Overly-sensational title? You bet your right nut it is. Because apparently that’s the game we’re playing today, as whoever provided the title for whatever shit dribbled out of Richard Griffin’s mouth and into the pages of this morning’s Toronto Star.

Blue Jays home opener loss an ominous sign,” we’re told, as Griffin queues up to make a play for the title of this city’s Media King of Stoking the Flames of Fucking Stupidity. “Troubling,” he calls last night’s performance. “A disturbing development.” The Jays now “must be concerned about their closer and his psyche.”

Right, because it isn’t blindingly goddamn obvious that anybody ready to make wild pronouncements a month into a 162 game season– let alone after four fucking games– is either genuinely stupid, or genuine keen to employ the classic trolling techniques of Damien Cox, baiting readers and bloggers into angrily driving traffic towards whatever preposterous thing they’re pretending to believe.

“There are signs of trouble for the inexperienced closer, who has only been pitching professionally since 2009 and had logged only logged 28.2 innings before making the majors,” he writes, adding to an unspoken, asinine theme throughout the piece: you should have listened to ol’ Griff when he was dispensing easily-torched traditionalist horseshit about the club needing to get a proven closer this winter. (Also, we’re now supposed to be unduly scared that the arm of a converted position player may turn to dust at any moment,  apparently.)

“Every aspect of Monday’s game should have been in the home team’s favour,” he later adds, conveniently forgetting to notice that THEY’D EACH PLAYED THREE GAMES AT THAT POINT. “The Jays’ three games in Cleveland resulted in two wins, while the Sox were being battered by the Tigers in Motown. The Sox bullpen was the one that was a mess.”

I mean… I understand Griffin has a job to do and maybe can’t tell all his readers that what’s happening day-to-day doesn’t really mean a whole lot for a month, but for fuck sakes. What do you even say to that?

No, Santos hasn’t pitched well. He’s looked like he’s overthrowing, and to say he hasn’t had great command is an understatement. Last night he left a ball up that Pedroia pounced on, he missed so badly on the pitch to Gonzalez you see in the screen grab above that it’s hard to fault JP Arencibia for not being able to keep it in front of him. But he could have. Just as he could have managed to get his glove on Jose Bautista’s throw to the plate when the go-ahead run scored, and Bautista himself could have made a better throw.

Ahh, but there is to be only one villain in the tiny minds of the tools who’ve elevated the save– and now the blown save– into something intelligent fans are going to have to keep on bashing their heads against… at least until Santos settles down and pitches the way anybody who’s not an idiot knows he is fully capable of. It’s more of the same, they cry, as if there’s some sort of curse on the Jays bullpen. April wins count too, they’ll sputter, and the Jays are pissing away games letting their best reliever pitch!

We know, losses are bad and last night’s was a punch in the gut. But… it’s baseball. The best teams lose upwards of 70 times, and Santos will be fine. Just like Frank Francisco was fine. Simmer the fuck down, please.

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  1. I would also like to add that I’ve noticed Jose Bautista has lost his smile.

    • Clearly ominous…

    • Nah, this article is stupid. Hate to burst your bubble, but Santos stinks, its gonna be the same old damn jays. Their closer has always been terrible and its gonna continue. Same crap I heard all spring…”Stop hating on Rasmus”…waaa…waaa…Rasmus BLOWS guys, hes batting 0.075, thats AWFUL. I bet you Santos has at least 12 blown saves this year, and they Jays might be 80 – 82 or worse, 4th place in the AL East, same thing as every other year!

  2. I was waiting for you to jump on this story. Well said.

  3. Awe…. I wanted the sky to fall….. fuck!

  4. There was a meathead sitting behind me at the game who spent a solid 15 minutes repeating “santos is garbage! send him back to chicago!” like i t was fucking hilarious. I wanted to punch him in the face. The stupidity of the average fan never ceases to amaze me.

    • Don’t worry they’ll be gone in a weeks time….doing….whatever it is the fuck fairweather and Leafs fans do during the hockey offseason

      In other new, how bout those Winnipeg Jets. Pretty awesome, eh.

