It would be ridiculous of me to suggest that after every Jays game I’m actually going to rush to a computer to furiously mash out some brief thoughts on what we all just watched, but… I’ll do it sometimes, and it sure sounds like not a terrible goal to aim for. Here’s your Post-Game Post…

The Jays beat the Red Sox tonight, in what would have made for a far more terrific result had it come the night before. Kyle Drabek looked as solid as you could possibly hope for, and I think John Farrell smartly removed him after just 91 pitches, with runners on the corners, one out, Kevin Youkilis up, and the Jays lead having just been cut to 3-1. Jason Frasor got a GIDP, preserving Drabek’s win, and his confidence (see what I just did there?).

The bullpen did the rest rather efficiently, save for Casey Janssen dragging the game across the finish line, allowing the potential tying run to reach the on-deck circle in the ninth.

Fortunately, in the meantime the Jays had put four additional runs on the board, JP Arencibia knocking in two on a single, and Colby Rasmus going sac fly in the sixth, and Edwin Encarnacion crushing a Michael Bowden meatball an inning later.

The game saw a streaker, and more terrifyingly awesome evidence of Brett Lawrie’s jacked-upness, as he beat out an infield single on an all out sprint that made him look like he ate Lee Marvin for breakfast, and tangled with the wall, and the camera bay, stampeding in vain towards a foul ball (that was possibly interfered with by a fan who should know goddamn well better if he’s going to sit in those seats).

Lawrie, too, needs to learn something: when to recognize that going all-out is dangerous. Playing recklessly with the club’s season isn’t to be lauded. People try to sell themselves on the meat head virtues of not being able to “turn it off,” but, I’m sorry, some controlled aggression would serve him and the team a whole lot better, and it’s not like he’s incapable of learning that it’s OK to pull back occasionally.

Jose Bautista still looked a little off, which may have had something to do with home plate umpire Tim McLelland’s insufferably slow strike calls. In the bottom of the third Bautista had enough time to toss his bat and get motoring towards first on what he thought was a certain walk, only to have McLelland languidly call him back. He then struck out– the first of three on the day. It’s still, of course, a giant steaming fuckload early to start worrying about anything with Jose.

Also: Eric Thames defence is hard to watch. He beat out a dribbler of a tapping dribble for a single, but he’s gonna want to start hitting, if only to make people forget about what a butcher he is on the other side of the ball. Travis Snider is 5-for-13 with a walk, a home run, a double, and three strikeouts after three games played in Las Vegas, for what it’s worth.

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  1. Nice post, Stoeten. I agree on all counts.

    Lawrie beating out that infield grounder was huge. Looked like a routine out when he hit it, and it completely set up that big inning to give the Jays a comfortable lead.

    I cringed when I saw him dive for that foul though. If the Jays are in the World Series – sure. Dive for that ball. But not in game 5 with a 6 run lead please.

  2. I also thought Drabek was excellent tonight. Really seems like he might be on the verge of a step forward.

    When he put two on in the 2nd, I think 2011 Drabek would have gotten all red faced, clearly furious, and had the game blown open. He seemed to stay calm, threw strikes and got out of it.

    If Drabek can keep it together and be consistent, that is HUGE for the Jays. The starts by him and Alvarez and really encouraging signs, in my opinion. It’s not like the Red Sox are pushovers.

    • Against any team other than the Red Sox or Yankees, or possibly not getting squeezed on a few pitches that were borderline strikes, those 91-pitches would have carried him through at least a full 6-innings. Maybe even more.

  3. he doesn’t even need to learn to tone the effort down – just tell him not to jump over (or run at) any fences.

  4. its about being smart..

    in a 7-1 game going in to the wall like that is just reckless.

  5. Drabek mostly looked a lot more composed than he did a year ago. It seems like every one of the starting pitchers has so far this year. That said, he still seemed to be rattled both times the Red Sox were threatening to score, as he started to miss his spots (it seems like those were the only times all night he failed to throw first pitch strikes). That’s not to take anything away from tonight, though. Tonight’s outing definitely showed a lot of progress from what we saw a year ago. I also think JP deserves credit for settling Drabek down in the second inning when it looked like 2011 Drabek was about to emerge.

    • The thing that will get us to the playoffs, though, is our pitchers pitching well despite not having their stuff. Romero in game one didn’t have his, yet he only put up one inning of Cleveland scoring. Which I think is amazing.

      Drabek has always been good when he’s ahead. I hope he’s learned to control his emotions and give his team a shot to win when he’s losing.

