a beer at another girl, only to have the laws of gravity work it’s magic, rotate the cup backwards courtesy of the force it was thrown with, drench herself in the process. Karma is a wonderful thing.

  11. Sample size matters.

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