      • The very same opening night J’oie De Vivre you speak of is on display every time the Yankees or Red Sox are in town. Without fail.

    • Were you in 124? I was about ready to punch him. I did yell at him at one pt when he was still yelling AFTER SERGIO WAS OFF THE FIELD.

      • Sadly I think there were multiple sections where this was occuring. Same thing was happening right behind me.

    • Section 231? Sounds like every section had at least 1.

      • Thankfully I didn’t have one in 220. Instead, I had some girl with a Red Sox jersey constantly screaming “Go Red Sox” even though she obviously knew nothing about the team.

        To be fair, she was pretty good at handling people who heckled her.

    • And that’s just the average fan. Reflect that half of them are dumber than that.

    • That’s the problem with the home opener. The Rogers Centre is filled with people who aren’t true fans of the team. And just want to get drunk and yell obscenities.

  5. This is where you can tell the difference between the fans who get it and the fans who don’t…

    Those calling for a relievers head after two bad outings are the ones who will vanish until things start to get interesting in early September…

  6. When you can only score 2 runs against a no-name and the diarrhea that is the sox pen, there is a fuck lot of more people to be blaming than the closer.

    p.s. stoeten, get the rex murphy quote back

    • God damn it, YES! How the hell do you not use that quote anymore!? It’s gold!

      Fine, I’ll use it for you…

      Drunk Jays Fans, “Courageous and Telling”

      • Where would I put it?

        • Everywhere.

        • Photoshop it right under your KFC logo? You’ve got a good amount of space between it and your headlines.

        • Good point. You would have to either redesign the logo a bit, or, maybe put it in normal typeface on the right side of the banner where it’s already written “drunk jays fans” now.

          For example:

          Drunk Jays Fans
          “Courageous and Telling”

          Nothing flashy, but just to at least have it there for now. Maybe if you redesign the logo in the future, you might incorporate then it in the design. It really is too good of a quote not to use…

          I was nervous you might not have used it because it referred to the title “Drunk Jays Fans”, and not the new name “DJF” (why the new “name” anyways? Is it because The Score doesn’t like the word “drunk”?).

  7. hit the panic button! Jose went 0 for 4, His career is DONE!
    _Alright, its been fucking 4 games! No wonder the news paper business is going down… How are people like griffin still have jobs! I am surprised that he knows how to talk tet alone write! WHAT A MORON !

  8. Obviously it shouldn’t mean anything that he’s sucked ass thus far as a Blue Jay. It is only four games. But 2 blown saves in a row by a borderline elite pitcher is rare, let alone in his first 3 games. Enh, what can we say? We’re human, and we’re nervous about his start.

    Having said that, I’m sure he blow the doors off the hinges next time (I hope so).

    • Nobody said that he was elite. Maybe he will be someday, but let’s not pretend that we traded a AA prospect for an elite closer. The Jays traded for someone they thought could be really good and offer stability to the back end for 5 years. Maybe he becomes elite, but there will be some bumps on the way there.

      • You make good points, but I did not call him “elite”. I wrote “borderline elite”, as in, he has the stuff to become an elite closer and is tantalizingly close.

    • Agreed, I am not an average baseball fan and I am not calling for his head or his return to Chicago, but it still is a concern and I think we as fans have every right to express that concern. His addition to the bullpen was the biggest move that AA made in the offseason and we came into the season w/ high hopes as a result of that. Obviously that hope is not diminished because of a couple of bad outings, but I still have no issue w/ people getting on him last night and sportswriters dogging him as well. Are we as fans supposed to coddle him to rebuild his confidence? When your laptop has issues do you call up Dell, tell them that there’s a bit of an issue but don’t worry about it because it has a long shelf-life and this is only a blip in the grand scheme of your ownership of said laptop? No, you bitch about it! And that’s what fans – casual or otherwise – and sportswriters are/were doing.

      I think he’ll turn it around and am definitely looking forward to him doing so, but calling people morons for reacting negatively to a terrible performance that ruined an otherwise winnable, albeit unremarkable, game is just … well … moronic.

  9. didnt stop you from making pronouncements before the season even started.


    what an idiot parade this blog has become.