  6. I know its way too early to worry about Jose if all people, but I’ve been slightly concerned about him since after the allstar game and that ankle injury last year, he hasnt looked nearly as on-top of fastballs.

  7. I think the most interesting detail to come out of AA’s interview on the broadcast tonight was that they have their eye on some of the AA starters and they’ll be monitoring their next couple starts to decide who they’ll call up next time they need a 5th starter. I had been thinking that maybe they’d be going to a swing man like Perez, Laffey, or Villanueva for those starts (until McGowan was ready), so it was definitely exciting to hear AA talk about the serious possibility of calling up one of those promising young arms.

    • Expect to see more of the AA guys this year. Far better to let the young starters make a go of it than mess with a good thing in the pen. That way we keep guys where they are best at. Perez had something like a 7 era as a starter and Villanueva a 5 era as a starter. If remember correctly when they moved Villanueva out of the pen it went into the dumpster shortly after.

  8. What a fun game to be down at the ballpark for. The crowd of about 26,000 were very engaged throughout and most stuck it out until the end of the game which was nice to see. Drabek pitched very well. It seemed as if the generally positive results were because of good work by him rather than the Red Sox missing easy pitches to hit or him getting an uncommon number of generous strike calls (although I’ll acknowledge that I’m basing that only on what few replays we saw given that I was sitting down the third baseline in the 500 level).

    Also, it’s nice to see the fans responding so positively to Edwin’s strong play given how harsh they were on him at the start of last year. I still don’t really understand booing your own team’s players. Surely we should want everyone on the Jays to succeed and just making rash decisions about who is good and who isn’t based on small samples seems awfully foolish to me. It’s like there’s a segment of the fanbase who believe that you can’t be a real fan unless you’re trying to run somebody out of town. It just seems very odd to me.

    • Good post.

      As long as there is pro sports in town, there’s always going to a prick who gets off on booing.

      As I am not perfect in my near 30 years as a Jays fan, but still am not apologetical about, I booed the shit out of Duane Ward(early years), my illigitimate dad(early years)Eric Henske, Jose Cansenco(just because whenever he cames back to the dugout after missing a hit, he fuckiin’ needed to tell the entire team how close he just missed a homerun), and Hells-Bells-Its-Vernon-Wells(nice guy, but a chump in the clutch).

      So there, I have confessed my sins.

  9. As much as the Blue Jays have pitching questions, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Romero, Morrow, Alvarez & Drabek emerge as the 2nd best foursome in the division behind the Rays group. If it happens, the Jays will likely play meaningful games in September.

    • You know who has a schweet SR on paper? The Tribe. Carmona, Ubaldo, Lowe, Masterson, and Asensio/Gomez.

  10. Thames is the Indiana Jones of left field. It’s always an adventure when he’s out there.

  11. Drabek was encouraging. He was getting ahead in counts. The odd time that he would over throw he would gather his composure and settle himself down for the next pitch.

  12. Bautista’s timing is off right now. He’s also swinging at several pitches that he wouldn’t usually, which is preventing him from getting his regular walks (he’s gotten those in the past even while he “slumped”). I’m sure he’ll get it figured out at some point, but Jon Lester is not the easiest guy to do that with.

    Tomorrow is the day to bench Lind (with his 3 for 24, 10 K, 1 BB career vs. Lester). Hopefully we’ll see both Davis and Francisco in the lineup to get as many RHBs as possible.

    • Where u been BFF?Basketball again?
      Jbau seems to be pulling his head off the ball and not swinging through it. More swinging at it.Also upper cutting.Haven’t compared it to last years swing yet.He’s adjusted in the past so I expect him to do the same.
      How do you plan to put Davis AND Francesco in the lineup? Sit Rasmus AND Thames?

  13. I agree also with everything in your post Stoeten. Lawrie sometimes acts like he’s trying out for the 74′ Eagles. Is it just me or does anyone else see a little bit of “Latimer” from that football movie with Pacino. Good energy though you can’t knock.

    Although I did ponder if Farrell should have brought Santos in during the 9th in a low pressure situation to rebuild his boner regain a little machismo.

    What do you guys think.

    Oh and by the way Stoeten, my brother plans to soon post on here, so if you think Im ridiculous, wait till you here from this guy. And hes a geeky Bill James reach around jerker unlike, so I guess he’s smarter too. And jealously, Kelly calls him on his birthday.

    • I thought about that for Santos as well, but the Jays brass value him as an elite closer. Odds are they won’t use him unless it’s a save opportunity.