  10. If the Jays can come back and win the next two in convincing fashion, this will blow over. However, that isn’t to say I’m not worried about Santos. I think the leash will be a little tighter if this keeps up over the next few games.

  11. what the fuck does this sentence even mean: “at least until Santos settles down and pitches the way anybody who’s not an idiot knows he is fully capable of.”

    the way he pitched for one year? that you never even watched? you’re just extrapolating the single season sample of a converted(!!!!) position player to claim somehow that santos has unimpeachable bone fides?

    the fuck you say.

    • Is reading comprehension not your strong suit? His 95+ mph fastball and world beating slider haven’t gone anywhere. A pitcher with a K/9 ratio like Santos are allowed to have the occasional wild outing. He was clearly overthrowing and got a little unlucky with the groundball thru the hole at 2nd, JPA being inept at blocking, and Jose making a less than stellar throw to the plate.. Have some faith, everything points to him bouncing back.

      • are you kidding me? 8/10 catchers would have missed that throw. I’m no JPA fan to be honest, but I cannot be convinced to assign that one to him.

        the Bautista throw to home is a 50/50 on that one. That is a hard damn play and Bautista was a little off and JPA wasn’t dead on it either.

      • When you walk three men and have two wild pitches you shouldn’t be pointing fingers. I think Santos will settle down in time, but let’s not go be as ridiculous in defending him as those are that persecute him.

  12. The only valuable piece of information in the whole piece was Santos’ reaction:

    “I’ve got to be ready for tomorrow. I hope it’s another save situation that I can get back out there. All I can do is be prepared for the next game and hopefully get the job done. It’s baseball.”

    He’s a smart guy with a good attitude, he’ll be fine

  13. frank fancisco was ‘FINE’. no sir, he was not. just because he pulled outta a nose dive in the last third does not make it ‘fine’. It makes it less brutal, that’s all.

    i’m not ready to crucify ol’ santos here yet…but as a closer you don’t have a lot of room to ‘figure it out’ and so forth. if he gets it together real soon, then ‘fine’. but so far he hasn’t done a lick of anything that’s looked good at all. That was some brutal pitching. about the only thing good was how tough he looked before running onto the field the first time. it screamed confidence and that seemed like a good thing. But he was sure busting a sweat last night!

    but for gawd’s sake…don’t try bringing out the ghost of Frank to argue your point. that’s total rubbish. that guy STUNK for most of the year and by the time he figured it out he had cost the jays a few more games than he should have. not to say he should have made good on all of those opportunities..that’s unrealistic…but in the end Frank lost a few games for the Jays….we would have been a bit closer to the 2010 win mark if not for some pretty poor closing staff last year…

  14. Very well said. Was at the game last night, and was dreading reading Griffin’s “I told you the fuck so” this morning. Because apparently $9 million for a fat Heath Bell would have been worth it?

    Remember last May when Griffin said Bautista would definitely hit 50 homeruns? Someone needs to tell him that there are 162 fucking games.

  15. If Santos is still wild come June, then I’d start to worry. But it is fair to point out that in his 3 appearances so far, the strike-zone was everywhere else but where he was tossing.

    • actually this is a good point for the cleveland game. that ump’s strike zone was very biased high and he was not calling anything low. I think this hurt both romero and santos as they seem like guys that (rightfully) work the lower half. Santos seemed surprised. He had to start pitching up and i think it was outside of his comfort zone. But i guess if you’re going to be closing out games you’ve gotta be able to deal with it.

      as for last night, i don’t agree. he just wasn’t anywhere near the zone at all.

  16. What’s more surprising than the fine folks at the Star throwing Santos under the bus is that they beat Gregg Zaun to the punch.

    • I dunno. I feel like Zaun was baiting last night with this tweet:

      “the jays saw a talented arm under control for a number of years. they could’ve gone after Papelbon and Nathan but didn’t . Good $ move”

  17. Solid blog post, I am glad someone poetically ripped apart the Star for such outlandish journalism.

  18. Santos has given up three hits so far, two of those were neck-high fastballs inexplicably mashed for a double and a home run. That is a rare occurrence.

    Now the walks are bad. He’s going to have to find the strike zone and cut out the wild pitches, but it looks like it’s a case of coming out of his delivery and overthrowing. Pappy will have him straightened out soon.

  19. uh…ok…. glad you said that. Cuz was already to join the mouth-breather parade.

  20. yeah i’m more convinced by santos own words then this blogs.

    its a typical reaction from blog-types that wanted to argue that the jays made a ‘significant’ upgrade in the off-season getting santos.

    they’re pride is hurt and now they feel personally responsible for the results achieved by a guy they were oh so sure would be an asset to the team.

    get objective about this! no…its not time to cry the sky is falling or to butcher santos…but also get real and open your eyes. the guy has objectively looked gawd fucking awful in his appearances. he needs to get his act together quick! you don’t waste alvarez’s 6 innings, plus 2 serviceable bullpen innings with that garbage. its not that santos let one slide…the HR, fine. its that he went on to pitch absolute garbage the whole way through. he’s gotta get it together.

    • So the Yankees should drop Mo? These wins count!

      • of course these wins count. where do people get the idea that there’s all sorts of time to ‘figure it out’ a win is a win. and for the jays its best to grab them early season before the NYY and BOSUX heat up as they inevitably do…

        • Being mildly sarcastic. Whether wins “count” or not is not the way a manager should decide on the future use of a player. He has way more than just game info to go on. A mechanical problem in a ST outing will shelve you if it seems repeated while overthrowing during the home opener will not. Common sense really.

  21. Griffin was very lukewarm on the Santos trade since it was announced. This “Ominous Sign” nonsense of his is just his lame and premature way of saying I told you so.

  22. I agree with all the points but to look at the fans booing side of things. All we heard this off season was jays have upgraded the bullpen. there is no way we are going to blow as many saves this year. Santos was our number one addition this off-season and has blown two saves in four games… just sayin…

    • that’s exactly what’s going on here. you can’t blame fans for being a bit uppity on this particular issue:

      A) the jays closing role has been a clusterfuck for a number of years now. Folks are kind of tired of it

      B) the jays/the bloggers/etc all set the bar high here. like was said above, they made a point (too much in fact) of saying the acquisition was a big move and one that would pay dividends. Expectations are higher now and folks are not pleased with what has looked like more of the same from last year.

      • We have played 4 games out of 162. 4! Less than 2.5%. Anyone trying to analyze the Santos trade at this point is completely useless.

  23. Santos was jacked up last night and couldn’t command his fastball. Not a good recipe against a patient lineup like the Red Sox.

    That slider to K Youkilis is what Santos can bring to the table. All he needs to do is calm the fuck down and command the fastball. Looking at the pitch sequencing, I also question JPA’s game calling. Santos threw too many fastballs with the Red Sox sitting all over that pitch. How about a slider or change now and then?

    • Totally agree on the game calling. In fact on the french broadcast of the game the “coach” half of the commenting team kept asking why Santos wasn’t allowed to use the devastating slider. They both actually gasped when Youkilis got k’d.

    • Santos threw tons of sliders and change ups last night. Mix wasn’t the problem. The problem is that none of the pitches thrown went for called strikes.

      • His fastball was all over the place. If you can’t consistently locate your fastball, the other pitches become rather meaningless.

  24. Gfiffin is a whore trying to get attention to sell advertizing. As Buddy Ebsen liked to say
    ” Today is a brand new ballgame. “

  25. Everyone should know by now that relief pitchers for the Blue Jays aren’t allowed to put runners on base, let alone give up runs or blow a lead. Henke and Ward never did.

  26. So I should stop production of my parody of Ricky Romero’s Inches commercial wherein Sergio’s voiceover speaks of throwing at and missing by “Feet” ????

  27. I figured this would happen. Anyone else think that Santos looks a little like The Rock?

  28. To top it off, the version of the Griffin article that made my morning paper (Waterloo Record) gave the Cleveland homer off Santos to Kipnis not Cabrera… I guess he doesn’t proofread either…

  29. I’ve been chirping Griff for the last ten minutes but those damn Star moderators got me on lockdown. I Don’t think they were down with me referring to him as Santa every time I possibly could..