    • Groooobah.

      Santos was out of gas tonight. He had something like 33 pitches in the blow out game. Interesting comment from one of the TV crew who mentioned that Santos’ wife is expecting this week in California. Must be a tough week for Santos. New team, home opener, wife about to lay an egg, etc. The guy is human. Hopefully, a little mini-Santos who will inspire Daddy to fuck up opposing lineups again.

      Santos is available in tomorrow afternoon’s game and then will fly out to California and be back by Friday or Saturday.

      Was really impressed with Drabek’s two-seamer, which is a pitch he narily threw last year, relying more on his cutter and 4-seam. JPA knew the 2-seamer was coming and yet had a hard time catching it. Imagine trying to hit it. Drabek also thew a couple of nice change-ups to Gonzo and Big Papi that had them swinging and missing. Real good start for Drabek. Very positive development for the rotation I would say.

      Lawrie needs to ease up on the Red Bull. Ha ha, love the Latimer analogy. Don’t fucking pull a Latimer.

      • Ballsdeep, I am impressed by your baseball yoda-ness, seriously.

        Yes, that was in the back of my mind too, too many pitches in too few nights. So I’ll drink to that.

        Speaking of a good two-seamer, here’s a question for you and anyone else that answer it:

        What’s really the difference between a great 2 seamer and a great sinker? Perhaps that a 2 seamer tails and sinks, while a sinker just sinks? If thats the case, I figure a great 2 seamer a-la Halladay, Steib, or Maddox is better than a straight sinker a-la Heinke, Paplebon, Lowe? A two seamer seems harder to hit because it bores on a hitters hands, but also drops. Also, both pitches seem to me to be a microcosm of a screwball, which requires a fucked up pronated release of the hand against the natural mechanics of the human body to pitch. I have always wondered why 2 seam pitchers last as long as they do?

        What do you DJF’s fuckfaces think?

        Cant wait to get loaded with ya’s and tell Dustin Perioa just how happy I am that Selig allows midgets in the MLB.

        • 2-seamers and sinkers? Main difference is grip and finger pressure on the seams when thrown causing the ball to move differently. 2-seamers seem to move more horizontally while true sinkers (Coco Cordero has one) seem to dive downwards, more vertically.

          Generally, 2-seamers can also be thrown a little harder, more velocity. That Verlander fucker can throw his 2-seamer at 95 mph.

          There is a sign at the Red Sox spring training complex in Florida. Along with the signs at Disneyland, it reads, must be this high to play second base. Well, they used Pedroia’s height to draw up the sign.

      • Whoah, “Red Bull” would be the perfect nickname for Lawrie. Haha.

    • Pacino was not in the movie:


  14. Post-Game Post – So, there’s that.

  15. Earl Weaver used to say “a guy can only have so many collisions with the ground and the wall before he ends his career” and Earl was certainly right. Five years ago Grady Sizemore was a Sports Illustrated cover boy and now he’s so beat up he’s lucky to have a job. I love Lawrie’s all out play and enthusiasm, but I hope it doesn’t come at a price. Pete Rose used to play at 100 MPH and for the life of me I don’t know how he didn’t spend half his career on the disabled list. I really don’t ever remember Rose ever being hurt at all.

    • Yeah, Grady was the fucking Calvin Klein posterboy of MLB, and now his knees are shot.

      I loved the way he playe though, I really did. I saw him run into the Monstah one night all the way from shallow center, amazing.

      Part of me thinks that some players are predisposed to be hurt, or tough as Lenny Dykstra’s chesthair.

      Look at Charlie Hustle, Cal Ripken, Ricky Henderson, Reeeed MuthaFuckinJohnson, Mookie Wilson, Prince Fielder, Kirk Gibson(well, thats very arguable) , Gary Pettis, Ottis Nixon, and Kirby Puckett.

      These bro’s were dirty, and survived a lot of years. Are we predispose to be injury prone? Hmmmn?

    • Amphetamines probably, lots of coffee, and a winning attitude at the tracks were the secrets for Charlie Hustle.

    • Haha.. That’s amazing. He’s right too.

      The Jays 04 to 11 logo WAS embarrassing. Now, I think they legitimately might now be in the conversation for best uniforms in MLB.