  30. no santos tonight, at the hospital with a broken heart from what i heard…

  31. I think all of the dumbass wannabe fans who went to their first game in 10 years last night, should stay home tonight and for the rest of the season. Some idiot sitting next to me who must have been at least 320 lbs kept saying “if I performed like that at my job, I would get fired. Trade Santos.” Listen buddy… the difference between you and Santos is you are a miserable peasant that is easily replaceable. You can’t throw 98 MPH gas, and you can’t buckle a batter’s knees with a slider, and you definitely don’t intimidate anyone! Can’t wait to hear your pathetic commentary at next year’s home opener…

    Santos will be fine. Give him 2-4 weeks to get his shit together and he will role…

  32. Griffin and his fucking bulkshit. He was waiting for his chance to shit on santos since the trade what a fucking tool.

  33. The subdued offence has been noticable. I’d like to see more offence against the starting pitchers. Perhaps if the Jays can get more men on base consistently, we might see some of that base stealing agression we saw in ST. I hate to see a blown save but as a fan who will never fill Santos’ shoes, I’m not about to point fingers.

  34. After last night’s loss, you knew these types of articles were coming. And you knew Stoeten would rightly eviscerate the authors writing these types of BS articles.

    I am satisfied.

  35. It’d be nice if the boys could hit the ball before the 4th or 5th inning tonight (yes I know they picked up a couple of runs in the 3rd yesterday but still…get it boys). I realize that Santos hasn’t played well to start but it’s hard for me to sit here and think anything but positive thoughts about the rotation and pen. The boys have been great. Let’s put some runs on the board now and we’ll be money.

  36. Should have signed Broxton.

  37. Thank you! Simmer down!

  38. The Jays should have gone into the 9th with more than a 2-1 lead. They’ll get it going though. Rasmus was a beast last night – very happy about that.

  39. Jays TV ratings exploding. Above 1.3 million. Will Rogers allow the Jays to use some of the additional advertising revenue on payroll in 2012 & 2013?

    It is shocking that Rogers would provide this information, because some fans will be asking these questions about whether or not the Jays wil be allowed to benefit from the value of the content they produce.

    The Reds have signed Votto & Phillips in part due to a new contract with Fox Ohio…


  40. Santo’s will be fine, just a rough start. Biggist issue is still starting pitching – so Mr. Beeston, you are the salesman, so get Nadir to loosen the purse strings and go get the guy now. Mr. Mohamed, you cannot get shareholder value with empty seats, you get it buy winning.


    Also, as a former pitcher, my first reaction was to put substantial blame on JPA. It would have been a tough play to stop that wild pitch, but he’d better be comfortable blocking hard sliders in the dirt if he’s gonna catch Santos 50-60 times this year.

    I also tend to forget from year to year that the joy of baseball season in the social media age tends to bring with it the bandwagon fans who don’t understand the concept of sample size or the basic rules of the game. I think I’m going to have to stay off of Twitter during Jays and/or Red Sox games for the remainder of the season, because holy fuck are the idiots out in full force.

  42. I dunno, I think it’s right to be concerned about Santos given the shaky appearances so far, but nothing more.

  43. Best closer in the Game blew his first save of the year, Maybe Richard Griffin should take Richard Pryor’s advice, have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

    It’s that kind of “The sky is falling!” attitude from Toronto Media types that destroys the drive, motivation and confidence of Toronto athletes. Maybe if dipshits like him would stop trying to be the king of the shit-heap by printing catastrophist filth in an effort to get the rest of the pundits talking about their outrageous claims Toronto sports teams would underachieve as they do. All of this rings in the ears of the athletes, no matter HOW HARD they try to avoid it because the media bombardment in Toronto is relentless and unavoidable.

    Someone should bring that douche into a Blue Jays Batting practice one day and make him throw pitches to the Jays. Let Sergio Santos and company light him up and make him feel like a bitch and maybe then, in the future, he’ll take a ride on the STFU truck and shut the fuck up.

    | The STFU Truck |||”"‘|”"\__,_
    | _____________ l||__|__|__|)

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