  16. good find CG on the Strombo clip

    it is early, but again we have to IMPLORE the Blue Jays staff to do something to cut down on field level seat idiocy. That fucking fool who tipped the ball as Lawrie was coming in hot for the foul deserved much more than the bodycheck he got from the Brettster. Someone on staff HAS TO go up and down the foul lines at the beginning of the game and between innings to explain they need to back the fuck up, and pull surrounding fans with them, on any foul balls while the Jays are on the field. With a wink and nod and a chuckle, you tell them while the opposition team is on the field, they are well within their rights to hold their ground but do not lean out into the field of play (but as William Wallace would say “hold that imaginary line at the low wall, hold, HOLD!!).

    Offer some free beverage to the fans who do comply during the course of play, where they make an obvious attempt to help. Something, Anything to avoid a Toronto Bartman incident. Please.

    • I liken the majority of larger Jays crowds (informed fans excluded) to fawns learning to walk. They aren’t used to standing on their legs, and stumble a lot. If we start getting big fan turnouts on the regular, I don’t think this will be as much of a problem.

      This may be a problem for other T.O. sports teams unused to any kind of success. TFC fans were throwing stuff on the field and David Beckham was not impressed.

  17. How about Buck’s breakout player for the year … Eric Thames … who he thinks just may hit 25 home runs. Also, how about how they had the same convo about Bard two innings apart … cross it off the game notes, gentlemen.

    • I agree with this… Buck is an idiot. If the Jays are trying to form a new identity they have to drop Buck, he’s dead weight associated with a failed era.

  18. “… stampeding in vain towards a foul ball (that was possibly interfered with by a fan who should know goddamn well better if he’s going to sit in those seats).”

    This was my thought when the streaker came out. Turned to the girl and said: “Fucker better be glad he did that when Lawrie wasn’t on the field.”

  19. Love the post-game post idea.

    There is always something interesting about genetics. So maybe, just possibly (I’m liking to think), Kyle Drabek really IS a chip off the old block. I remember watching his Dad – Doug Drabek – pitch and he was great, enough so that he won a Cy Young in 1990 (as you know). Maybe it’s just the name but really, something about Kyle does remind me of his Dad. I’m cheering for him in a big way. I think he has a shot at being one of the real good ones.

    I don’t know if JP Arencibia will have the higher average this year that I’ve been hoping for but he does seem to have a flair for big hits. Which is one of those mysterious things that I don’t think can be taught.

    Everything about how Lawrie plays reminds me of the word ‘catalyst’.

    I truly didn’t see what JF saw in wanting Kelly Johnson as his number 2 hitter. Now, I get it. Farrell might know a thing or two about what he’s doing. So far, he’s been near masterful (JF).

    Also, I wanted to believe that Rasmus was the guy many thought he could be but … I wasn’t quite there. I’m getting a lot closer.

    Our bullpen is so far ahead of what we’ve had here lately. A lot of teams must only wish they had some of what we have.

    I so love seeing us beat the Red Sox. Hoping for a lot more of that this year. And today. Go Ricky. Go Jays.

    • and meant to add … one of the reasons it’s easy to hate the Red Sox is the umps. Too many times over the years, it’s appeared that they use an alternate strike zone every now and then, just enough, to possibly change the momentum of the game. Saw it a couple times again last night. I didn’t blame Jose for being pissed. And it might’ve been what eventually got Drabek thrown off just enough to end his night. Can’t imagine them ever doing it but I’d love to see an automated strike zone thing. ‘Cause some umps really stink.



    For KellyGruber’sBastardSon – in case you didn’t see it above…

    It was James Caan by the way.

    • Now that was money baby!

      Brett Lawrie is Brett Lattimer. Buy Red Bull is a beauty nickname too.

      Thanks Tony rage.

      • I gotta stop posting from tablets……I’m horrible at it!

  21. After seeing two young starters pitch well against the Sox, I hope the trainers are giving Romero intravenous Imodium. Don’t need him pulling his usual shit the pants number today. 7 plus ERA against Boston career. Yikes.


  23. i can’t help but wonder how many outs thames is going to turn into doubles before snider gets the call… the count is at two now.

  24. N00b question but… I noticed during the 9th inning that when he had to return to first after a steal attempt – because the batter fouled off the pitch – Youkilis was not tagging up all the way. He never touched 1st base before taking his lead again. He did this at least 3 times on 3 straight foul balls…. Aren’t you required to touch up all the way on a foul ball?

    If you don’t can you be tagged out? Does anyone know? – Or is that just little league stuff…

    • All I can find in the rule book is this:

      “A foul ball is not caught, in which case runners return to their bases. The umpirein-
      chief shall not put the ball in play until all runners have retouched their bases;”

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